Ain’t They Lovely by Lovely Cigars | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Mexican
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 52 Toro
Strength: Medium
Price: $11.00

The tobacco is aged 1-2 years prior to rolling.
Mike Gehm and Keith Archiquette are co-owners.
From the Lovely Cigars website:
“In Green Bay, Wisconsin there was a robust labor union for cigar making. This union’s name was The Local 162. Green Bay was a major Midwest producer of cigars due to its proximity to the Great Lakes by way of the Fox River. One of the oldest cigar brands on the market from Green Bay was named, Ain’t They Lovely. The Ain’t They Lovely brand was sold throughout the state of Wisconsin, and as far down as the Chicago Land area. In fact, part of the original artwork on the boxes incorporates blue ribbon medals from the World’s Columbian Exposition, better known as the “World’s Fair” in 1893.

“Being from Green Bay and understanding the history of the cigar business, we wanted to pay tribute to our area and its rich history. When we found and opened the original ‘Ain’t They Lovely’ box of cigars from the early 1900s, the gem of an idea was formed. We were going to bring back this iconic brand.”

To find out more about this new company that began in March 2022, visit their Lovely Cigars website.

I’m drawn to the strong aromas of espresso and dark chocolate…alongside spicy notes of cinnamon, Worcestershire sauce, light black pepper, lemon curd, and cheesecake. The cold draw exhibits the exact same flavors. Nice.

The cigar’s weight feels good in the hand. Nice and firm like my Aunt Sophie.

Don’t need my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool for this cigar. I gently place it back in its sarcophagus all the while I can hear tiny mutterings of disdain aimed at me from the tool. Smart ass.

The cold draw is one of the more intense flavor expeditions I’ve had with a cigar in a long time…I know, get a room. The essence of root beer has me entranced and keeps me from lighting the cigar. Hang tight. I’ll be back in a minute…going to enjoy this while I can.

Sorry for the delay. Light ‘er up…
I have the window wide open and it’s 22° with snow flurries. This is what I give to my art…frozen ‘nads.

The perfect song to start with Amazon Music…”Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding. I whisper to the cigar that I will be gentle, and I hear it sneeze in retort.

Immediate complexity kicks in with a little two step that signals good things to come. A whoosh of black pepper comes a’ knockin’ at my palate’s door and I let it in. Nice little kick in the arse to urge the blend forward.

Graham cracker, cinnamon, jerky, chocolate, creaminess swarms like old people to free cheese, café au lait, and a woodsy element that announces the tobacco is in sync.

Strength is medium. Nice morning cigar.

Balance wastes no time ensconcing itself into the puzzle. The blend is more about speaking in low tones with nuances and subtleties than using a bullhorn of big fat flavor wheel notes. I like this. It cues the blend to build in increments that are fun to follow.

Crazy stuff going on…I get notes of banana. Could be a brain aneurysm.

A nice slow roll in the burn department. Taking its time…no rush. A Toro that will finish its term in the allotted 90-minute cycle of life.

The black pepper spiciness is in a runoff with the hotsy totsy cinnamon. Perfect balance. But not overwhelming, allowing the transitions to morph naturally and in step.

I didn’t want to start with this next comment in case the cigar disappointed…it only has a month of naked humidor time.

The choice of tobaccos and their effect on the palate is amazing.

Still medium strength at 2” burned…which has taken 30 minutes to be applied. See…the Toro that could. Not like the crappy West Tampa Tobacco Co. Black Toro I reviewed a few days ago that tapped out at 40 minutes.

I know that anytime I give a blend a funky review while others claim wonderfulness, I am suspect of doing something wrong in the hibernation process. Wrong. Crap is crap.

This blend is pure cream.
The balance is stunning.

“Green Onions” is playing by Booker T. & The M.G.’s. In high school, it was always the first song learned by a fledgling band because it is just a simple 1-4-5 progression with easy lead parts. That was 1962. I was only 43 at the time.

The char line is manna from the gods. Construction is perfect. The complexity jumps like a hopscotch game. A beautiful depth is upon me now. I said depth, not death. I still have a few good years left. Gulp.

I’m enjoying the shit out of this cigar.

At the moment, the only way to purchase this cigar is using the retail partners listed on the Lovely Cigar website. Check it out. It’s worth the extra pain in the ass. I checked it out and the only way you can purchase this cigar is by making a phone call to a B&M. Sorry about that. I got a couple sticks when Mike Gehm reached out to me on social media.

I hit the halfway point (45 minutes) and find the sweet spot just sitting there waiting for me with a big shit eatin’ grin. The flavor wheel is exposed in all its nakedness. Gloriosky, Bullwinkle!

Every sip of water sends the flavor profile sky high.
Still medium strength. No nicotine. Jinxed it.

Spiciness increases with black pepper and cinnamon. But a laundry list of flavors follow suit and are in no way hindered.

The cigar band relinquishes its land grab with ease and causes no distress on my part.

“My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder. Never met the man…but how would he know?

This blend makes the recently reviewed West Tampa Tobacco Co. Black look like a dunce.

The cigar hasn’t needed a touch up or relight due to it laying dormant in my ashtray while I type.

2” to go and the strength hits medium/full. No nicotine. Huzzah! My shrinking brain is grateful.

The stick reaches its finale without heat or harshness. Flavors still swimming in a huge pod like sharks in Florida.
And as promised, it is a leisurely 90 minute smoke.

Sophisticated smokers and newbies alike will truly enjoy this cigar.

Go to the Lovely Cigar website, find the B&M’s that sell them.

Rating: 95


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