I Can’t Quit You Baby | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Nov. 16
Finally, after 28 days of this bastard having me by the throat, it’s over. What a ride. Don’t wish this on anyone.
Need a few days to regain my palate and off we go.
Thanks for your support.

Day 17
I believe Milwaukee is Ground Zero for Russian tests using the flu virus and bad acid to lay low its community.

I am willing myself to get well.

Back soon…

All the best,


10 replies

  1. Take care! Look after yourself !

  2. Day 21. Not getting better…slipping into coma…lol.
    Seeing doc again on the 11th. Stay well.

  3. Heal up, feel better. I’m almost as addicted to your reviews as i am to my 2x daily stogies…

    Speaking of which, I would love to see a review of current favorite cheapo, the Brick House Fumas 60. It’s part exploding joke shop cigar, part heaven. With a little effort you can pick up a bundle of 20 for $35-$40.

    I recommend chopping off the first inch… To bypass the little sparkler inserts…. that somebody thought would be funny.

    Rest up. Get well.


  4. Thank you Robert…kind words indeed.
    On your advice, I will snag some of those BH Fumas and review them.

  5. In hospital for a couple days…back soon!

  6. Very cool. Best deal is auctions at Thompson Cigar.

  7. PS. They’re *wet*. At least till x-mas in the humidor, April 1 would be better/more fitting.

  8. Glad to hear you won out! Sure appreciate yer reviews and stories, looking forward to The Return of the Katman!
    Dave (an old e bassist too)

  9. Thank you Dave!!
    I just finished my first cigar in 4 weeks. Damn! It was great. Had to use my inhaler afterwards but that’s what old bassists sometimes do after skirting near death of the palate due to lack of use.
    I have a bunch of cigars I’m dying to write about. I just need a few days to make sure my palate has arisen from the dead.
    All the best,

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