I Can’t Quit You Baby | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Nov. 16
Finally, after 28 days of this bastard having me by the throat, it’s over. What a ride. Don’t wish this on anyone.
Need a few days to regain my palate and off we go.
Thanks for your support.

Day 17
I believe Milwaukee is Ground Zero for Russian tests using the flu virus and bad acid to lay low its community.

I am willing myself to get well.

Back soon…

All the best,


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  1. Take care! Look after yourself !

  2. Day 21. Not getting better…slipping into coma…lol.
    Seeing doc again on the 11th. Stay well.

  3. Heal up, feel better. I’m almost as addicted to your reviews as i am to my 2x daily stogies…

    Speaking of which, I would love to see a review of current favorite cheapo, the Brick House Fumas 60. It’s part exploding joke shop cigar, part heaven. With a little effort you can pick up a bundle of 20 for $35-$40.

    I recommend chopping off the first inch… To bypass the little sparkler inserts…. that somebody thought would be funny.

    Rest up. Get well.


  4. In hospital for a couple days…back soon!

  5. Glad to hear you won out! Sure appreciate yer reviews and stories, looking forward to The Return of the Katman!
    Dave (an old e bassist too)

    • Thank you Dave!!
      I just finished my first cigar in 4 weeks. Damn! It was great. Had to use my inhaler afterwards but that’s what old bassists sometimes do after skirting near death of the palate due to lack of use.
      I have a bunch of cigars I’m dying to write about. I just need a few days to make sure my palate has arisen from the dead.
      All the best,