Cigar Review- La Palina El Diario Torpedo

Country of Origin: Honduras
Factory: Fabrica de Tobacos Raices Cubanas
Wrapper: Honduran Corojo ’99 Rosado
Binder: Honduran Criollo ’98 (x2)
Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98

I’d like to thank the kind people at La Palina, especially Courtney Smith, for allowing me to review the 2 samples of the El Diario Torpedo.

It’s no secret I love this brand. I consider it to be the finest there is. I also consider the Pasha my desert island cigar. But while the company has reduced the price point on their more expensive cigars, they’re still not cheap…being in the $20 range. So basically a rich man’s cigar. While we 99percenters will buy them for special occasions.

Knowing this conundrum needed some fixing, the good people at La Palina came out with an affordable cigar ($10) that has all the flavor profiles of the more expensive sticks. The cigar is made at the Raices Cubanas Factory in Honduras…home to the best cigars in the world.

The cigar is rolled Cuban fashion. The filler is Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98. The binder is Honduran Criollo ’98. The wrapper is is a Honduran ’99 Rosado Corojo.

The construction is dazzling. A bare few veins. Firm in the hand. And the stick looks like it was dunked in a tank of milk chocolate. The aroma on the wrapper and the foot are of cocoa and coffee with slight earth nuances. It is very difficult to stop sniffing it and lighting it up as it is a treat for the nose.

The initial light up is redolent of a sweet cocoa and coffee. This is different than the Robusto I reviewed earlier. For those of you unfamiliar with the purpose of a torpedo is that the pointy head allows for the smoke to be concentrated into a small orifice and thereby intensifies the flavor. The tricky part is not to clip away too much of the point when cutting the cigar. I get my Rabbi to do all the cutting for a precise cut.

The first half inch is delightful. It is burning a tad uneven and I will keep an eye on that and hope it rights itself without my help. And as the stick burns down, it does right itself around the ¾” mark.

As I enter the second third, the flavors expand and mute. The sweet cocoa and coffee are integrated with an earthiness and a dark cherry flavor.

I received two cigars for review and smoked one about 5 days (I am smoking the second cigar two weeks after receiving it.) after I received it and noticed something odd. It hadn’t yet been so influenced by cocoa and coffee at that time,,,It was slightly sweet and had some spiciness to it. But what I mean by odd is that I was getting two different flavors in two distinct parts of my mouth. Now I know that our mouths detect the different sensations at different locations. But this was like stereo. And it’s happening again. Since I have never had this happen, I’m not sure how to describe it. Stereo flavors. Sounds dumb but it is a truly unique experience.

At the halfway point, creaminess enters and washes over my taste buds with glee. It softens the flavor profile.

I gotta’ say something here. This is a $10 cigar. I know that’s still a lot of dough for a single cigar, but not really. Not really when you get what you pay for. This is such a unique cigar that I must re-state my position…the whole La Palina line would be the only cigars I’d smoke if given that opportunity. Each stick is so full of flavor, complexity and sophistication….I am just blown away by these blends. There is a subtlety that I have not smoked before. At the halfway point, I would say that this cigar has moved from mild to medium in body. I don’t want this cigar to end.

Because I try to be artistic with my photos, I keep knocking the ash off. I have no doubt that the ash may have stayed on if I wasn’t putzing around with it.

This is delicacy in all its forms.

                                        *     *     *

I like to smoke as I write the review but I had to take a break and just sit back and enjoy.

Some spiciness shows up now. It darts between my lips and from inside cheek to inside cheek. The cigar is getting stronger in body now. And much more complex in its flavor profile. The cocoa and coffee are subdued giving way to a nutty and leather taste. The creaminess gets stronger. If Starbucks had a flavor like this, they’d be rich…

What is so appealing is that the bean flavors give this cigar a sweetness that the “flavored” cigars can’t hold a candle to.

My final thoughts as I nub this cigar is that I started my day with one of the finest cigars I have ever smoked. Before I wrote my review, I read a couple of online reviews from other bloggers. None of them got the essence of the cigar right. This cigar must be savored and should you do that, you will be rewarded with an outstanding experience.


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