Time Out | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Time out til I recover from a bad cold and a sinus infection. I can’t smell the glove or anything else.

The grandsons got sick. Charlotte babysits them. Charlotte gets sick with a sinus infection. And now Philly is sick as a dog.

I figure a week, at least, before I can return in glorious splendor and comely abandon.

Wait for me and keep the car running…

UPDATE 3-21-2021:

Another week…


34 replies

  1. Get well soon Phil.

  2. Thank you, brother.

  3. Perhaps it is the vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine? Or perhaps it’s the wearing of the mask which is quite unhealthy? It’s dirty even, breathing in that which is supposed to be breathed out. A veritable Petri dish right on ones face that doesn’t even filter virus.
    Hope you feel better and appreciate your reviews.

  4. According to Mayo Clinic, and every other science based study, wearing masks helps greatly in taming the shrew.
    If your mask is a petri dish, I suggest you trash it and buy another one.
    Thanks for the good wishes…much appreciated.

  5. Hard data from the CDC shows a possible 1.3% reduction in counties with mask mandates as opposed with those without. And that’s with all the skullduggery of their high cycle threshold false positive PCR tests.

    Click to access mm7010e3-H.pdf

    There are plenty of other studies that state that mask wearing has no bearing on virus transmission though I’m sure at this point google has censored all such data from their search engine. They are the Ministry of Truth.
    The CDC does say at the bottom that masks have the “potential” to reduce infection though if one reads the boxes on surgical masks bought in stores there’s a notice that states they won’t.
    I don’t wear masks unless required to do so by private business and have yet to get sick though I have no comorbidities and take D3 as a supplement regularly.
    And you bet on the well wishes. I thoroughly enjoy your reviews.

  6. I had to read those 5 pages on the link twice. It is a massive set of statistics to swallow. I hated statistics in college.
    But they are basically speaking to the spread in restaurants that allow some customers but maintain social distancing.
    Every time there is some grand opening of a tourist area or large congregation of people not wearing masks, the numbers spike within 2 weeks.
    Yes, the fact that a lot of people don’t pay attention to the quality of the mask they are buying is true. You can buy masks in convenience stores. Or supermarkets. And the Walgreens around me sells pure Chinese shit.

    Whether its double masking or single masking, you have to be cognizant of the efficacy of the product. We don’t buy masks that are 10 for $8.00. We buy masks that follow the criteria in the CDC Feb. 23 report.
    We wear replaceable double filtered masks. We wear masks that fit. You’re not supposed to touch any part of the mask with your fingers except the ear loops…etc.

    The report states…
    Masks should be worn:
    1.Any time you are in a public setting
    2.Any time you are traveling on a plane, bus, train, or other form of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations
    3.When you are around people who do not live with you, including inside your home or inside someone else’s home
    4.Inside your home if someone you live with is sick with symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19

    This makes sense.
    But let’s be honest, so far in the last year…everyone in the medical community has been guessing just in time for the evening news. Today, do this. Tomorrow, don’t do that. We predict this. Oops, we were wrong.

    My wife is 70 with COPD. I am 71 with IgA, an immune disorder. For seniors, it is imperative to at least try to do something that will keep one safe. Or any person with a health issue needs to take precautions.
    BUT…you have to obtain a serious mask. Not a piece of shit that you wear over and over and over. Never wash. Then yeah, it’s a petri dish.

    It is a devisive subject. You see people on YouTube brawling over someone not wearing a mask. Charlotte and I went to my son in law’s birthday party at a sports bar a week ago. We had a group of 20 folks…all cops and their wives. And the place was full of patrons. She and I were the only ones wearing masks. Of course, not a single person in there over 45. And we got stares and little finger points. You don’t want to wear a mask? Fuck you, I don’t care. But shaming people or making fun of them because they do is ridiculous.

    I don’t know what is right or what is wrong. I have no clue. I’m not an expert. And a lot of the experts aren’t experts.
    Between the confused medical profession and the media, I feel we are all guinea pigs for some grand experiment.
    So, my dear Sean…you bring up valid points but do you really feel confident in anything you are being told or reading?
    I’d rather be vigilant and play it safe than throw caution to the wind by saying fuck it and MY FREEDOM COMES FIRST!
    Whaddya think?

  7. LOL! You’re awesome! And no, I take everything with a grain of salt these days.
    Freedom is first and foremost in my mind hence why I’m a political atheist!
    As an aside, I just started in on a box of the Rock Patel WC after a six month rest in the humi. Amazing stick! Thanks for that one and so many others!

  8. Yes, Sean, I am awesome.
    I tell myself that after Charlotte lays waste to me telling me my dick is small, I smell like tuna fish(the pot calling the kettle…), and that I’m old.
    The Rocky Patel Water Closet is a superb blend. Glad you are enjoying them.

  9. I just came across your blog and spent an entire Sunday afternoon binge reading your posts. Your writing is very entertaining, love your stories at the end of your reviews.

    I have one question, what do you mean by “old school” blends? In an earlier post for newbies you mentioned a lot of the typical catalog brands as being old school. I stated smoking a lot of them when I first got into cigars about 10 years ago because they were economical and now I really don’t bother with them anymore as they are mostly linear, boring, and a waste of time. I bought a few 5ers to let sit for 6-12 months to see how they smoke with some rest. When I first started I used to smoke them straight out the B&M, I didn’t even own a humidor.

    Anywho, I hope you get well soon. Sinus infections are no joke. I had one last December.. couldn’t smell or taste for a month.

  10. Hey Desmond,
    I must apologize that the pandemic has driven us down into the basement and behind the locked door where things lurk that should never see the light of day…in otherwords, bingeing on my reviews. Oy vey.
    If you find yourself needing psychological de-programming, I can help. I can’t pay for it but Charlotte is a psychologist and she gives good head shrinking. I must warn you though…she is super smart; but then she married me out of choice; which makes me question everything about her. So, I’m not sure if she is the one to go to for solid advice. She lets me think I’m smart but I’m not the one that got a master’s degree by age 20. Let me know and I will set up an appointment.

    Your definition of Old School is spot on. Just the old stand-bys that come from catalogs, are inexpensive, boring as hell, and no adventure in the ride it provides.
    Thank you for the kind words and high praise. I endeavor to beat this head cold and to carry on…like a chimp with Samsonite luggage.
    Best regards,

  11. How are you doing Phil? It’s March 15th. Are you feeling better, I hope? Update us.

  12. I just died. Thanks for asking.

  13. NOooo!!!! Seriously, are you getting better???
    Please don’t die !!!
    We Love you.

  14. I was sick for a week and then felt fine for two days. Naturally, it returned and I’m sick again.
    I am learning how to tie a hangman’s knot on Youtube as I write this.
    I don’t know what’s worse…the agony of a virus or the agony of not smoking.
    I should be better in a few days.
    On the upside, I’ve learned how to make the perfect Keto pumpkin pie.

  15. You should see a doctor to make sure it’s not pneumonia or strep.
    Seriously! And …
    Buy some good B Complex vitamins and take one a day.
    The “nic fit” is actually a B Complex deficiency.
    But the tobacco companies want you to believe otherwise.
    Eat lots of soup with garlic and cayenne pepper.
    See your doctor A.S.A.P. Get some antibiotics or something.
    Up your minerals intake too.
    How do you get your zinc?

  16. You may be deficient in Vitamin A too.
    Take care of yourself !!!!

  17. I do appreciate your concern.
    Saw my doc today. Put me on meds.
    I have a shelf full of good vitamins I take daily. (A lot of good that seems to make…lol.) But then I only have a run of the mill flu with some infections…
    The pain in the arse is that I can’t smoke my cigars nor can I review them.
    I have a good doc I’ve been seeing for 12 years. My age, so he is wise and sagely like me.
    But I have to lay off most of the vitamins as they interfere with the antibiotics and other meds he prescribed.
    I should be feeling better in no time.
    I have opted for my mother’s recipe for matzo ball soup.
    Thanks again for reaching out.

  18. Won’t hurt you to fast from smoking your cigars for awhile.
    Heck, I’ll take the rock star stories after the reviews, skip the cigars!!
    Haha!! I’m here for your stories of yore. Just smoke fake cigars for now!!
    You know, fashion one out of cardboard, and then take a pretend puff.
    maybe it will help!!!! I’m glad you saw the doc.
    It will be good discipline to take an escape from smoking cigars
    its your body’s way of slowing you down so you can heal.
    Matzo has wheat gluten in them, just saying.
    If you want to heal faster, avoid just for now, anything wheat gluten,
    sugar, or dairy. Ayurvedic tips.
    The broth of your soup looks great!! Drink 5 of those!

  19. I have a cardboard toilet roll in my mouth as I write this.

  20. You’re so funny, thanks for humoring me, =) but it does help, yeah, yeah.
    I swear the world is getting too zombified, and we writers feel lonesome.
    Few people have the candid blunt honesty you brave. And I crave.
    You know, I’d started smoking tobacco (again), because of you! But,… but…but…
    I smoked up what i had, and I don’t want more.
    Amazing, that some folks crave the stench and the
    nausea: the dirty, risky, dizzy buzz of nicotine.
    Same folks who used to wind-up themselves on the swings,
    then they’d let go and unwind and spin themselves dizzy.
    They became rock gods,
    but now they smoke cigars.
    *You never know what’s in them cigars, really.*
    I was worried when I read one of your reviews,
    About a bad cigar you inhaled. Don’t smoke those!
    I don’t want to hear about the horsepoop-nuanced flavors.
    Life is worth Living, if not for cigars, there’s always the sun,
    Human pleasures drowning in technology lately.
    Shirts off, for vitamin D, rays of sunshine on your skin.
    Must reclaim our human pleasures.
    There’s always a way back. I’m alive in here, too.
    Love, peace, mischief,


  21. Here is an offer for you, Lara…
    As I see another week before I get back to reviewing, if you would like to write something…about anything, I will post it.
    My cigar reviews, minus the stories, are 1000-1500 words. That is a good size for an article.
    You can submit it to me via a Comment. Comments are not published without my authority. I can take your comment and format it for a post. And the comment will no longer be published as such.
    Or…you can write it on a Word Document and I will transfer it to my blog. You can email the Doc.
    You can write about anything you would like to get off your chest. No limits.
    Except for one rule…You are a smart lady. So, no mention of Stewart Copeland or The Police. They do not exist. They are beneath your attention. Other than that, no rules. I promise not to edit or censor what you write.
    Take all the time you need.
    Have at it. I look forward to hearing from you.

    If you would like to include one or two of your videos, I will post those as well.

  22. Well, thanks! How about this, you know my social media sites, (Facecrack, YouTube, Instascram, etc…)? I’d never know what to pick, but you have my permission to pick something you like that I’ve written, and post it. I have no idea what I should post, but if you like my stuff, then go for it. You found my emails, and replied, but I wasn’t sure if you knew it’s me here, too. I just think you are one of a kind, like me, and if anything I’d have questions for you about how to play bass without shredding my fingertips up, with blisters, so painful. I recently bought an electric bass, but it’s sitting in the corner. I’m in (Redacted), and there’s also dust on my 1928 piano. And dust on my guitars too, since naturally, some jealous ninnies hate me for being so freaking amazeballs. So sick of them angrily unliking my site as soon as I’ve starved and slaved over my own songwriting, and I proudly post something creative. So yeah that’s why you should post whatever you want of mine, I’m completely worn out by fear of evil, so thanks for the memo about that other point you made. Karma. I’m happy you know who I am now and Phil, you’re welcome to share anything of mine. You can even download something you like, and re-upload it with only my first name revealed. Whatever you have in mind. I have no clue what to post since I’m in limbo between mobile phone carriers due to 3G networks being phased out, I am in agony trying to get settled with a new no-contract prepaid phone I just bought but haven’t wanted to open and set up yet. Ughh..so my headspace is uncomfortable right now and also because I broke my landline phone’s receiver slamming it down at being hung up on by some pollyanna vanilla twitch for demanding I not be saying the F word while quoting someone else using it. Life as a plagiarized poet is freaking difficult. A lot of delusional axeholes out there who can’t believe my true stories.
    The ones who were mean to me will all hopefully have the most torturous death process and they’ll remember being dicks to me, when God shits on their face.

  23. P.S. I have a book recommendation for you to read called “Celiac disease: A Hidden Epidemic” by Peter H.R. Green, M.D., Rory Jones. I think you’d find it interesting to read about the history of wheat, the devolution from hunter-gatherers to domestic farm livestock, and auto-immune conditions like IgA and how it relates. So many disparate conditions relate back to the inability to digest the 33 peptide protein chain that wheat is. I have gluten-intolerance and didn’t know it for most of my life. You could improve your condition by switching to gluten-free choices for flour in your Matzo soup. Love, Peace and mischief, and forever your friend, Lara. Some excerpts, if you are curious: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Celiac_Disease_Newly_Revised_and_Updated/75-7CwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&printsec=frontcover

  24. I’ve been on The Lakers Diet for some time. Check it out.

  25. Oh …and. Congrats on your newly discovered Keto pumpkin pie recipe! =)

  26. I keep checking this thread for comments, making sure ol Katman is ok.

  27. Thank you, Paul…
    I’m finally seeing the light of day.
    The meds are working but being old as dirt makes it harder to bounce back each year.
    I finally smoked my first cigar yesterday.
    I’m no longer having night terrors of cigar manufacturers chasing me with machetes and lopping my head off over and over.
    Trust me…I’m dying the death of a thousand razors not being able to smoke cigars and unable to spew my opinions all over your screen.
    Thanks again for asking about me,

  28. Hell I don’t even care about the reviews at this point, I’ve just lurked on your content for years, you’ve become that buddy that went away and lived life how he wanted, and was genuinely worried. My last 6 weeks has been a journey, broken hand from an auto accident (hit by a DD) and then son (6) got covid (rest of fam all tested negative one week and two weeks later), and my grandmother (91) passed from it. Folks out there saying it’s a hoax. Pretty sure I had it when I was sick for 2 months in fall, then lost my sense of smell and taste for a few weeks (fun that, esp on natural gas heat, the mind wanders a bit).

  29. Hi Paul…
    To better days.
    God bless,

  30. Get off your dead ass and get to work ya great big fawkin yeti!

  31. Dead ass, indeed.
    I’m trying man.
    Last day of meds.
    Smoking a cigar daily for three days but my palate is not exactly pristine…so I keep practicing.
    I’m shooting for a Monday return. If I’m not up to par on the palate secretions yet, I will pick a crap cigar and go to town.

  32. If everyone used your mother’s recipe, drug companies would lose money. I can smell the soup from here.

  33. Thank you, John…Big Smile.

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