Cigar Review- Jesus Fuego Corojo Oscuro

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6 x 52 Torpedo

Body: Full

Price: $2.50 (WTF?)

I had to write about this cigar. I am very impressed by its boldness and flavor and all compacted into a very inexpensive cigar. So, right off the bat, I must say that this cigar could easily go for $7-$8 a stick without quibbling.

Construction is good, but not superb. There are a few soft spots. The wrapper color is not consistent….while having that tan, reddish hue of a typical Ecuadorian wrapper, it changes slightly from one stick to another.

Seams are tight but there are some big honkin’ veins on it. The torpedo cap is really well done. Very clean and professional.

I sniff the baby and come up with some wood, earthiness, sweetness and a bit of cinnamon; Ceylon, not Cassia. LOL!

There is also a bit of nutmeg at the foot.

I clip the cap and light it up…

Loads of smoke emit from the foot. The draw is perfect.

A lovely sweetness hits my taste buds first. And then, BAM! The Power of Spice! It attacks my mouth like 70 year old horny whore. This has the beloved Garcia blast of pepper.

But almost immediately, it gets creamy. The sweetness compliments the other two flavors to make it the perfect trifecta. If nothing else happened from here on in, it would be just fine with me.

The char line is good, not dead nuts, but very good. And I should say that I have smoked a couple and the burn lines on all of them have been excellent.

I’ve only had this bundle of cigars a couple weeks and I am shocked that they taste this good, this early. I tried one the day I got it and all I got was hay.

Two weeks later, I have a well balanced cigar. A nice long finish. Full bodied. And full flavored.

Thank goodness the price is ridiculous. Because I will not have the discipline to let them sleep for a couple months. At some point, if I buy a bundle once a month, some cigars will break on through to the other side and get some decent rest before I smoke them.

The first third ends with those delightful flavors. But not complex yet.

The second third begins with those flavors but the spiciness has subdued. It is more in balance with the other flavors. And as usual, my sinuses are clear, my eyes are watering, and my nose is running. Now that’s a good time!

The second third coalesces the primary flavors into one package. I don’t know if I can describe the sweetness. It’s fruity, but nondescript. Maybe with more rest, it will become apparent.

The second third is dominated by not only the cigar developing a simpatico flavor profile, but also the creaminess ramps up enormously. It wraps the other flavors like a blintz. Or a crepe, to you gentiles.

I take a swig of water, which amplifies the flavor, and I can taste vanilla ice cream. There is the sweetness. And a caramel gooiness on top.

The last third is the big winner here. The cigar comes together as a well designed blend….and then the complexity arrives. Earthiness and rich flavors abound. The stick has a very long finish and is nicely balanced.

For $2.00-$2.50 a stick, this is a fantastic stick full of phantasmagoria. I highly recommend this stick on a number of levels; It is an enjoyable cigar any time of the day…it is a good stick to hand out to your mooch friends (Don’t tell them what they cost)…And so affordable that this bundle of 20 should be easily had monthly in your humidor without breaking the bank or listening to your wife yell at you that the kids need to be fed.

So, Senor Fuego, Kudos and Brava!


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