Mil Días Magicos Edición Limitada 2021 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Size: 4.5 x 52 Petit Robusto
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $10.50

I have had these sticks marinating naked for over 2 months.
Due to the limited release, time to get out of Dodge and ride into the sunset.

Factory: Tabacalera Pichardo in Nicaragua
Released November 2021
3500 boxes of 12 released
From (11-4-2021):
“As expected, the Mil Días Magicos Edición Limitada 2021 is a 4 1/2 x 52 petit robusto. Like many other limited editions from Crowned Heads, the cigar is named after a Cuban cigar; this time it’s inspired by the Cohiba Magicos which is the same size.

“We saw a lot of success in launching both the Mareva and Escogidos as limited-edition cigars under the Mil Días brand,” said Jon Huber, co-founder of Crowned Heads, in a press release. “The Magicos marks the third installment for the Mil Días limited extension format, and we feel like the upcoming colder weather is the perfect time for this more compact vitola.”

From Atlantic Cigar Co:
“Mil Diás cigars is a new blend direction for Crowned Heads and owner Jon Huber. Made in Nicaragua at the Tabacalera Pichardo, and blended by Don Eradio Pichardo & Luciano Meirelles known for their ACE Prime cigar brand. The name Mil Diás translates to “1,000 days” – and according to the story its a reference to the near-three-year journey the company has taken to develop this blend.

“The Crowned Heads Mil Dias Magicos Edicion Limitada 2021 is a well-balanced premium cigar with a rich complexity that flawlessly melds the traditional with the contemporary. Its oily, dark coffee-hued Ecuadorian Habano maduro wrapper covers a Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Peru. This carefully selected four-nation blend provides a medium-strength yet flavorful smoking experience with an aroma and flavor that is indicative of Central and South American tobaccos, but its Magicos (robusto) vitola suggests a Cuban influence.”

My first impression is that I’m about to smoke R2-D2.
Construction is so-so. Seams available to play on at the playground. Lots of minor veins. The triple cap is nice. The paper bag brown wrapper has the tiniest amount of tooth…. feels like a baby kitty’s tongue. The stick is a little light in the loafers. And when I squeeze it, nothing gives. Still, no particular hard or soft spots.

Right up front, I get a combo of black walnuts and floral notes…brown sugar, malt, black pepper, some cream, barnyard, unsalted butter, and cedar.
The cold draw is clean. I drain the blood from my PerfecDraw draw resistance tool and squirrel it away in the only place no one will find it…my desk.
The cold draw presents flavors of orange candy, brown sugar, malt, black pepper, something smoked and meaty, cinnamon, yeasty, cedar, and beer.

First up, cinnamon toast, red pepper, malt, milk chocolate, nutmeg, goulash, and beer.
A taste of complexity bounces in the right direction.

I take a look at my review of the Corona Gorda in 2021; almost a year ago. Yes, the leaf stats are the same. But sometimes, size matters.
Except that I’m having a very similar experience. I guess the 6x 46 isn’t a big enough size change compared to a 4.5 x 52.

The cigar calms down and flavors gently hide in the mist. Gorillas don’t seem to mind.

Like the 2021 version, this cigar is more about the over all picture rather than fanning the flames of a flavor wheel.

There ain’t any aged tobacco in this cigar. Two months is insufficient. I read that I gave the other Mils Berle 3 months of humi time, and I bitched that it wasn’t enough…so, here I am smoking and reviewing it after 2 months. I didn’t get this far by having a brain like a ferret.

The blend is going to need a lot more time in the humidor. But so few cigars were placed on the market that it was either review it before they are all gone or review it after no one remembers it any longer. And you can’t buy them. What a conundrum.
Yet, I can go on the trusty “blender’s intent.” A fallback position.

I gave the 2021 version a 94. This little fire hydrant doesn’t have the same punch.
The 2021 stick went for $9.25. Due to inflation, this little doo dad is $10.50.
I smoked one last night and it tasted much better than this morning’s review stick.

The complexity isn’t meeting my approval. Two months has to show something positive…even if I have to imagine it.

I’m not a fan of the Rothschild size. Not sure why. Too many comparisons to a certain body part I hold in low esteem. But add half an inch to its length, and it is a Robusto. So why am I complaining? I never really know…

The cigar isn’t lighting my fire. I’m nearly to the halfway point and nothing exciting is happening. Man, I was sure the stick was ready last night. Then again, it could be any number of things that cause hesitation on this blend’s attitude.

There is no continuation of complexity. Stuck in the mud. The flavors are pleasant but without any definition.
I know. 6 months from now, you will love it…or not.

I can’t tell with Crowned Heads cigars. The yearly Las Calaveras is never consistent. I’ve reviewed every stick since 2014. One year I love it, the next I hate it.
Maybe it is Crowned Heads this time around on the Mil Dias or maybe it’s me.
I hope the second half steps it up and shows me what its got for the future with more hibernation.

This is not a slow burning cigar. Took 15 minutes to get here.
Sure as shit, the cigar begins to show signs of improvement.

The flavor spectrum spreads out like a Chinese fan. Individual components begin to show up…caramel, nuttiness, chocolate, and some creaminess.

I check last year’s review and this cigar isn’t behaving anything like the 2021 version. That stick burst with giant leaps of complexity and flavors.
Nothing bursts here except my expectations. I don’t imagine that an extra month, like the 2021 version had, will make any sudden changes to the blend.

The cigar ain’t bad but I am beginning to think it was stillborn.

With all those countries contributing leaves, there should be more excitement. More enticement.

I read the P.R, again and no mention of extensively aged tobacco used. This is merely a cigar that needs its sleepy beddy-bye time and 2 months is only a nap.

Last year’s review is the complete opposite of today’s review. The Corona Gorda was splendiferous. This stick is meh.

I’m not even picking up some solid blender’s intent. Again, maybe my palate isn’t adjusted properly.

The kind of growth the 2021 stick showed makes a mockery of this blend. How can a single month make that much difference? I went bat shit crazy over last year’s stick.

Don’t go by me. I might be having a stroke.

The second half did not take off by strutting what will be available to the palate after a few months of humidor time.

The wrapper is disassembling. I would need half a bottle of PerfecRepair glue to make it right again. It will end up looking like a broken finger cast.

With an inch and a half to go, I call it quits. No surprises on the horizon. Whether the cigar did not get enough humidor time, or my palate wasn’t up to the task, or the cigar just ain’t that good will be a mystery. Currently, there are no other reviews of this cigar. I look forward to reading some if they give the cigar more time than I did to see if it was me or the cigar.
While the cigar is described as a medium/full experience, it never got above medium strength for me.



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