Sosa Classic Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf (Aged 3 years)
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Dominican
Size: 6 x 52 “Toro-Governor”
Body: Medium
Price: $6.00


I reviewed the Sosa Classic Natural a while back and loved it. I look forward to the maduro. Sosa cigars are rolled at the Arturo Fuente Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia Factory # 4 in the Dominican Republic.

From the web site:
“Juan Sosa founded the Sosa brand in Miami in 1964 and moved production to the Dominican Republic in 1974. Since the company’s early years, they have produced some of the tastiest cigars on the market. Each Sosa cigar starts with either an Ecuadorian Sumatra or Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and is well packed with Dominican binder and filler leaves. The result is a medium-bodied smoke with notes of red pepper, caramel, nuts, and cream with a little more chocolate and coffee character from the Maduro-wrapped version. Try some of these handmade Dominican beauties and find out why they earned a high 93-percent rating from Cigar Aficionado!

“The Sosa cigar tradition began with Don Juan Sosa, a small tobacco grower in the fertile Taguasco region of Cuba at the turn of the century. By the 1920′s, his farm had become one of the largest tobacco-producing haciendas in Cuba. Over the next 30 years, Don Juan’s son, Arturo, and grandson, Juan, manufactured cigars for sale in Cuba and abroad. Juan B. Sosa moved the operation to the Dominican Republic in the 1960′s where the family re-established their factory along with operations in Miami, Florida. Today, the legacy of quality, handmade cigars made in the Cuban tradition continues with master blender, Juan B. Sosa, alongside his wife, sons and nephews.”

The cigar band is extremely ornate and I must use a magnifying glass to see everything that is going on…There is a background of the island of Cuba, tobacco leaves, and some gold medallions or coins dangling from the “imported handmade” banner, the Sosa family name, and above it all: a crown. Clearly, we are dealing with royalty.

Construction is much better than most $6 cigars. The cigar is firm but not jam packed. The seams are clean and there are lots of little spider veins. The wrapper is almost coal black and the cigar feels very smooth to the touch. The color is that of 10-40 oil with a mottled finish. (Note: It is a dreary, rainy day here in Milwaukee and since I depend on sunny days for decent photos, I must apologize.)

I clip the cap and find aromas very similar to the Classic Natural…of strong gingerbread and molasses. There is a sudden inhale of strong red pepper. It is potent but not like the Classic Natural. I can smell a bit of cocoa, cinnamon, fruit, sweetness, and earth.
Time to light up.

Pepper is the first impression. Draw is good. Char line, so far, is very good. There is a nice maduro sweetness. The red pepper continues on its climb upwards. Underneath, there is something fruity. And while pondering that, I get a truck load of cocoa. And it is followed by cream. Leather and wood appear in tandem. I am at the half inch mark and the flavors keep on keeping on.

As the cigar moves on to halfway through the first third, the flavor profile is tremendous. It has become a flavor bomb very early in the cigar. I am impressed that a $6 stick is this good.

I loved the Classic Natural but I am in love with the Maduro. To be honest, I would be very happy to have a box of both in my humidor to change up as my mood changes.

Arby Sosa is a master at blending. This man can do no wrong in my book. I’ve already reviewed 4 cigars and each one was fantastic. And all very wallet friendly; except for the Stout Torpedo which is $15 a pop. That is a cigar for your boss.
If you would like to read reviews of the other Sosa Cigars: Sosa Underground or the Sosa Limitado Stout Torpedo or the Sosa Classic Natural.

I end the first third and see the second begin. The extraordinary flamboyant flavors are, in descending order: Cocoa, sweetness, creaminess, red pepper, leather, fruit, wood, earth, and very rich tobacco.

Man oh man… the second third is aflame with the most intense flavors. The spiciness makes a big surge here. Stronger than the beginning. It clears my sinuses. And with it, comes a dollop of bitter espresso. A perfect combination.

Each flavor is strong and decisive. Yet, there is no complexity. If I remember correctly, the Classic Natural saw its complexity in the last third. And remember, I am smoking this cigar with only 5 weeks humidor time. Time will make some dramatic changes.

I’ve spoken about the band I played with back in the early 1980’s called “The Attitude.” We were a dynamic band, ahead of its time. We recorded a single that did well in certain markets but did nothing big. Contrary to what claim I just made, we remade “Hound Dog.” With Little Richard on piano. Click on Hound Dog to watch the video. I’m the skinny bassist.

Anyway, I’ve been in touch with the other two guys in the band lately and it’s wonderful. Over 30 years have passed and everyone is still playing music.

I am at the halfway point of this wonderful flavor bomb. It is balanced perfectly with an extremely long finish. Lip smacking good. I don’t usually smoke big toros because they don’t become as flavorful as robustos. But this cigar makes me a liar.

It is here that complexity comes rolling in. The flavors bunch together to the point I am almost drooling. Flavors are no longer standing alone. Since this is Wisconsin, the cheese stands alone. (Sorry)

Creaminess is a big bubble that envelops the other flavors and the bounce off each other within that bubble creating a dynamic flavor profile. The draw continues to be perfect. And the char line has been a dream. The cigar has been classic medium from the start and remains there. This is a perfect morning cigar with no food in your big gut.

The last third begins and the creaminess, sweetness, cocoa, raisins, and coffee are goddam delicious. Add some seltzer water and whipped cream with a cherry on top and you’ve got a grand malt shoppe delicacy.
As the cigar burns down, there are no major changes. It finishes out perfectly without a hint of harshness or bitterness. And the nub is cool as a cuke.

I highly recommend this cigar. In fact, I recommend the entire Sosa line. I want to thank Arby Sosa for enlightening me about his blends. He is sending me more and I can’t wait. He has a lot of blends which you can check out on the Antillian Cigar web site.



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3 replies

  1. Like I wrote to you before, wait till you try SOSA SUPER SELECCION Maduro , the aroma, taste you’ll love it and I’m pretty sure your wife will love the aroma, my wife love it and is the only one that when I smoke it she recognize it.

  2. I actually tried the Wavell Natural Maduro that was pretty good…A robusto that delivers like a Hound Dog in heat…Just trying to stick with the theme katman !

    • Hey Wally,
      The whole Sosa line is great and right up your alley. Cigars are all medium bodied and full flavored. Again, I must let you know that it is imperative that you let these cigars rest for a month. A huge transformation occurs.
      And thanks again for being a good buddy.