ATL Cigar Co. Wise Blood | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Rosado HVA
Binder: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6.5 x 42 Lonsdale
Strength: Mild/Medium
Price: $9.99

My cigars have spent one month naked in my humidor.
I believe this is a regular production cigar.

Released March 2023
From Cigar Snob (2-22-2023):
“Wise Blood is the third ATL cigar created in partnership with Master Blender Luciano Meirelles (Fiat Lux, Luciano The Dreamer, Maria Lucia) and is the first ATL cigar to be produced and distributed exclusively through Meirelles’ new vertically-integrated company, Luciano Cigars.”

From (4-13-2023):
“Our partnership with ATL Cigar Co. continues from strength to strength, harnessing both companies’ commitment to community and to finding one’s purpose,” said Luciano Meirelles, founder of Luciano Cigars, in a press release. “We dedicate the Wise Blood blend to every aficionado who uses the cigar to contemplate deeper questions and to investigate the nuances that emerge in intimate conversation.”

The cigar comes in 4 sizes: Lonsdale 6.5 x 42 $9.99, Robusto 5.25 x 54 $10.49, Robusto Extra 6 x 50 $10.99, and Gordito 4 x 60 $11.99.

I’m not crazy about mild/medium blends. They are made for smokers who don’t really like cigars. Maybe this blend has an incredible flavor platform that supersedes the wimpy strength…maybe not.

Strong cinnamon and floral notes from the wrapper lift my left eyebrow. Ever notice that every actor on the planet has the skills to lift one eyebrow to show a reaction to something surprising. I can’t do it. I’d be a terrible actor.

The cigar is a bit light and the clipped cap sees a rush of air like a straw. My PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool lays dormant in hibernation until I smoke a go-to cigar later.

I’ve chosen blues guitarist Ronnie Earl from Amazon Music to listen to. I like a good shuffle when I smoke.

A creamy start along with notes of graham cracker, cinnamon, black pepper, and eye of newt.

I had one line in a Shakespeare play in high school in the 60’s. I didn’t care. I loved drama classes because the girls were fast.

Strength is mild. But there is some oomph in an upstart of complexity trying to break on through to the other side.

The spiciness kicks in making up for the light in the loafer’s strength; thereby fooling my palate and brain…an easy task by any means.

There is a bakery finish that is adorable. Remember going into a bakery that sells bread and sweet things and your schnoz picks up all those aromas and you swear you can taste it. So, I have a nice balance of Savory v. Sweet early on.

The char line looks gorgeous with a snow-white ash. Call me Sneezy.

Creaminess takes over. Unsalted butter slathered over hot sourdough bread is right behind. The black pepper is just below the surface giving the cigar a nice baseline. Mild but spicy.

I don’t believe the cigar’s strength is going to hit medium until the second half. I’d like it sooner but I have no satanic powers this early in the morning. Although, I can light a bonfire out back and dance around it naked wearing deer horns…it is more effective if I take an ED pill. That way the neighbors don’t think I’m a woman.

The Wise Ass is not a bad cigar. How many times in your life have you been called that?

1-1/2” burned 12 minutes…whoa there, Trigger. Slow down.

And then the strength changes and hits medium as quickly as The Jets snapped their fingers in West Side Story.

Along with the strength being upped to capo di tutti, flavors flood the arena. Peanut butter, creamy vanilla ice cream, sourdough bread, slightly lemony, black pepper, graham cracker, cinnamon, and aged cedar. Nice.

I should go back and change my opening statement where I called smokers who like mild/medium blends wimps. But I don’t change shit no matter how stupid I look. A huge character flaw on my part.

The blend has some serious depth. Transitions are a slow-moving coal miner’s train. The finish is a warm place to hide your tongue.

Several more months of humi time will improve this cigar exponentially. I can tell.

The strength is a solid medium and proud of it.

The blend is developing into a fine representation of passionate and precise blending.

The burn line remains dead nuts. And white as my Wisconsin ass. I miss California.

I can’t get the secondary cigar band off. I must be having another stroke. So, out comes my K-Bar. The cigar sees this, screams, and removes the band all by itself.

$10 is an accurate price for this stick. It’s solid blending. Not fancy schmancy. But tasty.

I reviewed the ATL Black in June of 2022. It made #18 of my best of the best for 2022.

The Wise Blood is a nice cigar you can enjoy in solitude with only your thoughts to plague you. You won’t need a needle point palate. It is a cigar that speaks for itself with a well-rounded approach that I find satisfying.

With 3” to go, the strength hits medium/full. I am happily surprised. The stick has some serious oomph now.

Nothing linear going on…move along. An even keel of complexity and depth with subtle nuances my palate clings to.

Charlie Musselwhite. Man, that guy was an artist extraordinaire. The Ronnie Earl Channel is making some great choices.

The main cigar band fights me like I’m in the ring with Russell Crowe. And my weapon of choice is a Swiss Army Knife.

Reese Wynans and Friends are playing “Crossfire.” Every blues band I played bass in did that song. Loved it. Always a big crowd pleaser.

The cigar is outstanding as it is whittled away by flames.

If your palate demands nothing but the most sophisticated blends, you’ll probably pass on this cigar. But if you don’t mind living like ordinary people, this is a great blend to have in your humidor. It will never let you down…a perfect morning cigar with coffee.

It ain’t no Macanudo.

All the flavors I’ve pointed out never dissipate or hide.

They find a nice intensity that gives the cigar some real character that newbies and seasoned smokers will enjoy.

Sips of water cause small flavor explosions.
No nicotine death threats are made.

I’m nubbing this cigar with my PerfecDraw tool. The blend drags you in and won’t let go.

The ATL Wise Blood is an exemplary blend that doesn’t reach for the stars but finds itself in the category of a solid cigar that will make you happy that it has a home in your humidor.

It takes 60 minutes for the cigar to sing its death throes.

The ATL Wise Blood can be purchased from Small Batch Cigar (10% off with promo code ‘katman’). Other ATL blends can be purchased from Luxury Cigar Club (15% off with promo code ‘katman’).



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