Cigar Review- Room 101 San Andres 808

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Honduran Corojo
Filler: Honduran Criollo, Dominican Corojo
Size: 6 x 60 “Gorda”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $6.80



This cigar is a joint venture by both Matt Booth and Christian Eiroa (Camacho).

I’ve reviewed this cigar, in the robusto size, a little over a year ago for an online cigar store blog. I also reviewed it on this blog:

But here is the deal. It is no secret I prefer smaller cigars for their proclivity to be flavor bombs. Whereas, the big logs like this one take, longer to mature and has a different flavor profile. So I thought I’d see how it compares.

Construction is good but the wrapper color varies significantly. Some are very mottled. And some have some pretty large veins. Some have airtight seams and others have noticeable gaps. There are occasional soft spots.

The wrapper is the color of coffee/chocolate. But again, this varies from cigar to cigar. (I was gifted 10 of these thanks to a good friend.) There is a nice oily sheen.

The cap lines are near invisible and therefore it appears to have a single cap. I researched this and could not find anything that would negate my opinion.

The brown and gold cigar band is the type of thing that would give you nightmares if you were 6 years old and smoked cigars.
I clip the mammoth cap and see what this cigar has to offer in the aroma arena….I get pungent aromas of cocoa, citrus, espresso, leather, cinnamon, and sweet cedar. Same as the robusto.

BTW- I use the Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cigar Cutter back stop cutter. This is my favorite cutter of all time. You can check it out at:

Time to light up.
Large doses of spiciness are emitted from the stick. Huge amounts of smoke emit from the foot. The draw is perfect.

There are flavors of tobacco sweetness. Cocoa. Strong cedar. And black coffee. The spice keeps ratcheting up with each puff.
The real test for this Redwood is the halfway point. Either it will have it; or it won’t.

There is a nice dried fruit…it’s tart and sweet like dried cranberries or Craisinettes. The citrus flavor has some impact on this; but to what extent, it is too early to tell.

The cocoa becomes pungent and blends well with the black coffee. That dried fruit is also dried dates. Mainly due to its caramel sticky sweetness. Very luscious and decadent.

The Mexican wrapper brings some great spice with it. There is a bit of cumin and clove. But in the past, I’ve found that these spice flavors disappear soon. They get run over by the stronger flavors.

The cigar is surprising me with its exuberant flavor profile. The sticks have no more than a couple months of humi time on them. A big log usually takes many months before it unlocks the doors to the blender’s mind.

A cashew element joins the fray. Raw cashew. It’s sweeter. And no salt.

There are five sizes:
213 (Corona) 5.5 x44
305 (Robusto) 5.0 x50
615 (Churchill) 7.0 x48
808 (Gordo) 6.0 x60
Papi Chulo (Corona) 4.0 x42

The price ranges from $6-$7 a stick. Pretty damn cost efficient.

As this is going to be a long smoke session, it is time to devote myself to the ever boring anecdotal rock n roll stories of my past. Onward Jewish Soldier!

At the 2” mark, the cigar becomes very creamy. Giving the flavor profile a new tilt. I grab a Diet Coke. Behold the Egg Cream.

Surprisingly, the big stick is acting like the robusto. Gotta’ hand it to Booth and Eiroa. I’m a big fan but I didn’t expect this. I’ve been smoking the cigar for 40 minutes and only barely made it to the end of the first third. The cigar is now very well balanced with a super long finish. I think it is heading towards flavor bomb territory.

The second third begins and it is delightful. I’m a’ diggin’ it. I can’t think of another log that has the flavor and complexity that this Room 101 cigar has.

I fully expected that smoking this thing would be a chore; and instead, it is pure pleasure.

The halfway point sees the body at medium. The same place it started. But the nicotine level is rising as the laptop screen in front of me gets fuzzy.

As expected, the creaminess leads the charge with cocoa, coffee, caramel, dried fruit and nuts following. The cigar has become earthy and rich.

I am predicting that this will be a 2-1/2 hour cigar event. The draw continues to be spot on and the char line has been a bit wavy but no touch ups required.

I hit the last third. We are officially at flavor bomb status.

I slow down my puffing to keep from passing out from the nicotine. Boy, I am light headed. And still a lot of cigar to go. You know those feed bags that horses use? I strap one around my neck in case of being over nicotined.

The cigar has all the flavors of the smaller robusto. And the only difference is the duration of the smoke.
Flavors excel now. The spiciness is completely gone. But the others have the pedal to the metal.

I can’t say enough good things about this behemoth. The Room 101 San Andres is one of my all-time favorite cigars. When possible, I try to keep some in my humidor all the time. It is a great go-to stick.

My prediction was on the money. 2-1/2 hours to devour this cigar. I’m sure you’ve tried it and loved it like I do. But if you are like me and stay away from the giant cigars, rest assured in this occasion. The 6 x 60 is just as flavorful as the robusto.

And now for something completely different:

The Paradiso Club in Amsterdam was closed one day a week. Monday. The band arrived in town on a Monday. The Griffgator, me and Stewart headed down there as soon as we checked into our hotel.

We were devastated as we saw young Hippies milling about the entrance. It was closed. Now this was an excellent opportunity for low lifes to sell their wares just outside of the club. And when I say club; I mean a four story building with a basement. It was huge.

This one scum bag motioned us over in a whisper, “You want buy hashish?” He held out some nice hunks of hash in his hand and the three of us drooled.

“How much?”

“15 grams for 75 Guilders.” (A Dutch Guilder was worth about 25 cents back then.)

So, yeah, hash was cheap. Back in the States, we paid four times as much.

Griff said he would take care of it and we would work it out back at the hotel.

We grabbed a taxi and got to the hotel in no time. We went to Stew’s room. The chick singer was there primping herself for the concert that night.

I grabbed my hash pipe. Fortunately, we weren’t pussies like the English and the rest of the Continent. Everyone smoked their hash rolled up in a make shift cigarette. Two rolling papers were overlapped length-wise. A cigarette was broken apart and the tobacco laid inside the papers. Then the hash was broken into pieces and sprinkled on the cigarette tobacco. Then a piece of cardboard, like from a match book, was rolled into a tube and placed at one end of the construction. The paper was rolled and voila; you had a 3-4” joint…with a cardboard mouthpiece. Ridiculous. Plus I’ve never smoked a cigarette a day in my life so it always made me dizzy. Quickly upon moving to Europe, I bought a hash pipe. And I got to smoke it all by myself because the Europeans proclaimed that they got too high from smoking hash by itself. Pussies.

Stew and Griff and I smoked it the American way in a pipe.

We loaded the pipe and lit up. We couldn’t get the damn thing to light. We were puffing until our cheeks were inside out and then Wham! The little piece of hash caught on fire.

A 1” flame extended from the pipe. We smoked it. It was horrible. Maybe this wasn’t hash. But we were hash poor and we didn’t care.

So we all ended up with horrible headaches and never got high. Everyone went to their rooms to lie down.

As it turned out, the scuzz balls would sell shoe polish on the days that the Paradiso was closed to idiot tourists like us.
I forgot to mention this. We had a friend in Amsterdam who guided us to the Paradiso. And OK’d the purchase of the shoe polish. He was with us when we smoked the pipe.

His name was Uve. Well, Uve was outraged at this swindle and said he was going back and asking for his money back. We told him that this was not a good idea. The guy we bought the stuff from had knife scars all over his face. Not a good omen.
But a few hours later, we accompanied Uve back to the Paradiso. And there was the asshole. We were there to back Uve up but it didn’t feel right. I just knew something would go wrong.

And it did.

The guy kept telling us to get lost. But Uve persisted. Finally, the guy pulled out a knife and told us in no uncertain terms, “LEAVE!!”

Uve had some stupid sense of machismo and kept railing on him. Then in one quick motion, the guy stuck the knife into Uve’s stomach. Uve dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

The guy took off running. A cop on foot, was nearby and he called for an ambulance. And we got a lecture on top of that.
Uve made it OK. The knife didn’t penetrate more than an inch. And Uve had enough fat on his stomach so the cut never made it into his organs.

We stayed with Uve at the hospital and then said our good byes. We had a sound check to go to.
So we learned a valuable lesson that day. Stick with the sellers inside the Paradiso.


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  1. I have 2 of these myself. Was waiting for your review on this size before I fired one up. Hopefully I can at least get in the ballpark of your palate!