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  1. Finally got on, eh? I really enjoyed the second one I had, the first was out of Saka-squatch’s hands shortly after they landed and it was GOOD but the second one had a few months on it and was excellent. Price tells me I’ll never have it as a regular smoke though.

    The sSn Compromiso is also very good and more affordable.

  2. Is it actually possible for a cigar to be ten times better than a Time Traveler? Asking for a friend. Not a close friend.

  3. Cannot fathom spending this much on a cigar…it’s hard for me to spend $100 on a box let alone 1 cigar. But this does remind me that I watched a video of this guy who owns a lounge and him and this escort talked a rich rapper that had never smoked a cigar in his life into buying a box of Davidoffs at $500 a single cigar. Unbelievable that not only would this lounge owner peer pressure this poor guy into spending $10,000 on a box of cigars, that they would be mild Davidoffs. Honestly could not hold my rage in.

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