Handmade Humidors by JML Modern | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

My Milwaukee friend, Jason LeGear, is owner of the custom humidor company, JML Modern.
The three photos posted are a prototype for a cherry wood dry box that can also be used for a travel humidor.
He currently sells a mahogany dry box on his website.
The interior is thick Spanish cedar.
The wood used in his one-of-a-kind humidors are all exotic. At this time, the buyer can choose from 17 different wood exteriors.
Jason fabricates the humidors one at a time.
He also produces wristwatch boxes, jewelry boxes, valet boxes, and just about any type of box you’d like.

Jason is not a sponsor. I’m not receiving compensation for sales of any of his products. He’s my friend.

I do have the cherry wood dry box and love it.
Check out his website at: https://www.jmlmodern.com/


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