Davidoff Dominicana | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Dominican Republic – Hybrid 257
Binder: Ecuador – Hybrid 151
Filler: Dominican Republic – San Vicente Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Seco, Dominican Republic – Piloto Visus, Corojo 99 Seco, Yamasa Visus
Size: 6 x 54 Toro
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $28.00

I’ve had this cigar lying naked, in repose, in my humidor for nearly two months. The extensive aging of the tobacco should make up for the short humi time. I don’t normally print out the entire manufacturer description but I did today. That last paragraph gave me multiple orgasms. Click the heels of your red ruby slippers and maybe the same will happen for you.

From Davidoff of Geneva:
“The Davidoff Dominicana comes in three popular formats: as Toro, Robusto and as Short Robusto. All three of them bear the pigtail cap as a badge of craftsmanship and highlight the blends tobacco harvest through the foot band.

“The Davidoff Dominicana Toro Cigar blend is pulsing with intensity, a deep complexity and providing a carnival of flavors on your palate. To stimulate this Dominican feeling in the cigar, this cigar uses Dominican grown filler tobaccos that have been carefully aged for six years.

“Imagine the colorful scenery of the Dominican Republic with the vibrancy through the art, people and music. By closing your eyes and enjoying the Davidoff Dominicana cigar together with a well-aged Dominican Rum, you can feel and sense this colorful scenery. This type of Dominican rum with sweet and spicy flavors is perfectly complementing the aromas of the beautifully aged tobaccos in the Dominicana cigar.”

This cigar has very few reviews and it’s been out for a while. A limited edition but I don’t know how the numbers. There are some YouTubers that reviewed the cigar, but to be frank, I have the attention span of a 4-year-old. Plus, I abhor watching some guy take big puffs, blow them out, raise his eyebrows to think, and then tell me he tastes earth, wood, and fire. Always loved that band. I’m just a cranky old fuck. Whaddya’ gonna’ do?

The leaf stats are impressive as hell. The only thing missing is Estonian ligero, Tasmanian Piloto, and Botswanan Ferret Hybrid.

I generally keep my humidors between 65%-67% humidity. Then I dry box my cigars for two days. One day at least.

The cigar is very firm. It’s like a bar bell in the hand.

Look at the leaf stats and marvel that 7 different leaves were used. What a pain that must have been to roll. Only the best rollers are capable of this which is one of the many reasons that the cigar is expensive…plus, you are paying for the pleasure of showing off ‘Davidoff’ to your friends when you herf. The Davidoff name undoubtedly ratchets up the price by 30% or more. Of course, if you live in any of the Commonwealth nations, it is considered polite to remove the cigar band before you do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight. But then it is common knowledge that Brits pay a week’s pay for a single cigar. Think The Beatles’ “Taxman.” They must think I’m a typical American whiner when I review a $50 cigar and use the word: “Expensive.”

Aromas are extremely faint from the wrapper…either that or I’m having another stroke.

Amazingly, the draw is just how daddy likes it. This review stick will not require the services of my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool.

The connection between the tobacco snausage and my palate is immediate. A mix of black pepper, cinnamon, and red pepper are first to hit my palate. And then the camaraderie of the multi-layered tobacco bitch slaps me.

A seriously complex cigar from the start. When you read leaf stats that this Davidoff possesses, you must wonder how many processes the blenders went through to finalize this combination. But it shows that they knew what they were doing as I can taste all the nuances of each sliver with a smooth and silky depth. This is going to be a good cigar.

The cigar is heavy. I often let a cigar dangle from my lips while I type. Today, it is nearly impossible without giving my uvula a hernia.

Flavors rush through the door at the same time much like the Stooges in every film they made…pure bedlam.

Flavors: Banana, chocolate, espresso, lemon rind, malt, peppery, cinnamon crunch, smoky oak, twinkles of mesquite, luscious creaminess, beef jerky, and sweet apples. Yikes.

Strength goes from medium to medium/full in the first half inch. Uh-oh.

So far, the construction is excellent. The char line is razor sharp.

There are flavors to be determined later that appear as simple nuances. This cigar is going to change every ¾”.

The ash looks like a tree trunk after a forest fire. I duct tape a pie pan across my groin to avoid burnt nuts in case of an accidental cigar discharge.

By the second half, I expect this cigar to pass the James Webb.
In the mid-90’s, I worked with a James Webb. He was the controller for the construction company. We were good friends. Eventually, he got caught using a company credit card to download 12 hours of porn each night on his company computer. He was summarily fired. Turns out he used me as a referral for new jobs. Didn’t ask me beforehand. I got calls and it was excruciating. “Great financial guy with no boundaries.”

Where was I?

A creamy citrus element leads the pack at 1-1/4” burned. The campfire smokiness continues. The finish is the most interesting part of the ritual at this point. I sit here staring at the laptop screen and let the tobacco innards expose themselves in Dewey Decimal System style. My tongue flips through the cards trying to identify the subtle influences as they scurry past my palate. So smooth. Like listening to Sinatra or The Dead Kennedys.

I find that most Davidoff blends need extensive humidor time before they have any chance of impressing me. The tobacco that has been aged 6 years allows me to taste Ron Centenario 30 Year Edicion Limitada Rum. A treat, although very expensive. Goes down smooth as glass. No burn, just liquid gold.

I’ve talked myself into tasting rum barrel wood.

Sweetness comes from the rum, black cherries, teriyaki, apple wood smoked bacon, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, and candied ferret ears.

The savory is 100% a product of the disparate tobacco leaves. Nice.

A few years ago, I played in a blues band and the sax player had nose and ear hair that made him look like the wild man from Borneo. I finally got up the nerve to tell him that chicks don’t dig forestation emanating from the schnoz. Next gig, he was clean and sober. It was impossible to talk to the guy without just staring at those bushes. In his 50’s and probably a virgin. The whole point of being a musician is to get laid.

Burned 2-1/4” in 40 minutes.

The Grateful Dead are playing. Never got them. Never got Dead Heads. That phenomenon went right over my head.

Strength remains at medium/full.

Great cigar. Creamy rum and smoky wood with citrus and berries. How can you not like this combo?

The peppery spiciness is in the background. I’d prefer it had more of a kick. I’m going to regret these words in half an hour.

The first sweet spot appears and the strength goes full tilt. The laptop screen disappears into a white blur.

“Running On Empty.” Jackson Browne. Always loved that song. Winslow Arizona. Ever been there? I have. Charlotte’s stepbrother was a prison guard there for years. Not exactly a tourist destination. And yes, I know that Winslow is not a lyric in this song but how can you think of Browne or The Eagles without thinking of that town.

My vision returns. I revel in the smoothness of this blend.

Nothing usurps aged cigar tobacco…except for an unexpected BJ.

In my recording studio days, I had a very cute secretary in her twenties. She was in between residences and I let her stay with me for a couple days. Totally insatiable. I’d be awakened several times each night by her naughty needs. These days, I’m only awakened by the need to pee.

Despite the killer strength, the ever-present flavors are untouched. And the cigar wills itself to find the smoothness that allows the blend to excel.

Halfway point arrives at one hour. I’m going to need a walker by the time I finish this cigar.

The ash is like a concrete footing.

Still, truly a beautiful blend. Includes a uniqueness in its resume that has me by the balls.

Is it worth $30? I will let you know at the end as angels are whisking my meat body away.

Banana swoops in. The lathe is spinning and my palate runs like hell to keep up.

Listening to Stephen Stills. The first Crosby, Stills & Nash album was mostly Stills playing all the instruments, lead singing, and doing all the harmonies.

Time to shut up and kick back.

The strength could kill a water buffalo. This cigar could lead to thousands of newbie deaths. Seasoned smokers will laugh and smile like the Cheshire Cat.

Despite the ever-changing flavor profile, it is the stacking of leaf stats that drives this cigar into an In-N-Out joint in Yucca Valley, CA.

The cigar disintegrates at 2 hours. I’m sated.

An expensive cigar. But you get what you pay for.

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