Isabela Cigar Co. Newest Release: “The Mammoth” | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

“Isabela Cigar Company just released the long awaited The MAMMOTH.

These two sizes are our largest vitolas to date:
7 x 70 $13.95
8 x 80 $14.95

This project created one of the most difficult blends we have ever developed.
The two Mammoths are bursting with multiple transitions of flavor and complexity.

We, at Isabela Cigar, take great pride in being known for our blending passion…Every cigar we’ve created has its own signature identity that our customer base expects from us.

This 2021 Holiday release is limited to 100 Boxes of 25 for both the 7×70 and 8×80 sizes.

The blend feature multiple varietals of Nicaraguan tobaccos
Each aged for several years.
This planned design of allowing the tobaccos to age gracefully further affects the explosive flavor profile.

The barber pole wrapper is an Ecuadorian DesFlorada Connecticut and Aged Nicaraguan Habano Prieto.
The outcome produces a Powerhouse Blend.

All Official Isabela Retailers have allocations of The Mammoth.
You can check out the list of those retailers at the Isabela Cigar Co. website.

You can also purchase online directly from our website…but quantities are limited!”

And don’t forget, use promo code Katman Katpack and surprises galore fall into your lap. Place the code in the ‘Notes box’ during checkout.


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  1. I love Isabela cigars, their tobacco is top notch and well aged indeed, but I have to be honest – I’m not a fan of the sizes. I’d like some Lonsdale or Fundadores Isabelas…

  2. Hey Michael,
    I hear ya’.
    When I saw the photo of a woman’s hand holding an 8 x 80, I almost choked on my own coffee.
    But there is a lid for every pot.
    Big cigars are in.
    There is no way I could review an 8 x 80. A Toro usually takes me 2 hours. This baby?
    Gotta be a 6 hour cigar review.
    Knowing Johnny, they have to be at least a medium strength stick. But by the time you get to the second half in 2025, it is going to have some power behind it.
    But I am a bonafide wuss. Lots of manly men out there that are willing and able.
    I’d like to carry the 8 x 80 in my car as a weapon. You never know when you need to beat a bad man to death.

  3. I pass on any cigar over a 56 ring gauge. It doesn’t fit well in the hand or mouth – very gimmicky and lacks elegance in my opinion. But clearly – there’s a market for it so I’ll leave it to the fat gar lovers. Isabela does fine work. Hopefully this is just them having fun and not a direction they’re heading more frequently.

  4. Sorry, in my opinion any of those cigar companies putting out these huge ring gauges make no sense. I would go so far as to say that it is counter intuitive to what cigars are meant to be. It’s the big car/big house/big garage, big watch/big credit card bill syndrome all over.

  5. Hey Christof,
    I remember reading in Cigar Aficionado a few years ago that they predicted bigger is better with the smoking public.
    I discounted it because smoking large sticks requires a major commitment of your time.
    But sure as shit…the bigger cigars became extremely popular.
    I know a lot of cigar smokers who only like the big sticks.
    The 7 x 70 was a joke when it initially came out and then the practice spread…so, what do I know?
    I’ve found that the monster sticks never get that intense flavor profile that smaller sticks possess.
    I know Johnny. Every single cigar he has blended uses extremely aged tobacco. I’ve reviewed his big sticks in the past and found them to be quite excellent.
    So, while the size is akin to a porn movie, both sizes will attract a big audience followed by purchases galore.
    It was smart of John to limit the production quantities to test the waters.
    When I worked in a cigar lounge, I saw most smokers who were there with a gaggle of friends and decided to make an afternoon or evening of smoking and drinking…they all smoked big cigars.
    Is it a phase? Or is it the new Coke?
    If nothing else, John likes to make a big splash with all of his releases. He has done so again.
    I’ve smoked cigars for over half a century and I never correctly predicted what would come next.
    Next time I play a gig, I’m going to stuff the 8 x 80 in my pants and see if it gets noticed. Because my 4 x 38 doesn’t.

  6. Thanks, Phil, for your reply. Of course, as far as flavors go the thicker ring-gauges pose the problem of all that filler tobacco which gets out of proportion with the wrapper. Give me a lonsdale or Lancero any day!

  7. Michael..I agree…my all time favorite size,,,is a 6 x 36-38
    such a favorite of mine….that I blended and produced this craft,,,Just for ME ! and I smoke them every day !
    I like it so much, I will be maing it available this week….I call it SUPER-CORONA…it is a pedal to the medal variant of our popular cuban-corona..with every one of the panoply of flavors in there -Dialed to the Katmans Amps !!
    I agree that this size , found on the a GIMMICK..however we had alot of demand for these sizes,,..and took it on ourselves as a challenge,,,to actually blend such a mammoth size, that is a great blend and reveals Isabela’s Signature Identity of multiple transitions…hence the almost 4 years of blending and reblending…to get it right….!

  8. I have to agree with Abe Roberts. To paraphrase W.C.Fields, I like to look at them but wouldn’t like to own one.

  9. As the guys commenting appear to be either new readers or haven’t spoken up in the past…
    I don’t know if they are familiar with Isabela Cigars.
    If they were, they would know that all Isabela blends receive years of aging.
    These are not catalog cigars that get 6 weeks of rest before they hit the stores.
    I understand the hesitancy in smoking a giant cigar, but if anyone is going to get it right, it is Isabela and Johnny Piette.
    I suggest to readers, recoiling in horror, go to my Search Window and plug in “Isabela” and see the ratings I’ve given 14 different blends over the years.
    Or go to any online reviewer and check out the solid rep that Isabela possesses.
    Treat yourself with any of the regular sized cigars and be very pleased at the quality.
    The P.R. that the Mammoth is getting is hopefully introducing smokers to a brand whose standards are higher than the average bear.

  10. Phil,
    I can’t thank you enough for pushing the Isabela brand through your reviews and the Katpack code. If it weren’t for your reviews, I would have never tried (and loved) any of their offerings. I don’t typically go for the big ring gauges, but if Johnny and Isabela are behind it, it’s going to be legit. Thank you again for helping us all out!

  11. Hey Anthony,
    Thank you for commenting.
    I’m glad you enjoy Johnny’s cigars.
    Stay cool Daddy-O.

  12. I know that Isabella makes excellent cigars and will be a customer of their “normal” sized cigars any time.

  13. Hey Johnny!

    Thanks for replying, and I am really excited to hear about the super corona!! I hope the comment didn’t come off bad by the way, I just am personally not a fan of the large ring gauges and would be so much more inclined to buy your blends in a smaller vitola. However I have been a fan of your company for about 2-3 years now thanks to Phil’s reviews!

    To date my favorites would probably be the Cuban Corona, the Firecrackers and Belicoso X, so you can count on me ordering some of those super Coronas when they are ready! Oh, and if you ever make a Fundadores size, I’ll be stocking up for the end of the world, haha!

    Keep up the great work!!

  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed every Isabela cigar I have ever smoked. Just smoked one of the Ltd Edition Pepperhead at 6×60. It was a fabulous 150 minute smoke. Thanks for all of the great blends Johnny! Can’t wait to try the latest creations. Thank you Katman for turning me on to Isabela!

  15. Hi Daniel,
    It has been my pleasure, going back to 2015, when I first reviewed an Isabela blend.
    Johnny had some goons rough me up back then and warned me that if I didn’t give the Isabela line stellar reviews, I would sleep with the gefilte fishes.
    It turned out well. With each successive review, I was paid to give the cigars fine ratings.
    The last review earned me $17,545. Johnny is a generous man.
    I now have a fleet of 1968 Ford Pintos. And one 1958 Nash Rambler.

  16. SO SO TRUE…Its like a burger with 3 BUNS…It was an absolute nightmare…to create and blend these Novelty sizes..into a Great Cigar,,,,! It took us almost 4 years,,,and many many mistakes and bad blends…to get it right.,!

  17. I’m not a fan of the large ring gauges either…less than you!
    It was an often requested size..that turned into a personal “challenge.”
    After 2 years of trying and failing..I was in too deep to stop…and had to figure it out.
    I’m 5 ft 5….so if you stack up my forearm next to the MAMMOTH…they are about the same size!
    What is a “fundadore” size?
    Uh Oh…another challenge.
    Happy Holidays!!

  18. It was a PACER…..and a Chevette……

  19. Fundadores size as in the same vitola from the Cuban Trinidad marca, which is 7.6 inches by 40. Super long & skinny!

    I think an Isabela blend in that vitola would be spectacular! With the excellent and well aged tobacco you use, I think that format would make a spectacular smoke, but that’s just me thinking out loud. 🙂

    Happy holidays to you as well, I’ll continue to look forward to your cigars in the future, keep up the great work!!

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