Rocky Patel Royale | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf, Connecticut Shade
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 52 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $8.00

Once again, it is a pleasure to thank Jason Harding of for sending me samples. This time it is the pre-release version of the Rocky Patel Royale cigar. So no fancy double band. Just a fortune cookie piece of paper with the name of the cigar wrapping the cigar.

Let’s get right to it as I have a gynecologist appointment in a bit. I hate being late.

First, there is a very nice box press and a triple cap. Seams are near invisible and the small veins are mostly hidden due to the very dark wrapper. Almost a Maduro. The cigar feels as smooth as Wally Guse’s tushy.

I clip the cap and find very strong aromas of raisin and cocoa. Brown sugar and a lovely floral element are quite evident. There is a potent spice in there as well.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are full of black pepper. A very smoky cigar. And an easy draw. The stick is solid but not like a rock as some of my latest reviews were.
There is a bevy of flavors that follow the spiciness…earthiness, creamy coffee, and an orange marmalade flavor. The black turns into red pepper as my tongue goes numb.

The Royale comes in four sizes:

Robusto: 5.5 x 52
Torpedo: 6 x 52
Toto: 6.5 x 54
Colossal: 7 x 62

The char line is far from razor sharp and needs correction.

At the 1” mark, creaminess grabs hold of the reins. And it brings the coffee flavor with it. There is more coffee than cocoa…which is a little unusual. The sweetness accentuates flavors the earthiness, fruit jam, citrus, and the toastiness. There is an elusive component I can’t put my finger on quite yet that is unique, making the cigar that much more interesting.

I haven’t smoked a Patel in a while. So I am no authority on his blends. I reviewed the Freedom and the Naples but the rest were the more standard Patel blends. So I cannot, in good faith, compare this cigar to his other cigar blends.

While the cigar is very flavorful, the flavors ebb and flow; thereby not convincing me quite yet that it is a flavor bomb…which it seems to want to be. There is time, dear reader. The char line needs one more correction.

Since I am not smoking the production line blend, I should not be too harsh on it due to some burn issues. I should get some production Royales and come back and annotate this review.

The sweetness is still upfront and the coffee becomes very strong and pleasing. The taste on my palate brings back muscle memory of grinding very good coffee beans in out coffee grinder. That delicious smell that fills the kitchen. I can smell it.

I begin the second third. The Royale is a very pleasant cigar. It started off just shy of medium and has now hit classic medium bodied. The toastiness has morphed into warm, freshly out of the oven artisan bread. Grains and yeast that fill the room and your nostrils. is a flavor.
A splendid nuttiness appears. It is a combo of nuts. Like most of my friends. There is a definite sweet marzipan flavor. As well as raw almond. I think I can, with assuredness, announce this cigar as a bona fide flavor point now. The Nicaraguan leaves bring to the table its standard flavors but the double binder and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper bring a whole lot more.

I find myself smacking my lips a lot. The stick has a tremendously long finish. The balance is now perfectly attained. And it reaches a respectable complexity. Flavors mingle and change and come and go. Each puff brings something different to the palate.

This is not a cheap cigar. It is also not an expensive one. You can taste where the $8 went. I don’t mind spending $8 on a cigar if it’s worth it. And I would definitely consider buying this cigar.

BCP has a little special amongst the box prices. You can get 6 robustos for $37. That’s a little over $6. You buy three of these specials and you have almost a box for $111.
I hope this is not a typo on their page.

The halfway point brings out the elegance of the flavor profile. I’m sure this is the perfect size for getting the most from the flavor profile.
Unless a cigar is chocolate heavy, I prefer to sip bottle water while I smoke. There is no distraction from the nuance of the flavors and, in fact, each sip brightens the flavors as the water coats the palate.

The last third comes too soon. I could easily smoke this cigar all day long. This cigar is one more addition of the style of the New Breed Tattooed Ones. As this cigar came to without a cello, I have no idea how much humidor time it has. But I’m guessing that it is not much. Which confirms my hypothesis that this is a cigar that does not need months of marinating time in your humi. 2-3 weeks and it should be ready to go.

The flavors continue to be impressive. The spiciness has ratcheted down some but everything else is bold and delicious.

Clearly, the triple cap has done itself proud. Not a single piece of loose tobacco or the cap sliding off from it spending too much time in your giant open maw.

As the cigar nears completion, it is extremely smooth. The medium body has held and my friend Wally…this is the perfect cigar for you. I know you will dig it.

This cigar can easily be nubbed. And now, out of nowhere, comes some nicotine. It isn’t too strong as my hands do not have the tremors and my eyesight is intact.

This cigar was a delight to smoke. I have another pre-release Patel cigar thanks to Jason at BCP. It is the other new blend: Platinum, which I shall review tomorrow.

I would like to thank Jason for this Rocky Patel Royale because this young man has me down cold. He knows exactly what I like and he continues to send me sticks that I fawn over like a new papa.
If you’re not sure, get that 6 pack for $37. You will probably want more after tasting your first one.


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  1. My Tushy ? Milder cigars are in order for the Katman…Nice review with or without my Tushy !