Blender Series Indiana Ortez by Small Batch Cigar | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Connecticut Desflorada
Binder: Nicaraguan Jalapa
Filler: Nicaraguan Condega/Esteli/Jalapa
Size: 6.25 x 44 Corona Larga
Strength: Medium
Price: $11.00

Photos courtesy of Small Batch Cigar:

I’ve had these sticks hibernating for only 5 weeks. Smoked one last night and said, “Dayum.” So here I am.

From Small Batch Cigar:
“Small Batch Cigar is excited to announce an all-new, exclusive collection called the Blender Series. This series will focus on highlighting unique blenders to showcase their creativity with limited-edition expressions of their talents. Bands and other artwork will be subdued, allowing the cigar to speak for itself.

“The Blender Series debuts with a delightfully complex expression by the talented Indiana Ortez. It is comprised solely of Nicaraguan tobaccos and is produced at Agrotabacos in Condega, Nicaragua.

“Indiana Ortez says, “This blend is the result of a union of collaborative minds working together to best express Nicaraguan tobaccos in the favored Corona Larga vitola. We, as a family, feel very excited to introduce this limited edition with our Small Batch familia. In this medium-bodied blend, I hope you enjoy the balanced, flavorful retro hale and recognize our commitment to fine construction.”

A plain, simple, but glistening wrapper. A few unobtrusive veins here and there…with seams slammed shut and invisible. The cigar is filled evenly and feels good in the hand…as opposed to shoving it up my nose like a Covid Q-Tip. I have a couple home kits the government sent me, and I used it this week as I have a head cold…the instructions are written in font size -3. Had to use my old fucker giant magnifying glass to read it. Charlotte saw me using it and said I was doing it wrong. If I only had a dime every time she has said that to me in the last 4 decades…oh right, no Covid.
The triple cap is neat and efficient. The cigar band matches the wrapper presentation: Simple and classy.

For such a diminutive stick, aromas blast my senses like a blind man finding out he has no G Spot. A big wallop of milk chocolate, followed by lemon crème, floral notes, gooey caramel, malt, cedar, and vanilla.

The cold draw presents flavors of tart lemon curd, creaminess, milk chocolate, malt, espresso, vanilla, cedar, and peppermint.

The draw on this baby is just how daddy likes it. I use my craw to gently put my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool back in its special hiding place…right next to my box of condoms in the bathroom…Charlotte doesn’t want another child.

The first puff puts me in a place of Wonderment and Concealment…both are suburbs of Milwaukee and refuse to take state money for law enforcement. They have a lottery and inhabitants of each town must spend at least a week as Sheriff or Dog Catcher…dealer’s choice.

The cigar has a big punch from the start. There is no mention of the aging, but I detect some very relaxed tobacco that blurts out profanities and blend intensity at the same time.

Very creamy. The lemony-ness hovers a few inches above the ground. Milk chocolate lays in a near dormant pose waiting to scare the shit out of me at some point during this excursion. Caramel tastes salted. The best part is the levelheaded tobacco. It has character. It has a barrel chest with no gut. It is smooth and balanced. And the char line is a thing of beauty…like me posing naked on a blanket of ferret fur.

The complexity began before I lit the cigar. Perfectly well-rounded and unwrinkled.
Spiciness appears in the form of a chile relleno…a hotsy totsy poblano pepper.
Strength is medium and will remain in that supine position till the end.

The cigar smokes oh so slowly. Taking its time to develop into a well run organization.

This is a brilliant morning cigar. You can sit on the patio in your Speedos with your socks tied around your ankles and just stare out at the horizon and think about how you wasted your life.

The taste potential is huge. Every half inch, this baby changes directions; but compounds each flavor with a new twist in direction.

This cigar is so good that I prefer to just focus on its output without the distraction of other people. I’ve asked Charlotte how these strangers get into my man cave and she just shrugs.

SBC did not roll out some huge P.R. campaign on these cigars but maybe should have. This is one of the best house blends I’ve ever smoked. I love the size. It reinforces the intensity.

The halfway point creeps up on me…takes about 30 minutes. Yeah, this cigar is perfectly constructed. The blend is a hybrid of delicious flavors while at the same time it doles out a masterful and artistic knowledge of blending.

I smoked my first stick with food and drink in my belly. Tasted great. But it shines like the distant star named “Kornblum” in the distant galaxy of Lovey-1A.c. Look it up. It is a planet full of amiable people with goiters.

Sheer pleasure. The smoothness of transitions is adorable. The finish is spicy, but its edges are redolent with notes of lemon, creaminess, and chocolate.

I stopped writing so I could buy another fiver so you can’t have any.

Sips of water explode incremental moments of idolatry; like my brain when I watch cable news.

The char line continues on its path of excellence and greed.

I shred the cigar band into a million pieces to get it off. I like to listen to Eddie Van Halen shred when I get off. The universe works in mysterious ways.

The strength amps up a bit, but not quite medium/full. (No nicotine…hush hush sweet Charlotte).

Having surgery in a week or so…the docs are so afraid of the DEA now, due to the opioid surge, that I was told a twig will be wrapped in gauze for me to bite down on during the operation. I’ve been practicing using a dog toy while Charlotte cuts my fingernails…I think I can do this.

The complexity is so dense that my cockles are humming “White Christmas” while I feel deep guilt for going over to the other side.

Sometimes, you just need a cigar experience to last only 45-60 minutes. This cigar is its spawn.

Holy criminy 28% thc…the progression of the cigar’s deliciosity is remarkable. This cigar is a thing of beauty…like a Fleet enema never used.

This cigar falls into the category of Expectations Fulfilled.

SBC proclaims that this first entry into their Blender Series is a portent of things to come…I can’t wait because the first blend hits it out of the park. No pressure on the next blend.

I didn’t see info on how many were produced; but I expect it might be limited. If I had Dr. Rod’s money, I’d buy two fivers.

The stick winds down and merely touches the hem of medium/full. No harshness. No heat at the end. Smooth as Sammy the Cat’s tushy.

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Small Batch Cigar did us all a solid.