Powstanie Habano | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican Criollo, Nicaraguan Estelí Ligero, Nicaraguan Condega & Jalapa
Size: 5 x 50 Perfecto
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $9.00

Today we take a look at the Powstanie Habano.
A gift.

From the Powstanie web site:
“Brother Mike’s blend – Powstanie Habano – with a core of Dominican criollo, Nicaraguan Estelí ligero, plus tobaccos from Condega and Jalapa, bunched in an Indonesian binder, and rolled in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The smoke is medium to full in body, leaning more towards full, with base flavors of earth, wood, and dark chocolate on a short, clean finish.”

Belicoso: 5.5 × 54 $9.50
Perfecto: 5 × 50 $9.00
Robusto: 5 × 50 $9.00
Toro: 6 × 52 $10.00

The oily wrapper is brown paper bag in hue. Some veins and tight seams. The rolling is nicely accomplished. The cigar seems to be filled perfectly as the resistance is on the money.

Big notes of caramel, milk chocolate, cedar, malt, floral, barnyard, black licorice, a slight nuttiness, a little earthy, and a couple Indian curry spices.
The cold draw presents flavors of salted caramel, black coffee, milk chocolate, some creaminess, dried fruit, a tad scoche of floral, some assorted raw nuts, and exotic baking spice.

This cigar has been around for almost 18 months so it’s most probable that you’ve already tried it. But I haven’t reviewed it, so I must. This is not a limited-edition release and I expect it will be around for a while.

The draw is clear and bright. I put my PerfecDraw cigar poker and tool away for the next cigar.

Flavors descend on my palate like the giant hordes of Sun Tzu. White pepper, caramel, malt, espresso, candied orange peel, malt, licorice, nuts, Honey Nut Cheerios, and some creaminess.

The balance is on point immediately. I might add these sticks have around 4 months of naked humidor time.
The stick is fully packed so it’s a nice relaxing slow roll.

Complexity wastes no time in inserting its impact on the cigar experience. Transitions abound. The finish is zesty with all the food elements appearing in alphabetical order.

But, the most impressive part is its balance between different worlds colliding to bring peace to the universe and North Dakota. I had a friend who visited ND and was killed by a survivalist who found out his I.Q. was over 90. A sad loss for Darwin.

A big breakfast cereal element elevates the lovely experience so far.
Savory and sweet is bouncing back and forth like juggling three babies in the air.
Strength is medium.

What a lovely blend. I’m surprised more reviews weren’t written about this cigar. It’s a solid study in precise cigar blending and decent and affordable pricing.

You remember the first time you ran over someone in your mom’s 1960 Pontiac Bonneville? Me neither.

The white pepper makes a dashing entrance giving the blend a real kick in the arse. I like the white pepper as it doesn’t dig so deeply into the back of the throat. White pepper has no deep throat.

I saw that movie for the first time in 1974 while touring with Curved Air and we played the Amsterdam Paradiso Club. Several floors of bands and entertainment and in an isolated area on the top floor was a darkened room showing porn. Me and Copeland went in and both saw what everyone had been talking about. We both walked out with boners.
Now I get a boner when steak is on sale at the market.

Ever since my review of you know who…a couple reviews ago…I’ve gotten a lot of nasty emails which specifically refer to me as “old man.” I guess the troglodytes think they are insulting me. Clearly, these idiots don’t realize that unless someone takes them out early, they too will become old men…and schmucks that behave just like them, will call them ‘old men.’ Wow. What a dig. I could barely recover from those insults.

Imagine the drugs Jagger is getting while he recovers from heart surgery. And Keith Richards hiding underneath the bed pilfering off the excess.

OK. The Powstanie Habano is screaming laughter. Nice cigar.
It’s a perfect stick for newbies and those that don’t like strong blends. A satisfactory amount of complexity, balance, a transition-wienermobile, and a nice tasty finish.

The palate votes yes. It’s been an even keeled journey without any disappointments or disagreements.
Flavors…line ‘em up: Creaminess, white pepper, milk chocolate, caramel, licorice, cereal, malt, butter cookies, lemon twist, nutmeg, espresso, cedar, and dates.
I like it.

Construction is near immaculate. Not an easy thing to do with a perfecto.

ZZ Top is playing. Saw them around 1970 at a bar in Anaheim with other members of my band…in the afternoon! Maybe 5 other people there but our guitarist had heard of Gibbons and knew he was under the tutelage of Jimi for a bit. They had short, short hair and all wore matching 3-piece business suits. Our guitarist noticed that Billy had a Marshall stack facing the wall and covered with blankets. From that day forward, our guitarist did the same thing. As we were the only ones in the bar, we got to talk to the boys in the band. I have zero recollection of the encounter. Remember kids, just say no to weed while in a bar in Anaheim.

The Powstanie Habano is a workman-like blend. It is in it for the whole 12 rounds. Bobbing and weaving and dancing like a butterfly. No rope-a-doping.
In 7th grade, one class had a pool whether Cassius Clay or Sonny Liston would win that match on February 25, 1964. Everyone took Liston. I took Clay. I cleaned up and as I was collecting my winnings, the teacher caught us and I got sent to the principal. I shared my winnings with him and he made me the cafeteria cook in charge of the mystery meat.

The long ash falls right on my laptop keyboard. Only old men do this. You youngsters are too smart for this famous cigar ploy.

Strength remains at medium. A nice cigar to accompany the morning coffee. Or the injection of smack directly into the optic nerve with a needle. Either one works for me. (My eyes are itching).

The Powstanie Habano has put me in a very good mood. Listening to music at 11:30am while the rest of you are working your asses off. Old men get to do this.

And then later, I’m going to hit all the small vintage guitar shops in town looking for a good bass. Yeah, babies.
Just past the halfway point, the blend hits the accelerator. The complexity deepens and becomes rich and decadent. The balance makes me shriek in joy. The neighbors above us bang on my ceiling. I can hear them yell, “Shut up old man!”

Strength leaps to medium/full. Nicotine comes pouring down the volcano; clogging my brain with non-sequiturs and thoughts of pulling the plug on Charlotte. I just need to figure out how to plug her in so I can do this.

It’s amazing that the tune, “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy is still in regular rotation. The song came out while I was living in London in the mid 70’s. We played a gig with them at Oxford for their Spring Celebration. We headlined but I was mesmerized by all the bands of the day playing and wondering why we were the headliners?

The blend is a delight. It’s not earth shattering or breathtaking. Just a good solid blend that the company put their hearts into…unlike a lot of manufacturers who just don’t give a shit and buy their wares from farms in Central America and slap their skull adorned cigar bands on them.
No, this is the real deal.

A sip of water and the flavor profile explodes like a pearl necklace onto a farm animal’s face. (What?)

I want to take this moment to thank all the readers that had my back the last few days. I got wonderful comments and terrific emails from my guys and gals telling me I’m not crazy…well, maybe a little off kilter, but not certifiable. Thanks. Means a lot.

Creaminess bears fruit allowing other elements to shine brightly. The level of spiciness is perfect for my palate. There has not been a single waver from the balance being spot on. Construction is making my heart swell. And I launch into a medley of ABBA tunes. The banging on the ceiling begins once again. And I scream back, “I’m not old, just decrepit.” Thank goodness that the nasty emails I got were from stunted individuals who never heard the word decrepit before. I would take that personally.

Everyone sells this brand and blend. Pick and choose.
The cigar finishes with a nice flair. Some real kick to it without harshness. Flavorful.
I noticed that SBC is selling them below the MSRP at $8 a pop for the perfecto. Good deal.
Old man…Out.



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19 replies

  1. Sounds like a pretty solid smoke for $8. If only it had a skull on the band…oh well.

    Thanks for the decrepit review, old man.

    Hugs and kisses.


  2. I’m sorry…I couldn’t hear you…Damn…I can’t find my hearing aids.

  3. If all one wants to hear is “everything is great” why bother reading reviews? It boggles the mind. I don’t trust any reviewers – of movies, restaurants, or cigars – that give everything three and a half stars. That’s why I come here. All those guys had to say was “sorry you didn’t like that offering, please try another” and that would’ve been that. I have no respect no people who attack reviewers who give honest, thought-out appraisals. Please keep giving us the good, the bad and the ugly. Have a good weekend.

    Off to a vacation in Poland next week. I’ve identified several cigar bars to hit.

  4. …no respect FOR people, that is. My typing is for shit.

  5. Good call going vintage. I think you mentioned you want a Fender? As I am sure you know, Fender has gone to shit in the last few decades. I didn’t mind much, since I was never a huge fan of their guitars, although I like the jangle of a MIJ or USA Tele, and the P bass is definitely an industry standard.

    However, about 10 Years ago they bought one of my favorite guitar producers, Jackson. Jackson used to make quality metal and hard rock guitars…and strangely, a few made specifically for surf, the Surfcaster, of which I own 2. Anyway, Fender buys the company and proceeds to turn it to shit. Now, with the exception of their custom shop, and some USA select series, it’s all Indian, Korean, and Chinese made junk. A shame for a brand once preferred by Eddie Van Halen (technically, he played a Charvel, but it was the same company back in the 80’s), Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammet, and Dave Mustaine.

    Shame on you, Fender!

  6. I know…I will make a wise decision.
    This is a photo of me in Curved Air in 1975 playing my 1968 Fender Precision. Miles Copeland started out in the music industry managing Wishbone Ash and talked Martin Turner into selling me this bass.curved air

  7. Damn Katman… cracking me up on all these reviews! Your old ass hasn’t lost a step. To the complainers, go buy yourself the new issue of cigar aficionado and suck a dick. These are cigar reviews… they are like assholes, everyone tastes something different. Kids these days…

  8. Thank you, Kevin…don’t get me started about Cigar Aficionado. Those turds only do business by pay to play. You don’t slap $100K or more on the barrelhead, you don’t get your cigar reviewed…it does include an ad in the mag. Ever notice how Davidoff always gets the worst cigar ratings than anyone else? They don’t pay! So, they are punished. This makes CA irrelevant to cigar smokers. Unless you like dick sucking…

  9. Exactly! That’s why the complainers can go buy CA… we know what they like.

  10. I guess I should make clear that I wasn’t trying to offer advice or inform, you were a professional musician, you obviously know your business, I just can’t miss an opportunity to rant about what Fender has become.

    ’68 though, Nice! Back when the major producers made instruments instead of decorative boat paddles lol.

  11. That’s cool, Slade. I didn’t take it in an offensive manner.
    I haven’t bought a brand new bass since my 1980 Schecter fretless. S/N 008
    It was built by the owners before they changed hands 5 times. Both owners worked for Fender and decided they could make better instruments.
    They fashioned my 100% Brazilian rosewood bass after the Jazz, just better.
    The P bass sang like a mother fucker. The construction was flawless. And the string action? There was no daylight between the string and the neck and yet never a single buzz. It played like butter. I had it up until a few years ago…medical bills. Life can really be unfair. Sigh.

  12. No farm animals were harmed during this review.

  13. Ah. That sucks the proverbial big one. Had a recent medical expenditure myself. Going to cost me between 15 and 20 grand. Bah.

    I was born in ’85, so I missed the era of real craftsmanship. I had a Schecter 5 string at one time, but it was nothing like yours, I think I paid 900 for it used around 2005? Good thick, warm tone though, especially with flatwound or nylon stings. Around the same time, I bought a San Dimas made Jackson from ’81, I believe, and it had the best action of any instrument I ever played in my life. Made for shredding. Bought a dozen or more modern ones of varying price ranges, over the years and none of them could touch it. Them was the days, I suppose lol.

    Let us know what bass you settle on!

  14. Glad to see you back to Full-Speed Phil. Thanks for the review as always. Back in WI in June, we gotta hook up for a stick.

  15. I did not know that Fender had purchased Jackson. My great-nephew is now the owner of my Charvel custom shop San Dimas in solid koa. I remember my excitement when the shipping container arrived from Ontario, CA. I’d specified that the guitar have the new Sperzel trim-locks in black. The guitar was and is a piece of art. I didn’t pay much attention to the purchase of Charvel by Jackson, until I wandered into a local Guitar Center and spoke with one of the salespeople. He said Jackson had moved most production off shore and that most of the Jackson/Charvel guitars needed a lot of local customization to make them comfortably playable. I said I really didn’t think that was unusual for anything other than a custom shop, because we all have different size hands and levels of dexterity. He said Jackson’s general build quality; finish, electronics, pick-ups, etc. had rapidly gone down hill.
    I really am sorry to hear that.
    I had a Fender Telecaster for years for which I’d had significant work done. Ultimately, a friend who coveted the guitar, offered me a ridiculous sum for the instrument. Little did I know that he already had a buyer for double what he paid me, for which he did later confess with a lot of laughter. It really didn’t matter as repetitive nerve damage to my hands had already dictated that playing was no longer feasible. For me, the Tele had become a wall hanger.

    I do love to see young people play guitar. I was well into adulthood when I undertook the instrument, which may ultimately have led to the nerve damage to my hands. As such, I keep eyes open for decent, albeit low cost new guitars, that with some volunteer luthiery, I can purchase and donate to school programs to get kids started. I’d hope that others would similarly do so, or if they have a guitar lying around that wouldn’t be missed.

    If, one has the inclination to make such a donation, and the guitars ever become in stock again, I’d suggest https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=610263
    It’s a $100 tele knock off, with free shipping, that often is on sale at 20% off. Some kid will appreciate the gesture forever.

    Slade, thank you for the information.

  16. I had that PCC last night and…you weren’t wrong. Not worth $8 never mind $20.

  17. Like a “pearl necklace to a farm animal’s face”? You are seriously fucked up.

    Slapping bands w skulls onto Central American cigars. Hmmm…I wonder who that could be??


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