December Contest! Win PerfecDraw Cigar Poker and PerfecRepair Cigar Glue | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

As you know, if you read me on a regular basis, our friend Dr. Rod Kurthy (Perfec Cigar Solutions) won the international, all encompassing cigar/cigar accessories competition sponsored by iconic European magazine “Cigar Journal” the “Best Cigar Accessory 2018”: the PerfecDraw cigar poker and tool.

We are giving away one cigar poker tool and one bottle of cigar glue. A value of $39.00.
PLUS…I am throwing in some travelers to sweeten the deal…a bundle of Quroum 4ths and a gold leaf Gurkha….Just kidding. I’ll take care of you…(they will be 2nds).

All you have to do to win is add a comment below this posting. Anything. Doesn’t matter what you say. Each person is allowed 2 entries.
The winner will be given a number based upon the order of the comments. All fair and square. The winning number will be chosen by a random number generator. (The random number generator shown is a merely a screen shot of the actual generator. You don’t get to add your own number. Just make a comment):

    Anonymous comments without a legit email address will not be considered. I want to know you’re a friendly.

The contest begins immediately and ends on December 13.
Good luck everyone!
(Participants must live in the Continental U.S.)

Rod and Sharon Kurthy on far left. Find other winners you might recognize:


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73 replies

  1. 1) Might as well enter .

  2. 2) I would love to win this awsome giveaway !

  3. 3) Another great contest! I could use a poker, the wax in my ears could use a good reaming.

  4. 4) Alright then, let’s do this!

  5. 5) Free stuff. The Katman knows how to draw a crowd.

  6. 6) I could use another PerfecRepair tool kit to give as a birthday gift, or Christmas present. Happy Hanukkah Katman!

  7. 7) Oh great! Was running low on glue. Thank u uncle phil

  8. 8) I would love to win!

  9. 9) Ok I’m in brother.. Can’t beat Free,,,,

  10. 10) Need a perfect draw poker. Would love to win one.

  11. 11) Good luck everyone

  12. 12) Boy, now here is something for the old Yule stocking!

  13. 13) Keep up the awesome work and awesome giveaways

  14. 14) If I win it will be gifted to another smoker cause I already have one!

  15. 15) We are the children of the midnight

  16. 17) Always enjoy your reviews. Never change. Thanks for all the great laughs.



  17. 18) I could use another perfec draw.
    Thank u uncle phil and dr k

  18. 19) Thanks for another great contest!

  19. 20) PerfecDraw would be a PerfecGift… for me

  20. 21) I could use that glue too. Thanks for the chances.

  21. 22) Thanks Katman for the contest. Enjoy your comments about the cigars you review.
    Thanks also to Dr. Rod Kurthy.

  22. 23) Fred Flintstone

  23. 24) Barney Rubble

  24. 00) The PerfecDraw is absolutely perfect! The most valuable tool in my cigar smoking arsenal along side my Colibre V cutter. I’ll take another please!


  25. 26) really is the best product and a must have

  26. 27) Congratulations on winning best cigar accessory award! Would love nothing more than to win this great perfect draw tool 💯💨

  27. 28) Congratulations on winning best cigars in Surrey award! Would love nothing more than to win this great perfect draw tool 💯💨

  28. 29) I like my cigars unplugged

  29. 30) Hey Uncle Katman. Glad to see you are enjoying the ashtray I made you and I hope both you and Charlotte are doing well. I meant to write the other day and say don’t listen to the nay sayers. It’s your show and you can say or do whatever you want! I can’t taste the flavours you can but so what! Every one of your recommendations that I’ve tried have been on the money, including the PerfectDraw. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping it real.

  30. 31) Oh! I forgot I can enter twice.

    Thanks again.

  31. 33) I’m in twice now!!

  32. 34) A rating of 100 for the Katman.

  33. 35) You are reading me now.

  34. 36) I could really use those!

  35. 37) Contest entry is to complicated for the likes of me

  36. 38) Happy Hanukkah Uncle Phil!

  37. 39) I hope you and your family have a wonderful time gathering over the holidays. Take care.

  38. 40) Happy holidays my friend. I think I remember the secret cigar I wrote u about if the cello was quite yellow. Thought u like mysteries?

  39. 41) I have a PerfecDraw but could use the glue.

  40. 42) I’ll give the PerfecDraw to my buddy.

  41. 43) I can use the PerfecDraw!

  42. 45) Happy Hanukkah

  43. 46) Thanks for the contest

  44. 47) Good luck for the second time!

  45. 48) I give the Katman’s review a 220 Rating; my highest rating to date!

    Thanks Katman!

  46. 49) gimme gimme

  47. 51) Anything 1

  48. 52) Anything 2

  49. 54) Nothing tastes better than Free Cigar Glue!
    And hey! You still need to update your best bargain cigars – been too many years, Unkie

  50. 55) Thanks again for the contest, this is my second comment.

  51. 56) I would love the cigar poker, and Happy Holidays.

  52. 57) I would also love the cigar glue, and Happy Hanukkah.

  53. 58) Love your reviews, Katman! Preach brother!

  54. 59) I loathe tight draws..

  55. 60) Best thing about Curved Air? Katman’ killer tasty bass licks of course!

  56. 61) I had a Perfect Draw and actually used it this morning and somehow lost it. Not sure if I dropped it in the trash accidentally or if the cat decided to purloin it for his own use. Now I need another one. Perfect timing on the drawing.

  57. 62) Enjoy your site, your reviews, and your stories!

  58. 63) Happy Hanukkah uncle Katman

  59. 64) I am the proud owner of a PerfecDraw cigar tool.
    Have been for over a year. Voted proudly for Dr Rod . Also a huge fan of Phil. Read all the reviews and often go over cigar lists to try something new . Thanks to both of you. Dr Rod and Phil. #1 !

  60. 65) love mine and could always use glue.

  61. 66) Glue looks great

  62. 67) Could definitely use these!

  63. 68) I can’t call myself unlucky, but I’ve never won a contest.

  64. 72) Love your website, and your reviews are always spot on!

  65. 73) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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