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Congratulations to our friend, Dr. Rod Kurthy, for walking away from the Cigar Journal 2018 Cigar Trophy competition with a win for Best Cigar Accessory.
The ceremony occurred in Dortmund, Germany on September 21.

Cigar Journal is the premier European cigar magazine with no equal. This was a very big deal. Below was Rod’s competition:
Colibri V-Cut
Davidoff Travel Humidor
Xikar VX2

Rod is now making plans and coming up with strategies to take over the world one cigar poker tool at a time. He has already made offers for the Sudetenland and made inquiries for the cost to purchase Poland.

We’ve all supported him by purchasing both the PerfecDraw cigar poker tool and the PerfecRepair cigar glue and crack sealer.

The photos below show Rod and his lovely wife, Sharon, mixing with folks above his station in the cigar industry. See if you can pick them out.

We (the royal “we”) here at Cigar Reviews by the Katman are so proud of Rod for what he has accomplished in the face of running a dental practice, inventing new dental tools, inventing a tooth whitening system used by dentists everywhere, and still managed to design and have the cigar poker and glue manufactured. None of this was easy. Because Rod is my age and we grew up together in Long Beach, California, I’m especially proud of what my home boy has accomplished.

Nevertheless, Rod is going to be swamped with orders from all over the world now. He is already negotiating contracts in Asia and Europe. Putin has sent for him.
I give him a year before he clutches his chest ala Fred Sanford and screams: “Oh lordy. This is the big one! I’m coming to join you Elizabeth! This is it!”

We love you Rod and you deserve every moment of this grand victory!

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3 replies

  1. Well it is said if you identify a problem, and manufacture a solution the World will line up to buy the product.

    IMHO Dr. Rod did that, he invented a problem fixer. I am a happy customer, I found the product by mistake. Then explored Dr. Rods web-site, I was impressed with what I saw. Ordered both the PerfecDraw, and the PerfecRepair. Both products work as advertised.

    I call the PerfecDraw a Cigar C.P.R Tools, and pleasure enhancer. It fixes problems with Draw, Over-Packed Cigar, and last Plugs. If you a serious Cigar smoker, it’s a must have item. It a Cigar saver, no more Cigars in the trash can. It just works as advertised.

    Color me happy.

  2. Congrats to Dr. Rod.It really is a great product.

    He should have invited you to the ceremony on account of your loyal endorsements!

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