Cigar Review- Asylum 2012 by CLE Cigars (Christian Eiroa)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6 x 50

Body: Full

Price: $5.00

The Asylum is one of two blends by the same name. The other is the Asylum 13 which comes in bizarre ring gauges of 50, 60, and 70!

Another blend to come out at the 2012 IPCPR is the Schizo which is a value priced bundle of 20 in the price range of $30-$50 depending on size.

The other blend is the CLE…which comes in 3 blends: Cuarenta, Connecticut, and Corojo. I have the Cuarenta sitting in my humi and will be doing that next.

The last of these new blends is the Wynwood. Which I have already reviewed.

The wrapper of the Asylum is a very dark brown with small veins and a nice oily sheen to it. There is a little toothiness. The stick is finished off with a well done tight triple cap. The stick is very firm.

I sniff the baby down and get notes of sweetness; coming from a honey profile, hay and a delightful caramel apple scent.

I use my V cutter and light ‘er up.

My first impression is that of some red pepper, a rich earthiness, maple wood, and very meaty.

This stick is throwing out smoke from the foot as if in a forced march. I am completely enveloped in it.

I believe I read that all 3 of the Asylum series have at least one stick with a 70 ring gauge. Holy shit. I have a feeling only hookers and lovers can get their mouths around that.

Almost an inch in, a buttery creaminess shows up. And it does what it’s supposed to do, tame the pepper which is clearing my sinuses.

Spiciness….was Pepin Garcia the inventor of this odd flavor in a cigar? Or was he the one who capitalized on it in a big commercial way?

The new manufacturers always make sure that their cigars have that component. We now think if there is no spice, it can’t be that good. We’ve all been brain washed by the consistency of the flavor component being so regular.

I don’t mean brain washed in a bad way. Because I am at the front of the line with his hand held high when asked if I like a spicy cigar. Damn straight, I do.

So many manufacturers work with Garcia to get that component. Now this brand, CLE and Camacho before it, had similar characteristics except for one thing; Camachos need rest time to grow and expand to present that flavor to you. The CLE brand gives you your dose of spice right at the beginning, no waiting, seating available any time.

This is such a smart move. Because what happens is that business is drained a little from Tatuaje, Illusione and Viaje. While these brands used to be singular, the new mindset is to follow in their footsteps making cigars as good, or better, than theirs. And this new line from CLE is every bit as good as the aforementioned brands…but Mr. Eiroa has done it and kept the price so affordable that anyone can have this cigar. Brilliant.


The second third brings more of the same but the cocoa component is added and is warmly welcomed by the sweetness of the caramel and honey.

The red pepper is very strong still. It is the creaminess and sweet components that keep it from being too over the top. And then I take a puff and get a blast…mind you…a blast of espresso. A deep, dark coffee flavor that was unexpected.

The char line is pretty close to dead nuts. No burn problems whatsoever.

Due to the cost effective price point to these cigars, I believe the only way you are going to see any serious complexity is after allowing them to age properly; not smoking them two weeks after receipt. The formula is perfect. Give the impatient smoker a belly full of flavor and experience and reward the patient smoker with a highly complex cigar…with all those flavors nuanced.

The last third is more of the same…but on steroids. Flavors are exuberant and intense.

I would summarize this cigar of having components of flavor: Red hot peppers, creaminess, sweetness, molasses or caramel, cocoa, coffee, earthy and rich, well balanced, some wood, and full in body.

For this price, it is crazy nuts what you get for your money.

Mr. Eiroa, Brava! Keep on Chooglin’!


4 replies

  1. As usual Phil, good review. Just got back from CI and almost bought two of these. A return trip is now in order.

  2. Just finished smoking one I found in my humidor. Very enjoyable, full flavor, tons of smoke, great burn. Liked this much better than the 13 and asylum.

  3. Excellent review….I whole heartedly agree! These sticks are amongst my current favorites for the above mentioned review results.
    It’s nice to see some excellent cigars available in the medium cost range.
    All the cigars from this company are really good.

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