Salty Cigars? | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

I have a question for my readers.
Sometimes, a cigar tastes horribly salty to me.
I googled the shit out of this issue.
And I got a million different answers of which none made sense to me.
I don’t think anyone knows…
It’s the soil, it’s humidity, I drink too much water, It’s the leaves, my humidor is fucked up (All 4 of them at the same time?)…etc.

I need your comments.
Can I get a witness?

Stuart McLeod on Facebook posted some 1974 photos of Curved Air I’ve never seen.
What better place to stick them than a post about salty cigars…


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  1. I too have had the odd Salty Cigar.

    It feels very odd. Unlike you, I often smoke on a full stomach. I’m not sure my constitution can take a large cigar on an empty stomach. I usually ass-u-me that I have some salt on my lips that somehow made its way onto the wrapper and influenced my taste buds that way.

    Now you have me thinking it must not be the case.

  2. I haven’t tasted a salty cigar in a while. I used to get an occasional mild salty taste on a Montecristo White, just after I lit it and before the vanilla but not anytime lately. I like it.
    My old girlfriend Susan used to tell me my semen was salty. You don’t reckon they’re … naw man, I won’t go there.

  3. in my experience its me not the cigar, I’m hot tired dehydrated and the cigar tastes salty, take a shower relax and same brand size etc. tastes just fine, just my experience.

  4. I love saltiness in a cigar’s profile. To each their own.

    P.S. – email me your address.

  5. Never really tasted it but will now attach it to my palate

  6. One man’s salt is another man’s semen. Chacun à son goût, as the Frogs say …

  7. The Spooge time capsule is about to clarify the problem:
    “Turn the cigar around and don’t light the filter.”

  8. It could have something to do with Boveda packs coming in contact with cigars that aren’t in cellophane. I heard rumors about the salt/glycol solution of the Bovedas slightly oozing on cigars over time.

  9. In 48 years don’t recall salty cigars. Might be a good question for Bill Clinton?

  10. It was me.
    I am dehydrated.
    I’ve tasted salty cigars in the past, but not often.
    I did some research on the meds my doc gave me two months ago for my cervical radiculopathy.
    Guess what…they can seriously dehydrate a person.
    I didn’t do my due diligence at the time I began taking them.
    I’ve been hydrating like a mother fucker since I posted this and most of the saltiness is now gone.
    Still, you guys had some great comments, so for me, it was worth bringing it up.
    I am the un-coolest guy on the planet.

  11. I use hydration packs and often give them out to people complaining about a lack of water in their lives. I often hear it’s too salty tasting for them. I’ve often thought it’s just them being dehydrated and when we’re dehydrated we taste the salt in foods at a higher rate so our biological self’s know what to eat to survive. I would agree with your answer that it’s a hydration issue with tasting salt in cigars.

  12. This is an interesting hypothesis. I like it.

  13. Appreciate the update

  14. I like that theory too. Boveda has dominated the market for far too long. Time for something new.

  15. I have found that after consuming certain types of food or drinks, before or during the cigar. I’m not sure what it was, but I think I took some apple cider vinegar to see if I would taste the cigar any better. It bacame so salty, it was unsmokable.

  16. Well I am glad that’s settled. Now, go get a Herrera Tubo and tell me there’s no mineral flavor in that. Or the AJ Fernandez Puro! Both are very mineral-y, but couldn’t call it salty.

    Glad to see you’re checking in. That’s a good thing. Peace.

  17. Would that be referred to as the Lewinsky Salination Phenomenon?

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