Small Batch Dawn by SBC | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Undisclosed
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Size: 5 x 50 Robusto
Strength: Medium
Price: $13.00

Photo courtesy of Small Batch Cigar:

My cigars have had 3 months of naked humidor time. I also bought the Small Batch ‘H’ at the same time, and they are no longer for sale…The Dawn is still available, so no time like the present to see if this is the cigar for you.

Nothing extraordinary looking about the cigar, but more importantly, it feels right in the hand. The tobacco feels evenly distributed. Seams are tight. Tiny veins permeate the rocket ship’s exterior. I wonder…are there veins on the inside of the wrapper? Sorry, it is only 8am and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in.
The triple cap is flawless. The wrapper looks like leather with an oiliness that covers the stick from Portland to Hyannis Port. Two ports. I’m waking up.

Fat aromas of dark chocolate and ginger snaps. Followed by strong vanilla bean, creaminess, lemon pudding, cedar, and white pepper.

There is the slightest bit of tightness in the draw. My PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool has made me snobbier than a politician. I like my cigars to draw the way I want them to draw…if I must slurp hard on a plugged cigar…well, I’m too old for the in and out of cheeks sucking air. The tiny plug is in the usual location: where the cigar band would be. One slick stabbing motion, like Tony Perkins, with my PD tool and I have just what Baby Jane likes.

The cold draw presents flavors of white pepper, big fat ginger notes, milk chocolate, creaminess, citrus, vanilla, café au lait, cedar, and a bit grassy.

The first puffs grab my attention like standing at s public urinal and getting your pee pee caught in your zipper…but in a good way. You do wonder why you hear a little girl screaming and then realize it’s you.
The medium strength wastes no time. Crosses its legs and stares back at me and says, “What? You want a piece of me?”

Immediate notes of creaminess, chocolate, lemon, spicy ginger, vanilla, cedar, and cinnamon. Great start.
Now this is what I expect from a $13 cigar. It dives in headfirst from lift off.

Complexity in terms of a wide array of nuances that cannot be defined even under interrogation at Abu Ghraib. A gorgeous balance of the culled flavors at this early juncture. Transitions kick in. The finish is like a warm blankey.

New to the Adventureland ride are notes of graham crackers, NY cheesecake, and a $19 Starbucks café latte.

The burn is deliberate and tantalizing. Good things to come.

Intensity arrives in the form of a unified balance that holds the many flavors close to its hairy breast.

The creaminess is the shark and other notes are the remora fish.
Sips of water flood my palate. The white pepper morphs to black pepper; but doesn’t overwhelm.

Praline. Caramel. A nice addition as the cigar explores quantum physics with a slide rule. I’m so old (How old are you?) that in school, this was the calculator of choice…as private calculators were a thing of the future.

Very slow roll. Nice and relaxing as the medium strength is just the right energy for a morning cigar. Good blend for newbies that can’t survive full tilt strength yet.

This cigar is not in a rush like a Walmart shopper on Black Friday. I’ve always feared that day and would hunker down in my 1962 bomb shelter until the all-clear siren sounded.

Cheesecake with chocolate ripples and a lemon frosting drizzle. This is the cigar’s identity.

The blend continues forward…never taking a step back.
Spiciness attains the perfect personality. Much like mine.

I love this cigar. The journey is ultra-pleasing for anyone with a sophisticated palate. Good blend for newbies to discover their own palates…as the flavors are bold and easy to read.

40 minutes in, I reach the halfway point and the cigar takes off to beat the land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The sweet spot unveils itself like Gypsy Rose Lee. Pasties remain.

The char line has not caused an iota of trouble.
This is a well-made cigar. The rollers knew what they were doing.

Methinks that with months more humidor time, this cigar will be manna from the gods. As I said earlier, I don’t want to write this review after the cigars are gone from SBC.

No change to the flavor profile as it gains intensity…but this is a good thing. I don’t need a flavor wheel of notes. The presentation does not waver as the complexity digs deeper.

Strength does not make a move stronger than medium potency.

Everyone back to work today? Me too.

The cigar finishes up at one hour 20 minutes.
Not a lick of harshness as it readies for its demise.
I believe you will like this cigar too.

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