New Contest! Win PerfecDraw Cigar Poker and PerfecRepair Cigar Glue | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

As you know if you read me on a regular basis, our friend Dr. Rod Kurthy, won the worldwide, all encompassing cigar competition sponsored by iconic European magazine “Cigar Journal” as its Best Cigar Accessory 2018: the PerfecDraw cigar poker and tool.
We are giving away one cigar poker tool and one bottle of cigar glue. A value of $39.00.

All you have to do to win is add a comment below this posting. Anything. Doesn’t matter what you say. Each person is allowed 2 entries.

The winner will be given a number based upon the order of the comments. All fair and square. The winning number will be chosen by a random number generator. (The random number generator shown is a merely a screen shot of the actual generator. You don’t get to add your own number. Just make a comment):

The contest begins immediately and ends on October 15.
Good luck everyone!
(Winners must live in the Continental U.S.A.)

Rod and Sharon Kurthy on far left. Find other winners you might recognize:


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66 replies

  1. 1) And then the bartender said to the rabbi “But I’ve never even been to Hawaii!”

    You said “anything”!

  2. 2) According to my wife I am very happy!

  3. 9) Phil’s the best reviewer out there.

  4. 4) hmmmm im not sure what to say….hmmmmmm

  5. 5) I have both. Highly recommended. They’ve saved many of my cigars from an untimely and lonely demise. They are part of my “PerfecRescue” kit. If I win, I’m giving them to my Sunday smoking Broski.

  6. 6) Q: What’s brown and sticky?

    A: A stick.

  7. 7) Awesome!

  8. 10) Smoke on!

  9. 11) Nice contest

  10. 12) Uncle phil. You are directly responsible for the emptying of my wallet. At a certain point, 99% of what you found as being a great cigar, I was agreeing with. Problem is, that made me try to get some of those cigars and u know what happens. So i dont know whether to thank you or what. But you have never bored us. Keep on keeping on!

  11. 13) ……….Anything!

  12. 14) I should make a video of using that glue to produce pre-rolled cones. Or should I say, pre-rolled “Kohns”?

  13. 15) … is the very-fairly-selected winning number! Thanks to all for playing. Good-by!

    I jest. In fact, please pass over this entry. I already own a set of PD tools. Just want to say that the draw poker is honestly the best-value cigar accessory aside from a lighter and can of butane that you could possibly buy. Mine just paid for itself (yet again) a couple of days ago, by saving a plugged 8 year-old Hoyo DC. A traditional awl would have only opened up the draw for a few puffs at best.

  14. 16) Ream me up, Scotty!

  15. 17) Pulls cigar out of thin air, “look what I found!”

  16. 18) And yeah, yer right – you need to update your ‘great cigars by price’ list.

  17. 20) i love the rock and roll stories!

  18. 21) Congrats to Dr Rod! Phenomenal idea

  19. 22) Love both of the Perfec products! Pretty darn cool that Dr Rod is a prince on top of being an entrepreneur!

  20. 23) Go Cowboys!
    We’ve got the Texas shootout tonight

  21. 00) A prince. Hmmmm. That’s a new one. Never been called that before. I’ve been called a few other things — especially a couple times by my daughter when she was a young teenager (if you know what I mean). Thanks for all the excitement about the Cigar Trophy thing. It means a lot!

  22. 24) He smoked a big cigar
    Drove a Cadillac car
    And said, boys I think the bands outa-sight!

  23. 25) Ooh, a contest! Far out man!

  24. 28) Just had an isabela TT. Another one of these cigars I went out of my budget to get cause you said it was amazing. It was pretty dam good. Keep on trickin uncle phil. Thank u.

  25. 30) Need a win, any win, just need a win…

  26. 31) Please pick me

  27. 32) Lost mine and when I went to buy another, the coupon code, Katman, no longer works-😿 All things must pass, I guess. Bought another one anyway because it’s such a great tool to have.

  28. The promo code was good while the poker was at a higher price.

  29. 33) This is my first entry

  30. 34) How many smoke would a cigar smoke if a cigar could smoke cigars?

  31. 35) Can’t forget my second entry.
    Thanks again!

  32. 37) I mean it’s Howdy Doody Time!

  33. 38) Could have used this last night 😕

  34. 40) Anything.

  35. 41) Anything, part 2.

  36. 42) Who doesn’t read Katman’s reviews at least twice?

  37. 43) I hear it works great on Republicans!

  38. 44) Just killed 20 minutes at work thinking of a clever comment, what a jack ass

  39. 45) love your reviews and honesty, your killing my wallet though.

    I need to set up a shill address to have my stuff shipped as the wife is wise as to how many boxes keep
    showing up to my house 😦

    I logged on to purchase the poker and glue and saw this contest, I guess I can wait 1 more week
    in the hopes that I will win! thanks for all your good work.

  40. 47) Smoked my 1st My Father El Centurian today. Very good and tasty

  41. 48) Phil’s reviews are on ‘point’ and there’s never a dull moment

  42. 49) The ‘glue’ between my fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf remains strong. May your ashes be long gentlemen/women

  43. 50) Love the reviews. Glad you’re still around!

  44. 51) Oh, also, Rod’s tool is the greatest (that sounds dirty, keep your cat away from me)

  45. 52) Love the honest cigar reviews in your witty and clever writing style…and the bonus rock stories. If you don’t like it…I don’t buy it.

  46. 53) Hey Phil — I just finished Michael Pollan’s “How to Change Your Mind” — had me wondering if you have considered the role of ‘set and setting’ in cigar taste/smoking experience?

  47. Not a clue what you’re talking about so I Googled it and this is what Wikipedia says about “set and setting:”

    Set and setting describes the context for psychoactive and particularly psychedelic drug experiences: one’s mindset (shortened to “set”) and the physical and social environment (the setting) in which the user has the experience. This is especially relevant for psychedelic experiences in either a therapeutic or recreational context. According to the book How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, the concept of set and setting was discovered by the “Johnny Appleseed” of LSD, Al Hubbard. The term was coined by Timothy Leary in 1961, and became widely accepted by researchers in psychedelic therapy.[1] Norman Zinberg has also discussed this in Drug, Set, And Setting: The Basis for Controlled Intoxicant Use (1984).

    “Set” is the mental state a person brings to the experience, like thoughts, mood and expectations. “Setting” is the physical and social environment. Social support networks have shown to be particularly important in the outcome of the psychedelic experience.[2] They are able to control or guide the course of the experience, both consciously and subconsciously. Stress, fear, or a disagreeable environment, may result in an unpleasant experience (bad trip). Conversely, a relaxed, curious person in a warm, comfortable and safe place is more likely to have a pleasant experience.

  48. 54) So my question is how much influence do a smoker’s mindset and environment have on the smoking experience? Certainly not as dramatic as for a psychedelic of course but still possibly important for cigars?

  49. 55) Thanks to Dr. Rod & the Katman for bringing yet another contest. Congrats to Dr. Rod & his big win! I recently bought the glue & have already used it a half dozen times. That stuff is magical. Would love to have the PerfecDraw Poker Tool. Could’ve used it on a $14.00 All Out Kings that had a rock hard plug at the beginning of the last 3rd right behind the band. Had to end it there. Keep up the great reviews & stories Katman…and the quality products Dr. Rod.

  50. 56) This must be the winner.

  51. 57) Fingers crossed!

  52. 58) If I win, I’ll keep my acceptance speech to around 38 minutes.

  53. 59) Thanks Uncle Katman. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  54. 60) Can’t tell you how many times a PerfecDraw would have saved an otherwise unsalvageable stick!

  55. 61) Winter is coming….Enjoy the cigars while you can!!

  56. 62) Dont waste a plugged cigar!!!

  57. CONTEST IS OVER! Thanks to everyone for participating.

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