The Katman’s Top 15 Cigars of 2018 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

You ask why I only list 15 cigars instead of the normal 25? Because my health issues throughout the year only allowed around 110 reviews. So, paring it down to only 15 made more sense.

I included some limited editions just because they were so damn good.

As in the past, I expect a lot of blowback from smokers because I included ‘too many’ boutique brands. (“WTF! I never heard of that cigar!”)

I feel strongly that the real pioneering comes from the outsider/upstart manufacturers that exhibit a lot more passion about their blends than the catalog brands.

1. Bespoke Cigars Daughters of the Wind Calico
January 8: As a thank you, Bespoke offers this deal to my readers…Buy 3 DOTW Calico cigars and get a free DOTW “Pony” for free from Small Batch Cigar. Use promo code: Katman

2. 2018 Isabela Cigars Shape-Shifter

3. El Borracho by Dapper Cigar Co.

4. RoMa Craft La Campaña de Panamá Soberana Craft 2018

5. Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos

6. Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No. 1

7. Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection

8. Guardian of the Farm Apollo Selección de Warped

9. Viaje Pepper Series Carolina Reaper

10. Black Works Studio S&R

11. Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro

12. Pinar Del Rio El Trovador Maduro

13. Camaleon Huevo de Oro

14. Steampunk by Cigar Federation

15. Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary Limited Edition


9 replies

  1. Kickass list. I’ve got a box (cylinder?) of #1 & #2 waiting for when I can get you down to Chicago for a night of vice. Hope 2019 is happy and healthy for you and your family. Thanks for all of your effort on behalf of your readers.

  2. geat list man

  3. Sharp curation of occasional treats and everyday go-tos!

    I’ve consigned any hopes of trying the Viaje and Camaleon to oblivion, but there are still a couple of regular-production cigars here that I’m bumping to the top of my shopping list.

  4. What would you do without that iron? Happy New Year, Phil!

  5. I’d be fucked. But Charlotte would be happy as she is tired of me chasing her around the living room all the time.
    I’m telling you boys…iron and 50,000 units of Vitamin D once a week and ED meds go bankrupt.

  6. Great list as always…..

  7. Man, I’ve got a Steampunk that has been aging nearly a year, maybe a bit more than. Can’t quite remember when I bought them. Stellar stick. This is a solid list, great reviews too, especially you review of the Shapeshifter. What a great smoke.

  8. Understand that Cameleon is going to release some Huevo de Oro again soon. Keep a check on Small Batch Cigars.


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