Cigar Review- Wynwood Honduras by CLE (Christian Eiroa)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Cuban Seed Honduran

Filler: Cuban Seed Honduran

Size: 4.5 x 50  Rothschild

Body: Medium

Price: $7.00

This stick is the brain child of Christain Eiroa of Camacho fame. He partnered with Robert Caldwell who named the cigar after the Miami Art District.

The stick is on the rustic side…veins look like tree trunks. The Connecticut wrapper looks like Bambi if Bambi had one leg.

There is a nice surprise in that it has a triple cap. That’s a nice touch for an inexpensive cigar.

I sniff the cigar and get a nice smooth buttery aroma…as well as cocoa and vanilla and cinnamon. Just luscious.

I decide to use my V cutter and light ‘er up.

Wow! I get a blast of buttery smooth cream and vanilla. And with it, a huge blast of red pepper. Never got a blast of creaminess before on the first puff.

The char line is dead nuts perfect.

Now I’ve had this cigar resting in my humidor less than a week. Less than a week. And it tastes like it has been aging for 6 months. Lawdy, Lawdy.

My sinuses open up and the nose runs.

Jesus, what a delicious cigar. Prior to setting up to review this…getting all my photo props in place..a pain in the ass…and I worried that I’d be wasting a good cigar by smoking it too early. Silly boy, Trix are for kids.

I just sit here in front of the laptop, doodling away, truly enjoying this cigar’s flavors. The body hits medium from the start. I wish I had Taste-O-Vision so you could taste what I’m tasting. The combination of pedal to the metal spiciness and the rich and thick creaminess is almost too much. It spoils me for other cigars. The price tag is under what it could be sold for….If I found this cigar in a shop for $10, I’d buy it..grumbling at the cost…take it home…smoke it…and say you get what you pay for. Kudos!

The first third ends gearing up for the netherworlds of Eiroa-Ville.

The ash is a strange black/gray combo. It seems to want to stay where it is.

And how come not more of you have joined my cigar group on Face Book? It is called Cigar Freaks.  We have contests galore and many big time manufacturers donating prizes….and we discuss life as much as we discuss cigars…it is new…only 4-5 weeks old but growing. C’mon down…and join the fun.

The second third is like the smoothest of smooth ice covered pond. It glides. The vanilla and creaminess love each other and the spiciness makes it a Ménage à Trois.

Smoke is gutting the room. But the char line gets funky…nothing I can’t live with.

The second third ends with panache (French word origin that carries the connotation of a flamboyant manner and reckless courage.) No kidding. This stick exists inside the derivation of that word.

And then all of a sudden, the char line becomes perfect. “Hey Moe! A schizoid cigar! Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!”

I know I am smoking this stick too early but if it tastes like this so soon in the resting/aging process…what the hell is it going to taste like in a few months? Golleeee!

( I just channeled Gomer Pyle)

The last third doesn’t get complex as much as it does define the flavors of red pepper, creaminess, cocoa, sweetness, and some nuttiness. A mélange of a compendium of morticious saliva inducing flavors. I think I was channeling W.C.Fields: “I don’t drink water; fish fuck in it.”

The last third is really great. The flavors ramp up while doing it at the same time.

I dare say that Christain Eiroa has hit a home run with a very affordable cigar. I think his new line of cigars which include CLE, CLE Cuarenta, Asylum, and Wynwood are pushing the inside of the envelope and exposes a new side to his blending skills.

Buy a box, smoke on a week later…then put the rest away to age a while and see what happens. Good things.


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