Cigar Review- Diesel Hair of the Dog

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero

Binder: Mexican San Andres

Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli & Ometepe)

Size: 6.2 x 52 Belicoso

Body: Full

Price: $6.00



I like Diesel when they are super well aged. It’s a decent cigar. And then I saw a one day deal on CI advertising a new blend. Hair of the Dog.

The description says it is the strongest Diesel yet. I’m intrigued. So I pick up the 10 pack on special.

I cannot find a single iota of info about this cigar since it is primarily a CI or cigar. Nor could I find a single review which is never a good sign. Am I walking into a snake pit with this stick?

Construction is very good. It’s solid with a bit of give. The pointed cap is relatively well done. There are veins but nothing that scares me. The wrapper color is a bit unlike an Ecuadorian because of the lack of a reddish hue. The Habano must have eradicated it. The wrapper has a nice oily sheen with a bit of tooth. It intensifies at the foot with the addition of cedar and leather.

I sniff it and wow. A massive dose of sweet caramel. With equal amounts of cocoa and coffee.

I clip it and light up…

I get a very sweet caramel flavor right away. A sweet cedar component. Leather. And red pepper.

The flavors erupt like a horse from the gate. Coffee shows up and now we have a caramel mocha…the latte hasn’t shown up yet.

The burn line is right on.

The Diesels I have in my humidors have been there for 6 months. They have an immensely deep richness and balance. Since the cigar I am smoking is only a week in my hands, so far it lacks that depth. But I taste the potential. What I am looking for is that knock your socks off strength and character CI promises. It also promises complexity which at this point in the cigar’s aging process, I doubt that I will experience.


At the second third, more of the same. Except the body was moving on up. I could feel the buzz as my eyes began to water. I hadn’t expected the flavors I got. I know that, left alone, this cigar will be a monster in a few months. Better than my other diesels because this Diesel was all about flavor and diversity. And it would find its way to the complexity bragged on in CI’s description.


The last third powers up….The flavors go hog wild. The sweet component is something else. Nothing like the other blends. The creaminess I was hoping for arrives in waves. It ties together all of the flavors.

At $6 a stick, this is a very good deal. I never considered the Diesel line a particularly high premium. It is more of workman cigar. You get the low side of AJ Fernandez type flavors but not really the same thing.

I would watch for these sticks to hit Cbid and go for it and then put them to sleep for a while. I am impressed by the potential of this cigar.



And now for something completely different:

I hate ferrets. Ferrets hate me. Ferrets like to attack me. Ferrets bit.

Back in ’88, I worked in a construction office in Fullerton, CA.

It was Summer and it was hot. The A/C unit was broken and the back door was left open for a breeze. There are a lot of hills in Fullerton. Lots of critters.

I was at my desk when I saw this ferret run by me and into the larger outer office. Actually, it sauntered. Sort of a stroll. Maybe a canter.

A few of the fellas came to look. A secretary came as well. Now this secretary was a real piece of work. Straight from Germany. My wife worked there as well as a bookkeeper. And my wife could not stand her.

She was a big boobed, brassy blonde Teutonic twat of a woman. Foul mouthed. Oh my.

Like the moron I am, I approached the wild horrible beast. It got up on its hind legs and sniffed the air. It was wondering if it would like a kosher meal.

I reached my hand towards it….I know, I know…and it bit me in the crook of my arm…the inside of my elbow. It then took its flexible legs and wrapped all four of them around my entire arm with a death grip.

I did what any man would do….I ran around in circles screaming like a little girl waving my arm in the air trying to shake the behemoth beast off.

I have no idea what anyone else did. I can only assume they laughed. This little fucker had its nasty little teeth stuck in my delicate white flesh. The secretary was screaming for me to let go. I assume the laughter increased. After what seemed to be an hour and a half, the goddam thing flew off and on to the floor. I screamed to close the doors…don’t let it out. My wishes were complied with.

The little Jew biting fucker ran around the perimeter of the office trying to hide. I got in my car and headed to my doctor. When I got there, my normally cool and collect doctor when ballistic. He called my work and told them not to let it go. Or he would be forced to give me the anti-rabies series.

He gave me a shot and bandaged my arm and sent me back to work just in time to see Animal Control get there.

A huge black man got out of the truck and grabbed his animal grabber tool. A long stick with a noose on the end. Kind of ironic, huh?

I introduced myself and begged him not to let it go. He quietly assured me.

He stalked the beast and within a couple of tries, nailed the little fucker. Well, this thing let out a screech that would make a dog cringe.

As it screamed, the German Nazi secretary began to scream at the animal control guy.

“You fucking N****r! Don’t hurt it. Let it go!!!!!!” This was repeated about a hundred times until the man dropped the stick with the ferret on the other end and approached the woman and told her to shut the fuck up or he would deck her. They got into it as she continued to call him the N word.

I’m dying of frustration. I’m yelling at her to shut the fuck up. Then everyone was yelling the same thing. Meanwhile, the ferret was dragging the stick around the room, all the time screeching. It was an Andy Warhol painting come to life.

It finally ended as one of the guys grabbed the bitch and dragged her out of the office. I apologized profusely to the animal control guy. He told me not to worry about it.

The ferret went into the truck and off it went. I was told I would receive notice in 10 days whether the little fucker had rabies….the longest 10 days of my life.

And there it was in my mail box. A small post card saying results were negative. I framed it.

The bitch was later deported. And I have a scar of honor showing how a wild beast once attacked me.

ferretYOU’RE MINE!!




3 replies

  1. LOL! This post got me crackin’ up. I stumbled upon your blog looking for reviews for Hair of the Dog cigar. I just ordered a 5pack that will get here tomorrow. Can’t wait to try one and log my response. Your description is very interesting, I will report once I pop one out of the box.

    :)– Paula

  2. This post got me laughing tonight, about the ferret. I stumbled upon your blog looking for reviews for The Hair of the Dog cigar. I ordered some from CI that are scheduled to get here tomorrow. Can’t wait especially after reading your review. I’d always liked the Diesel line (the shorty was my favorite…can’t find them anymore). I will drop you a comment once I try one out before allowing the others (5pack) age a bit.

    I’m the kind of woman who likes stronger cigars but cut my teeth on ACID by Drew Estate. My favorites are Rocky Patel, Perdomo Lot 23, Rocky Patel Edge(cameroon), Black Market….could mention so many more!

    🙂 – Paula

  3. That is the funniest story I’ve seen I! Keep up the good work and make sure to watch out for skunks, too! Had one as a pet…could kick a ferret’s ass in a second!