A Most Probable Waste of Everyone’s Time | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

You know what?
I’ve gone over my reviews from the last year to see how I look as I prepare for being part of the most important set of documents since the Magna Carta…cigar reviewers releasing their Top 25 Cigars of 2022.

As I did this, I took a gander at other cigar reviewers’ opinions of cigars that I rated with a big thumbs up.
Some were in the same atmosphere as me…others thought the cigars were stinkers…or just blah.

Here’s the thing…the top 25 is apples and oranges…Wanna know why?
Most reviewers don’t humidor age their cigars. That’s a fact.
They then go on to review a green, sick cigar. And give it a miserable rating…or at least a passable rating so as not to upset the cigar company.

Meanwhile reviewers, like me and others, let their cigars sit naked for a few months to get the most out of them so we can bring to you a clear and accurate picture of the blender’s intent.

So, what’s wrong with this? It means that none of the top 25 lists matter at all. Reviewers aren’t using the same rules. And therefore, the whole system is totally useless.

Most reviewers never tell you the humidor time. Why? I just told you.

But in addition, it is expedience, too much on their plate at once, no other cigars to review because they are cigar poor, or they have an inconsequential palate and everything tastes the same to them. They just read other reviews or pick flavors out of thin air…or the silliest reason is that they want to be the first on the block to review a new cigar.

Or…and this is a big OR…some reviewers look at a cigar as ready to go upon receipt based upon their outlook that a cigar is deemed ready to smoke the moment it is released for purchase. If that cigar should need additional humidor time, then a disclaimer should be on the cigar box and every cello. It’s an opinion. But I disagree with it.

The common practice by blenders is to garner some sort of aged tobacco for a cigar. Sometimes not so much. Then an even more common practice is to only give the rolled cigar 3-6 weeks of naked rest. It is then popped into a cello and boxed. Have you smoked any of these cigars? You bet your sweet bippy you have. Did you like them?

This not only goes for catalog blends but some boutique blends as well. There isn’t a cigar brand that isn’t guilty of this at some point in blending new cigars.

The funny thing is that the cigar industry makes such a big deal about the reveals of the top 25 lists. Just more Joe Camel manipulation. Who cares? I don’t. Most lists are strictly there for the purpose of being made fun of. I get that enough in my life…I’m married.

No one in the cigar industry is going to argue with me on my points.There are only 3 cigar smokers on the planet that don’t know that Cigar Aficionado is strictly pay to play…and they live in Bakersfield.

I’ve outlined it correctly. And it is what it is…this is a very subjective industry. And don’t get me started on convoluted reviewing techniques assigning values to a whole host of subjective assessments that look like this: e^(iπ) + 1 = 0.
Get it?
Got it.

Next time you read a review, or watch a video review, check for humidor aging truth in advertising first. Then make up your own mind.


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