Scott Checks Out Daddy’s New Car | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

I’m a lifelong Democrat. But I’m not a Libtard. And while it is politically incorrect to support the cops, I’m all in. My son in law, as well as his partners on Tactical, are amazing humans who have never once been wrapped in scandal. My son is a life saver and has the commendations to prove it. So, you don’t like seeing my grandkid publicizing the police, and think it’s inappropriate…too bad. If Scott grows up to possess only half the moral core of his daddy, I will be a jubilant grandpa.

I got a new gig working for a cigar lounge. Great people and great customers. They have had me hopping; so I’ve been remiss in driving you nuts with my drivel.
I have the next three days to get back at it.


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  1. Katman, Why do you feel the need to apologize for not hating the police?

    • I needed to wait a couple days before responding to your lame ass accusation. If I hadn’t, I’d have said things much worse than I am about to say to you now.
      You got my statment all cocked up in your head.
      I have a shit load of friends and readers that feel cops are bad people. Period.
      So, Im not preaching to the choir with my “apology.”
      I am shunned on all sorts of social media platforms for posting photos of my daughter and her cop husband with their two boys. The moment most see my son in law is a cop, the assumption is that he is a pig. And a murderer.
      Are you even aware that this is going on? Do you watch the news?
      So, I stick up for my family and good cops everywhere. These photos are of my family; and if a member of my family is law enforcement, then so be it and fuck the others.
      Cops are laying low everywhere. Every single one I know plays down that they are cops so as not to have to listen to some ass wipe go off on them.
      Apologize, my ass. I am proud of my son in law. And everyone that works with him.
      I am standing before my Democrat friends and Libtards everywhere and showing them that cops have families and kids too…just like them. What would any of you have given to be taken to work with your daddy if he was a firefighter, first responder, or a cop when you were little?
      Hook up with me on FB and let me see how many photos you have of your cop family. I don’t mean idiotic memes…I mean personal family who are first responders. You will see on my FB page plenty of photos of my cop and firefighter family. I make no apologies for glorifying them. Each one deserves it.
      I’m not immune to the needs of BLM. There are way too many lousy cops out there that shouldn’t be cops. Plenty of people, in all walks of life, don’t evolve intellectually or have a firm grip on common sense or have a decent moral core. We’ve been taught since we were little to look up to; and respect police officers and firefighters. It’s up to people in those professions to take their oaths seriously. You got PTSD? Get help. Or sell used cars. Don’t be brutal with people that just piss you off because you got the power.
      There are over 800,000 cops in the US. That is the population of Seattle. It is an impossible law of statistics that every single person living in Seattle is non-violent, possessing perfect mental health, doesn’t suffer anger issues, and has the moral core of a deity.
      But the cops I know, from all over the country, are all decent hard working public servants who decry the dehumanizing tactics that some of their brothers and sisters in blue perpetrate. I’ve gotten countless emails from my cop friends who applaud that I posted this photo. But all are worried about their own families in this time of disruption. And I don’t blame them. They don’t even want to put their name on a simple cigar blog comment for fear of retribution.
      So, fuck you for your mind numbing criticism that was based upon your limited capacity for understanding.

  2. A Trump win is the best thing that could happen to the Democrat party. The are beyond the point of being able to reform themselves and will ruin us alll if given the chance.

    Congratulations on the new gig.

  3. Good on ya,and a big ol two finger salute to anybody that finds something wrong with that lovely photo of your grandson, best wishes Gordon k ,
    Melbourne Australia.

  4. I’m not too crazy about Democrats, and don’t care much for Republicans, but thanks for supporting the police and for not being a libtard.

  5. Great picture!

  6. Phil, Great pic, adorable kiddo and please do get back to driving us nuts with your drivel. We kinda like it ya know LOL

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