May I Have the Envelope, Please? | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Congratulations to Christopher Petersen.

He got the number of Skittles right on the head: 401

I used an entire 16oz bag of Skittles to fill the Stolen Throne ashtray.

I’ve sent him an email and he has 24 hours to respond. If he doesn’t respond, the prize will go to the next closest contestant that did not go over 401.

Thanks to everyone that participated.


10 replies

  1. Congrats Chris and thanks for putting this together Katman

  2. Hi Zach,
    Thanks to Stolen Throne Cigars for providing the fine ashtray.
    And thanks to me for donating some sticks.
    I’m glad I could do this.
    I should have more contests.
    Be well, brother…

  3. Thank you Phil and Stolen Throne Cigars for the opportunity!

  4. I didn’t win but also didn’t enter so I think that’s fair .😄

    Glad you’re safe .

    50 years ago , you both get out of your cars and fight , not so today as it’s Tombstone out there .

    Big fan of the PG 25 .



    Mark Hayes Maley


  5. It’s fucking Fallujah out there.

  6. Thanks for doing this, Katman. It was lots of fun. I totally overthought the whole thing. There are about 400 damn Skittles in a 16oz bag! I thought that surely he didn’t just dump the whole bag in there and call it good. LOL.

  7. I’m an evil genius mad scientist. Well, I’m not mad…but definitely slightly off.

  8. Damn, I guessed 400…missed it by 1 skittle! LOL

  9. Sooo close…but no cigar.
    I will send you the Skittles. A fine runner up prize.

  10. I was wanting to win so freakin’ bad! Congrats, Christopher. Enjoy!

    Katman, glad that you’re doing well, brother. I was a bit worried ’bout the road rage incident. Take care and looking forward to more posts.

    Jeff – aka. Crosby

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