Romeo y Julieta House of Montague | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican, Brazilian
Size: 5 x 54 “Robusto”
Body: Full
Price: $5.00 by the box



Famous Smoke Shop announced the release of two new lines from Altadis USA’s Romeo y Julieta line, the House of Montague and the House of Capulet. Both are being made exclusively for the Easton, Pa. retailer.

4 sizes 6 x 60, 6 x 52, 5 x 54, 7 x 50

There is nothing on the web about these cigars. Not even from Famous Smoke. Here is their description:
“Romeo y Julieta House of Montague cigars bring young Romeo back to life with a flavorful new selection. Hailing from the House of Montague, Romeo was filled with a fiery passion for the young Juliet, which is marvelously depicted in these rich-tasting cigars. A hearty blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Brazilian long-fillers, a Dominican Olor binder, and a Brazilian Maduro wrapper make this handsome cigar a perfect addition to every connoisseur’s humidor. Order yours today!”

It is snowing like it rains in Colombia. We have 8” just in the last few hours and it just keeps on keeping on. I guess it’s our turn in the barrel. A pox on you West Coasters.

This cigar is adorned with everything but a free ice cream cone. Two cigar bands and this middle thing that is a band made from some kind of translucent parchment paper with etchings galore covering it. My old eyes have trouble making the designs out but clearly it is carriages, Romeo stabbing Juliet, Juliet rising from the dead and biting Romeo’s neck, Johnny Depp is there without his head sitting on a horse. Very complicated.
The stick is the absolute definition of rustic. Huge Mount Olympus veins, wrinkled wrapper, sloppy seams, but an excellent cap construction. The dark brown is that of café latte. With some cocoa sprinkled on it. The wrapper has a bit of oil and is very toothy.

I clip the cap and find aromas of wonderful dark cocoa, bittersweet baking chocolate, wood, cedar, leather. Those last three are very strong. Red hot pepper. Ha cha cha. Nuts and dried fruit.
Time to light up.

Note: I’ve had these sticks close to 6 weeks and I hope that this new cigar blend is part of the New Breed Tattooed Ones’ version on how to do things right.

The cigar’s ring gauge is a little big for me as I have a small dainty mouth. Plus it reminds me of my days at San Quentin.

The first puffs are earthy with a building red pepper. Cocoa arrives. The draw is just fine. And the char line is close to perfect. Methinks that I won’t get to the sweet spot any sooner than the halfway point.

There are those trifecta of aromas translating to flavors: Wood, cedar, and leather. And a moment later, the pepper swings for the fences.

A pet peeve of mine….reviewers get cigars..mostly the A Listers and they show how awful the burn turns out. They are vindictive bitches. Most cigars start out a bit wavy but with a little attention, they turn out fine. If you leave the foot alone and do nothing early on, it may turn into a horror show.

A good friend’s cigar was reviewed by one of the best and this DB let the cigar go wild on him. And he had two samples. He showed photos of the catastrophe.

I reviewed the same cigar and when the waviness needed a touch up, it corrected the rest of the cigar on its own. So it is just spite and mean-ness as to why reviewers do this to a boutique cigar maker who needs every bit of good PR he can grab.

Now I wouldn’t be saying this if not for the fact that this cigar we are talking about was superb and I did not have a single problem with either of my samples with a little care and attention.

I’m done venting. The cigar is jam packed and is burning very slowly. So added story at the end.

Almost to the end of the first third and here are the flavors so far: Spice, cedar, cocoa, wood, leather, nuts, earthiness, and a bit of sweetness.
I am almost at the halfway mark and I was right. Flavors really expand. Creaminess is a welcome flavor. A dark plum raisin element appears. And the real star of this show is the tobacco. This cigar doesn’t need a lot of extraneous flavors because the bare bones tobacco is so tasty. It is a very meaty and manly cigar. The body is a tick above medium. This is a good cigar. Now I am curious about its counterpart; the Capulet.

The new Famous catalog is useless in explaining what the cigar is all about. They have taken it upon themselves to be smart asses like me. Their style is not all that far from how I write. Snarky and with a bit of dry humor.

The halfway mark sees the flavors change position: Creaminess, cocoa, spice, nuts, earthiness, wood, leather, raisin, and something very new: toast.
The last third begins.

My gut feels the strength increasing. I’m starting to feel like I took a sleeping pill.

The stick requires a couple of touch ups but so what? I do not feel the need to embarrass the manufacturer, or store, just to show how cool I am. You already know how cool I am.

The cigar never makes it to flavor bomb status. It is a rock steady compilation of flavors and over shadowed by the meatiness and flavor of good tobacco.

And then, flavors begin to excel. Step by step, flavors like creaminess, earthiness, cocoa, espresso, wood, etc. really define themselves. So I would have to categorize this cigar as a roller coaster ride; and it being a full bodied cigar, you might even get to throw up.

RYJ and Famous did a superb job of producing a house cigar. One of the best I’ve smoked. If this were a normal RYJ, it would have taken months of humidor time. I gave it 6 weeks. It may have been good to go sooner.

Both the main and secondary bands must be removed with a knife. Too much glue.

The cigar finishes out smoother than I expected for a full bodied cigar. The nicotine stabilizes. The cap is so expertly constructed, not a single piece of loose tobacco shows itself. And the char line has been great. Except for a couple of minor touch ups.

This is another example of a $5 cigar being on the money. This cigar has depth and character. It is well balanced; yet not much of a long finish. It never quite gets its expected flavor bomb status yet it doesn’t matter as this is a good cigar on its own without a bunch of wild flavors.
Kudos Famous and RYJ.

And now for a childhood story:

I was around 12 or 13. I had gotten a hold of a shit load of firecrackers from one of the tough kids at school. I lived in Long Beach, CA. A couple blocks away from El Dorado Park and Golf Course.

One day, I went with friends to the L.A. river basin. A might canal made of concrete with overpasses aplenty. Remember the movie, “The Core,” where they tunneled into the earth to stop the core from rotating the wrong way or something? In the beginning of the movie they showed Hillary Swank landing the space shuttle in the L.A. river basin just barely missing those overpasses. OK. So you’ve got the picture.

Kids used to hang out underneath the passes to look at the dirty graffiti that older kids had done. Bums used to sleep underneath those over passes.
This one day, my friends and I, found this giant patty of gelatinous goo that came spewing from the ass of some bum. It looked like cheap chili from a can. And was at least a foot in diameter.

I yelled that I had an idea.

I stuck a couple of the big firecrackers in the middle of the shit, lit them, and ran up the side of the heavily slanted side of the basin. Or hypotenuse, if you will. Geometry and trig were my life while in construction.

I got about 10 feet up the embankment when I tripped and fell on my face. I began sliding down towards the nuclear bomb zone.

I scratched and scraped at the concrete walls with my fingers and nothing stopped me from sliding down. I kept looking behind me to see how far the fuse had left to go. It was getting way too close.

And just as I was upon the patty of human excrement…no I don’t mean Ted Nugent. The thing exploded. The sound was deafening in that enclosed on two sided trap. I looked at my friends’ faces and they looked like they saw their puppy murdered in front of them.

I got up and saw I was covered in soft, creamy human shit. Head to toe. It was in my hair, my face, in my ears, on my neck, all over my clothes, on my hands and arms and I screamed bloody murder: “I’m fucking covered in shit!!!!!” It was the first time I ever used the “F” word.

The way home, via sidewalks, would have taken me 15 minutes. I don’t think so. So I high tailed it right across the middle of the golf course. Golfers screamed at me until I got closer and they saw my new apparel; and then they shut up in horror.

I got home. My mother was in bed due to a very long illness. My father was at work. Our housekeeper was busy in the kitchen. I ran to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. I almost fainted. I stripped myself of my clothes and took a shower. The rank smell of day old bum shit was enough to make a maggot gag. I threw the clothes into a trash bag and dumped them.

I sat in my room for the rest of the day, totally traumatized. This was an event in my life that I carry every little detail in my brain to this day. Kids: Don’t do bum shit. Or drugs. The order of that is interchangeable.


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  1. I never liked Romeo and Juliet very much…Young love gone awry…Hell, I have enough problems as it is with my prostate and digestive system to sympathize with those bozos…At least the weather is pleasant here with beautiful sunny skies and temps in the 70’s…Nice review Katman, except for those teenage idiots…As though there weren’t any other fish in the sea…Hope this finds you well and wishing you and your family Happy Holidays…Peace my brother !

    • Hello Mr. Guse,
      Thanks, as always, for your kind words.
      I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. And if you plan to get together with family…remember, in Arizona, it is not an enforceable offense to murder a relative at the holiday table. Your discretion.