Caldwell Long Live the Queen | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 50 Toro
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $15.00

This is odd. These cigars were officially released two days ago and yet I’ve had my cigars for 6 days since I ordered them from Small Batch Cigar. That’s right. I am reviewing this cigar with no influential humidor time. It’s OK. I’m a professional.

Regular production
Released Jan 11, 2023
There is zero info on the Caldwell site.
There is zero info from the usual suspects of cigar industry web sites.

I don’t usually comment on the cigar’s appearance, but this is a lovely stick. It oozes oil in an aged bronze hue. And I never comment on cigar bands because, really…who cares? But it is a beautiful portrait of a woman from long ago. In fact, I think that’s my mother! Slogging away building those pyramids never put lines on that woman’s face.

Yes, I smoked one prior to review and hence an early review…especially as they are disappearing quickly from your favorite online stores. I realize it is a regular production stick, but they are being grabbed by the throngs of angry villagers.

First puffs present flavors of graham cracker, creaminess, black pepper, vinaigrette, espresso, a touch of chocolate, heavy malt, cedar, citrus, and dried fruit. Nice.

The intensity of depth begins immediately. It creates a black hole in my soul. It rhymed so I threw that last sentence in.

Complexity goes right to work.

I should add that the draw is just as how this little piggy likes it. I stroke my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool to calm it as it slinks away to its cave.

The first week after my stroke, my palate was all fucked up. And then on the 7th day, God spoke to me and said, “Pagan! Thy shall have an improved palate…even if you do not deserve it. That is all. Don’t call on me again.”

It sounds nutsy coo coo but I have been tasting notes on my palate that seemed to have escaped me prior to my brain caving in. Probably just a coincidence. Or heavenly intervention. Or I’m old and hallucinating.

The cigar leans heavily on the savory factor. Some natural sweetness takes a leak here and there, but no significant sweet bombs.

Construction is impressive. The char line is dead nuts.

The spiciness is a little out of sync but either this is its design, or it will mellow with a multitude of time spent in your humidor.

Despite the balance being partially out of whack, the unusual choice of tobaccos gives all it has. And as a result, this cigar has a flavor not seen in most cigars that you choose to smoke. I like the interesting path it takes. My palate is flapping in the wind like a kite.

Graham cracker and cinnamon move to the forefront. Creaminess is the blend’s baseline. The lemon citrus gives the blend a nice tanginess.
Hazelnuts, almonds, and black walnuts enter giving the blend some oomph.

Strength is medium/full.

Peanut butter shows up for the first time…must have been set free by the entrance of those three nutty flavors. A strong element from the peanuts. With the spiciness, it reminds me of Thai food.

I spent yesterday evening listening to Jeff Beck. 90 minutes into it, with my eyes closed and relaxed, Charlotte walks in and insists I take my blood pressure. It was the lowest nighttime results since the day of brain implosion. During my stay in the hospital, a physical therapist came in and asked me to do the same things the last 52 nurses and docs asked me to do. Rather than smack him, I was sitting and used both hands on my thighs to bang out different musical time signatures. This kid knew nothing about music as I slammed it home with 5/4 time…and then explained that rock is 4/4 time…and finished up with ¾ waltz time. He left me alone after that. But he did ask a stupid question…”How do you know this?” I told him I’ve been a musician since 1958 when I was forced to take accordion lessons.

The Queen takes off like a bat out of Wuhan at 1-3/4” burned after 25 minutes. The field of depth spreads out like fat guy farting after eating Mexican food. I normally like a balance of savory v. sweet but this cigar is so on the money with its sophisticated take on what excellent cigar blending can accomplish that I don’t give a shit. I’m in love.

I’m telling you the truth, that before the stroke, I was never able to taste these things on a new cigar. I hope I didn’t jinx it. This stick is going to excel with proper humidor time. But it tastes like gold to me right now.

If the cigar doesn’t go into afterburner strength later, this is a perfect cigar for newbies to try and not pass out. Seasoned smokers should really have this cigar. I bought a fiver but now I think that I want more. This is such a unique blend that I’m kvelling all over the floor.

I rarely do this, but I just visited Small Batch Cigar and bought another fiver. This time, I got a bigger stick…the Queen’s Club which is the 6 x 56 size. Yeah, I like this cigar that much.

Amazon Music is playing, and Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung” is jamming. Reminds of my Curved Air days when we did a few gigs as their supporting act in England. Ian Anderson never did drugs and did not approve of his loyal bandmates imbibing. So, the guys would come over to our dressing room and smoke hash with us. Every time…I mean every time…Anderson would storm into our dressing room screaming obscenities at his guys. They all left, but with smiles on their faces. Each of the gigs, the exact same thing happened…but the Tull players would run out a second door as Anderson entered from the main dressing room door. He told us we would never support his band again. We laughed. We didn’t care.

Brown sugar sweetens the pot.

Still at medium/full but it hints that full tilt is on its way.

The cigar is not a flavor bomb. It is subtle and full of nuances that enhance the complexity. Delicious cigar. I haven’t given a Caldwell cigar a great rating in a long time; although I loved his The King is Dead Escape Plan.

If you like spicy food, you will dig the Queen. It is Thai food. The first entrance of strawberries appears and now we have a P,B&J sandwich.

The burn is a very slow roll. It has taken 40 minutes to smoke 2-1/2”. The bigger stick I just ordered will most probably take a couple days to smoke.

Nothing linear going on. The slow burn allows for a deep length of road to improve with every puff. A sip of water and flavors explode: graham cracker, peanut butter, lovely malt, citrus, strawberries, cedar, espresso, an assortment of peppers, cinnamon and nutmeg, and corn bread. Wow.

The elongated ash falls directly on my naughty bits. How it found them is a mystery.

Caldwell slammed it home with this blend. Worth every dime of its $15 price tag.

Full tilt has not arrived yet, but I feel it coming. My vision is still intact.

As slow as this Toro is burning, I truly look forward to the 6 x 56 on its way. I hit the halfway point at 55 minutes. Impressive. The larger cigar will be a delight.

If you want the most that his blend can give, I suggest you smoke it in isolation. The subtleties are there for the non-distracted smoker. I savor every puff and its fat bastard finish.

The only significant transitions are rooted in its nuances, not in a bevy of flavors flying by. This is an expertly designed blend. It so unique that it shocks the palate like sticking a knife into a toaster. I did that once as a kid. I stood there being electrocuted for a few seconds before I could let go. You gotta try something at least once in your life.

The sweet spot arrives at last. It ups the stick to Capo dei capi. God damn the pusher man. A gorgeous treat that never relents or snitches to the cops.

My body stunk, but I kept my funk.

The Mars Lander has rested on full tilt strength.

I can sit here enjoying the finish that lingers like a relative that overstayed their welcome. This is way better than an unwanted visitor. This cigar is three super models that can’t get enough of you.

The ash is very delicate so be careful.

Every flavor I described is in motion. Circling the wagons around my palate while loading my flintlock.

The strength is off the rails, but I seem not to notice as the integrity of the blend is so powerful that my body feels at total peace. This is one of those rare blends you never want to end.

Flavors take turns in the barrel as they begin to whizz by as if they are being chased by a horny fat woman.

The finish is overwhelming. My mouth is full of wonderful flavor bits. An Abba Zabba candy bar is in play.

The ratio is 75% savory and 25% sweet. My brain heals itself.

This cigar will easily make my top 25 for 2023.

The windows are open, and it is 11 degrees. My body is numb to the cold. The cigar experience has placed me in an impenetrable cocoon.

The blend has remained impressively unique. High praise to Mr. Caldwell.

Thank goodness that this is a regular production stick.

I pierce the cigar with my PerfecDraw and nubbing begins.

No harshness or heat.

One of the most complex cigars I’ve smoked in some time.

I will finish the cigar, but it is time to stop rambling.
Total smoke time will be two hours.

My only sponsor that still has these cigars in stock is Small Batch Cigar (10% off with promo code katman)

“Life is hard, and we better laugh at everything otherwise we’re going straight down the tube.”



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