“The Founder Series — Interview With the Founder of PerfecDraw” | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Here, through the courtesy of “All Things Cigars,” is a fascinating interview with Dr. Rod Kurthy…the owner of ThePerfecSmoke.com web site that sells the PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool and other invaluable cigar accessories.

Dr. Rod is my brother from another mother…even though he doesn’t mention me once…nor does he rightfully give me the credit for his success.

Click on link below:

The Founder Series — Interview With the Founder of PerfecDraw


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  1. Great device. Brilliant, interesting guy. A little weird he only smokes Cubans…. Though the the Partagas series E number 2 in the non traditional 54 ring–sounds like my kinda cigar. I’m gonna guess you’ll say it’s a great cigar after 3+ years in the humidor….

    Hope you’re resting comfortably in the express train to Wellville.

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