Carlos Torano Casa Torano | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Family Blend of Secret Tobaccos
Size: 4.57 x 52 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $5.00


Ever been to a Torano event at your local B & M? If you have, and lucky enough that they brought a torcedor with them to roll fresh cigars, this is the cigar they always roll.

The PR machine says that this blend is the Torano private family blend. With all the world’s tobacco at their disposal and they pick a $5 cigar for their family blend? And why with those trained palates, would the Toranos smoke a mild/medium cigar? Something is fishy in fish town.

Supposedly, it became so overwhelmingly clamored for, that the Toranos decided that the world needs another $5 cigar.

I quite honestly never understood party rolling or carnival rolling booths. What the hell do you do with a fresh, non-aged cigar? It has to taste like shit. Or you let it marinate in your humidor for 6-12 months…and then it tastes like shit. I’ve been suckered into buying a fresh rolled cigar countless times in my life and I was always disappointed.

I got a couple of these from a friend. No. They were not obtained at some rolling event. Right off the shelf at a cigar store.
I smoked one after a few weeks and it was blah.

Now, this one has been resting for two months. I should, at least, get some potential of what the blender intended for me to taste.

Construction is far from being top notch. It feels very light in tobacco and I can feel several soft spots. The Claro wrapper is unappealing and full of large veins. There doesn’t seem to be much attention paid to keeping the seams hidden. The single cap is well done. There is no oil on the wrapper and it feels extremely smooth.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, molasses, red pepper, earth, and sweet red bell pepper.
Time to light up.

The draw is very easy. I get large doses of earth and leather. Along with a bit of cedar. Creaminess shows up very early. And the red pepper hits the ground running. The cocoa shows itself early. I’m less than half an inch into the cigar and being bombarded by flavors.

The creaminess is almost as potent as the spiciness; which is uploading exponentially. If you’ve read me before, you know that when I get a cigar with this flavor profile, I run for a Diet Coke. I want that New York Egg Cream experience. This is a mixture of U-Bet chocolate syrup, seltzer water, milk and ice chips. It is most delectable on a summer day. My father kept a crate of real Three Stooges seltzer water in the garage. He would remove the tops and put on the spritzer. And so the Diet Coke, mixed with this cocoa/creamy flavor, takes me back….in the way back machine.

Well, shut my mouth Agnes…my pessimistic opinion on this cigar just shows what an ass I am. This is a very nice cigar. Even though it seems the cigar is not jam packed, it smokes extremely slowly.

The draw continues to be great and the char line is doing well.

I hit the end of the first third and the cigar has attained full flavor-bomb status. The flavors are not exotic and not complex but a real joy to smoke. It has a wonderful balance and a very long finish.

The second third begins with all those flavors of sweetness, creaminess, cocoa, spice, leather, earth and the addition of molasses going strong. It begins a journey of complexity at this point. The cigar is smooth and well rounded. It is rich and full of character. I just checked on Cbid and the sticks are going for $2.50-$3.00 each. This is a ridiculous price for a cigar this good.

I believe that the cigar doesn’t have the word of mouth it needs. Plus it is an ugly duckling.

By the halfway point, the cigar is singing to me. The body started out shy of medium and is now a classic medium. A perfect platform for this full flavored cigar.

The last third is friggin’ nuts. The intensity of the flavors is belted out of the ball park.


Not only do I highly recommend this cigar, I am telling you to send me some. I want more. My one caveat: DO NOT smoke this cigar until it has at least a month of humidor time on it. I had two of them and wasted the first by smoking it after two weeks and was rewarded with a barnyard tasting cigar…which I tossed early on.

It doesn’t need more than a month. I can’t see it getting noticeably better with 6 months on it.

This cigar will always be in my humidor. What a lovely morning cigar. It ends cool, smooth, flavorful, spicy, absent of any nicotine or harshness, and leaving me wanting another.


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