Cigar Review- CroMagnon Intemperance BA XXI

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican

Size: 4.5 x 52  Short Robusto

Body: Medium/Full

Price:  $6.00



While the CroMagnon has been out for a couple of years, the line has only been available through Hava Cigar Shop in Galveston, Texas. The two owners, Michael Rosales and Skip Martin developed this blend for their customers. The cigar did manage to make it to some other shops in Texas but was mostly sold online. As the demand for the cigar grew, so did the company.

Intemperance BA XXI Avarice is the latest of the three blends: CroMagnon, CroMagnon Aquitaine, and now this fine cigar.

Intemperance is the first cigar release under the umbrella of their RoMa Craft Tobac Company. The cigars are produced in their Fabrica de Tobacco NicaSueno factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

As far as the name goes, the BA obviously means Brazilian Arapiraca but the XX1? I have no idea and I have no plans spending the morning researching it.

Construction is as solid as a rock. The BA wrapper glistens from oil. There are some good sized veins surrounding the stick…but with just the slightest give. The single cap is superbly well done.

I sniff it and detect cocoa, a sweet tobacco aroma, cedar and a rich earthiness. The cedar is the predominant aroma, even at the foot.

I give it a swift V cut and light up.

My first impression includes that deep earthiness. Smoke just pours from the foot like lava from a volcano. A bit of red pepper is there but lays back. A nutty flavor shows up. Indiscernible as to what nut. The cedar aroma translates to the flavor as well. The char line, so far, is perfect. The cigar starts like a champ with its richness and depth.

I can taste both black pepper in the back of my throat and red pepper on the tongue. The cocoa begins to emerge and is rich and bittersweet.

Beside the Intemperance, I bought some CroMagnon in a 5.75 x 46 size. I have smoked one and was just as pleased as I am becoming with the Intemperance. I am pleased that the blending concept was to keep the cigar smallish. The flavors and the body are much more intense via this method of sizing; whereas in the original blend, there are 5 sizes to be had with some being very large ring gauge. As I have not tried them, I shall keep my mouth shut.


The body is a classic medium at a bit over an inch into the stick. And since this is only a 4-1/2” long cigar, thirds is out the window and we shall talk in inches instead.

The ash doesn’t make it past the 1” mark and it is then some nice smooth creaminess appears. The blend is so destined to have the flavors of sweet cocoa and creaminess.

The perfection of the char line goes to shit early on but never out of control. Just a bit raggedy, that’s all. That perfect razor sharp burn is nice to look at but has nothing to do with flavor.


The cedar is just as strong tasting as the other aforementioned flavors. The spiciness ramps up accordingly as the cigar reaches the halfway point. Yet, the strength remains at medium.

So far, the cigar is not complex. It provides some very pleasing flavors and is well balanced with a nice long finish. But not complex.

The second half is a mirror image of the first. The only difference is that the flavors are more prominent and well rounded.

The only real difference is that the creaminess really pushes to the front of the line. By doing so, it enhances the cocoa and the sweetness of the tobacco.

The price point is right on target.

Overall, I think this cigar could use some serious aging in my humidor. A couple weeks are not enough. I believe this cigar has greater potential than what I’ve experienced this morning.

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