Davidoff Downtown NYC Exclusive 2015 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Seed
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size: 6 x 52 Belicoso
Strength: Medium
Price: $25.60

At first, I thought this was going to be a unicorn review. Nope.
While the cigar I possess was a gift from the original line, these cigars are still for sale on the Davidoff website and SBC. Price hasn’t changed.

I am risking everything because I have not been able to try one before taking on the heavy load of reviewing it.
So…I hope it’s a lovely crazy expensive cigar…or I take them down with me. (Calm down my Commonwealth friends. I know what you are forced to pay for cigars due to the Queen’s expenses.)

But there is a downside to this review. I will be the first guy to review the cigar since its inception 6 years ago. That’s right. Not a single review by anyone. This does not bode well. But then everyone is afraid of Davidoff and Hendrik Kelner. Never spoken to the man so if this turns out to be an expensive dog turd, so be it. But I would prefer that after an extended time in the humidor, it might be great.

From Davidoff website:
“This exclusive was created to celebrate the official opening of this absolutely beautiful store in the financial district of New York City. A true destination when in New York. This cigar is a flavor medium bodied cigar, with notes of citrus, almond, cream, with hints of pepper spice and coffee.”

Great. That’s all I need to know. Right to the point without bullshit P.R.

I notice, thanks to the photos, that there are minor cracks and holes in the wrapper. Hopefully, they don’t expand during the review. But no matter…I have Dr. Rod’s PerfecRepair Cigar Glue. This stuff is liquid gold. A $10 bottle can fix 80 cigars.

After 6 years of humidor time, the cigar is evenly distributed. No soft or hard spots. It feels nice in the hand…a hefty stick. The Belicoso tip is a marvelous feat of engineering without a single line showing in the triple cap. Seams are super jam up and jelly tight. Veinage is minimal. The color of the wrapper is a nice representation of an Ecuadorian Connie…that lovely Bambi tan is full of oil. And this baby is smooth as ice. Not an iota of toothiness.

I really hate clipping the beautiful cap. But I am a licensed reviewer that can legally circumcise a cigar. If you try this at home, watch 12 hours of YouTube Jewish mohel performing bris videos.

Aromas are very faint. There is floral, creaminess, milk chocolate, cedar, white pepper, a slight citrusy note, barnyard, cinnamon, and graham cracker.
The cold draw presents flavors of cinnamon Red Hots, creaminess, chocolate, malt, white pepper, cedar, charred wood, and citrus.

The draw is a bullseye. Exactly on the money as to how I like my cigars. I put my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool away for the cigars I will smoke later in the day.

My first impression is an immediate complexity. Nice way to start. But for $26, fucking A.

Notes of white pepper, creaminess, milk chocolate, Cap’n Crunch, bourbon, white chocolate, malt, sourdough toast, cinnamon buns, a touch of steak sauce, charred meat, and cedar.
Fucking Wow! That was from two puffs.

Please oh Cosmic Muffin…let this aged cigar shine like the pate on my son in law.
Uh-oh. The burn gets wonky. Damn.
Smoke output is a delight.

Strength is a touch above medium. Black pepper shows up.

I bet this cigar tasted like shit in 2015. Probably the reason for not a single review. But aging has done its deed. Just like Cubans, OpusX’s, and Padrons.

Transitions begin almost immediately. A nice even flow of Disney on Parade. The finish is mild but makes a dent. A nice oily butteriness coats my teeth and lips.

This is going to be a good cigar. But fuck me…$26. Really? It’s good but nothing is that good. Even Casdagli cigars rarely cost that much to the American public, and they are all phenomenal. And Jeremy has used Kelner on oh so many of his blends.

Smooth. Really smooth. It just glides over my palate like silk.

Now if manufacturers would start with very aged tobacco and then let them sit (after rolling) for 5 years before releasing them, you wouldn’t have to do the heavy lifting that the aforementioned brands force you to do so they can crank out cigars. This annoys me. It is a badge of courage to let your smokes settle for years because you have no choice. How many of you have that kind of patience? Basically, I do not. The most I’ve been able to do is a couple years. And even that was rare. Thank God for generous readers that share with me their hidden gold.

The complexity and intensity reach for the stars with every puff. No shit…I really expected this review to be like yesterday’s review of the CAO Zocalo…a turd with lots of corn and peanuts. But it is going swimmingly for the Davidoff. They chose a blend to celebrate a new Manhattan store and they actually came through with a great blend. That doesn’t happen often. Most manufacturers figure if they slap a special cigar band on a cigar that this makes it special for celebrating. Most fail.

Flavors multiply like rabbits. All subtle and nuanced. No lasering a passenger jet. Like the Declaration stated, all flavors are created equal.

“Eminence Front” by The Who. Love this tune. I saw a documentary recently on AXSTV about The Who. I was absolutely blown away when a recent interview with Pete Townshend had him saying he doesn’t miss Entwistle or Moon. What? He said he really enjoys playing with excellent drummers and bass players now. What? I lost all respect for him for that comment. Sure, he can think it. But to declare it, was cruel to the memory of the fallen members.

Lemon curd with clotted cream. No shit. This blend goes from one endeavor to another without seams. The savory v. sweet factors are perfect.

And you can still buy these cigars! Not that I could afford a fiver. But I am milking every delicious drop from my single stick.

The strength drops back a tick to straight ahead medium. The spiciness is just giving the cigar a nice edge without interfering with other notes.
Gawd, I haven’t fawned over a cigar since the Isabela 2021 PepperHead Gordo.

The first third took more than half an hour and went by in seconds.
Fingers crossed that this blend takes off in the second half.

If I had dough like some of you guys, I’d buy an entire box of these babies. But do I have the tenacity to let them cool their heels for 5-6 years? No.
I have a boner THIS big.

The burn is the only disappointing criticism I can muster. It’s not totally out of whack but it should not occur to begin with in a cigar at this price.

My old Curved Air comrade, drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa passed away in late May. He was 70. He had health issues with his lungs and he passed away in his sleep. He was the only CA member I kept in touch over the years. Everyone agrees that this man was the coolest dude on the planet. He came from the very wealthy Pilkington Glass family. We rehearsed at his mother’s castle a few times. I mean a full tilt English castle. He was sent to school at Eton and had the long drawl like Alfred Hitchcock. Or the Royals. That’s where they are all sent to school. Getting older can be a drag when you see friends fade away. But then I rejoice that I’m still here.

The cigar increases the peace. Its intensity is stunning. The complexity is off the grid. Yet it is nothing close to a flavor bomb. It attacks with a subtle approach that is hypnotic.

Of course, if you decide to purchase some of these, at least you know that they have been resting for 6 years since their release.

I have no memory of ever recommending a cigar at this price point. I’ll probably be run over by a mail truck today.

Flavors are continuously changing. A carousel of impressions with each puff. The finish lingers like a true champ.

At this very moment in time, this cigar is perfect for my palate. I don’t know how it could be better. Would I use this cigar as a blunt? Maybe.

A sip of water and my merkin slides to the floor. My nipples harden. My ball sack retracts from resting on the floor. I achieve super strength. And I’ve been ruined for cigars later in the day.

The char line has corrected itself and is now dead nuts perfect.
The early observed mini cracks and holes have had zero impact.

I’ve reached the center of the universe. Halfway.
C’mon Davidoff, give it to Papa.

While an array of interesting flavors whizz by, that creamy lemon curd element remains as the outstanding component.

Then a chocolate dessert along the lines of a mousse or rich gelato pops up. Still, the savory qualities balance the mildly sweet factors nicely. Balance and intensity.

I recently nailed a box of $300 limited edition cigars for $55 in a daily online special. I bought them due to a review I read before I pulled the trigger from a well-known review site. I left a comment thanking them for their beautiful review. Not only did they not publish it, they closed the comments for good. Assholes. It’s hard being green.

We have a solid medium/full.
Nicotine enters. I can no longer be held legally responsible for anything I say from this point forward.

The blend takes a right turn and explores new flavors and influences. Wasn’t expecting this.

I could take a look at the cigar flavor wheel and just list everything, but this cigar’s impact is based on the whole, rather than its pieces. The balance remains spectacular.
This may be the best Davidoff I’ve smoked.

I kick back in my office chair, close my eyes, and let flavors wash across my palate. Nirvana minus Kurt Cobain.

Three hipsters in their late teens showed up at work the other day. Too cool for school and laughing as they walked through the door. I yelled, “Hands up!!”

In a nano second, they stopped in their tracks and put both hands straight into the air above them. They looked terrified. I quickly told them I was kidding, and they laughed it off. Letting me be katman as a greeter was unexpected by management but they have seen that people like it. I couldn’t do this if I had to be a drone greeter. So, this is turning out to be a lot of fun for me. Go figure that in my 70’s, I’m doing something for a living I’ve never experienced.

If I suddenly drop dead, my daughter has been assigned as designated hitter to keep my site online. She’ll tell you I was killed in a bizarre gardening accident and let the rejoicing begin. In the spiritual world, I will be able to hear hundreds of cigar industry folk make a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, this has been a nice slow roll. I’m in a world where there is no Jonas Bros or Korean pop bands.

The ascent of this blend should be a model for all cigar manufacturers. Teach your children well. The cigar seeks out tangential elements but never sways from its blender’s intent.

I’m pleasantly surprised that after all this time, the little kick in the arse from the strength is intact.

I swear that the elderly obese people who grab an electric cart for their shopping actually aim at me as they enter from the vestibule. I’ve had to jump out of the way more times than I can count. Maybe they should write cigar reviews.

I’ve been assigned a lot of 6am shifts. I haven’t had to get up early in 10 years. You have no idea what it is like to take a position at the front of the store at that hour. It’s a nightmare. I can’t even think; let alone be lucid. Thankfully, the folks entering the store at that hour aren’t interested in a joyful greeting. Lets me off the hook for a couple of hours until I gain consciousness.

The Davidoff reigns supreme. I can’t believe how it continues to escalate in its complexity and intensity so consistently.

The finish is to die for. The transitions go beyond space and time.

I’ve had this cigar for nearly 9 months. I even considered gifting it. So glad I did nothing of the sort.

The problem with Davidoff is the aging time of course…but even so, half the blends are nothing special. I find this very confusing.

The nicotine is beginning to blind me. And I’m dizzy as fuck. But I’m not cutting the cigar off before its done.

If you like unexpected BJ’s, you’ll love this cigar.

I use my PerfecDraw as a roach clip. I refuse to surrender to the end.

The cigar is expensive. But on the upside, with its already extended aging time, you won’t have to wait years to try it.
Great fucking cigar.



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6 replies

  1. An unexpected mouth hug might be the most ringing endorsement of a product I have ever heard. Going to have to get into my stash so the wife doesn’t find out I’ve dropped $26 on a consumable. Thanks.

  2. Hey Paul,
    Buy your wife a spa treatment. Then let her figure out what you’ve done.

  3. The Katman gives 2 thumbs up to a $26 cigar….will wonders never cease. Every once in a while it’s nice to pay a premium for something and actually have it exceed your expectations. If the Katman says it’s worth the cheddar than be careful kids because this cigar might cause your third eye to open!

  4. Thank you, Eric…
    I was just kidding. The cigar is a dog. But Davidoff gave me $1600 to write a good review.
    I needed a scrotum transplant and the dough helped me get the procedure.
    But I like what you wrote…

  5. This was a stellar cigar, Phil. Worth every penny. I picked up six and now wish I scored 10.

    Thanks again!

  6. Hey Bryant,
    I was as shocked as you.

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