La Aurora | Cigar Review

Wrapper: African Cameroon
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $2.00 by the box


Happy 2014 to everyone. We got through another year. Like John Lennon said, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” That would make 2014 an incredible year.

La Aurora is the oldest factory in the DR. It was born in 1903. They have enormous pride in their tobacco farms and passion for making great cigars. Locals call La Aurora, “The Pride of the Dominican.”

And that’s why I decided to review this cigar. It was gifted to me by the mellifluous Barry Stein of Miami Cigar & Co.
Yes, this is a very inexpensive cigar. And you may have seen my reaction to a cigar that cost the same just a couple of days ago. Big difference going on here.

One thing I hear and read all the time is that people often compare La Aurora cigars to Arturo Fuente cigars. I’m talking about the main stream sticks, not the Opus X. You knew that.

Construction is good but just barely tilts towards rustic. The cigar is laden with some big veins. The Cameroon wrapper is a medium brown color with a bit of oil and very bumpy and toothy. Seams are near invisible and the single cap is flawless.

I clip the cap and find aromas of nuts, wood, spice that makes my eyes water, and deep earthiness.
Time to light up.

The draw is excellent. Sweetness prevails at first. And the aroma of nuts translates to a nice mild flavor. I’ve smoked so many cigars in my life and written so many reviews that I can usually tell right off if I like a cigar.

I like this cigar. Funny thing…I read customer reviews on this cigar from the different online stores and they are all over the place. Some were downright nasty and most were full of praise. I think the latter is correct. Here is my opinion on customer reviews: CI doesn’t allow negative reviews which I think is smart. Famous Smoke, trying to be fair, allows negative reviews. I think it is a mistake. And not just because it probably hurts sales on the stick being reviewed, but the people that write those little blurbs are basically not regular cigar smokers. Or are newbies. Or just don’t know which end of the cigar to light. So you are getting false impressions of what may be an excellent cigar. I admire Famous for attempting to be fair but they should follow CI’s lead. With CI, the reviews; for the most part, seem to come from experienced smokers whose comments are normally useful. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. But if I had listened to the reviews of this cigar on Famous, and took them to heart; I would have gone into this review looking for all the negatives. Or maybe chosen not to review it. So don’t take comments too seriously. And since all of my readers are smart, experienced smokers…you already know this. Just thought I’d lay that out for posterity.

The strength is mild but the stick is so flavorful early on, that it makes no difference. Spice rears its head at the first 3/8”. The cigar burns very slowly. That’s good. I sense a flavor bomb experience coming on.

I don’t like to make comparisons often but the NicaRoma cigar that goes for 50¢ more; and that I reviewed a couple days ago was absolute trash. Look what the La Aurora people do with the same price point. Amazing.

The cigar continues to be mild leaning towards being mild/medium.

Flavors at this point are: Sweetness, honey, nuts, earthiness, wood, leather, and spice.
The spice lingers in the background. The honey/nut combo reminds me of Cheerios.

As I enter the second third, the flavors take off. This is not a wide spectrum flavor profile but what it presents to your palate is very tasty. I prefer medium/full or stronger cigars. But for me, flavor is so important and if it comes with a mild bodied cigar, so be it.

This cigar is absolutely delicious now. The balance is on point. It is chewy with a very long lip smacking finish. Just excellent. Those morons that left bad customer reviews were just that: morons. Either they were newbies, had no idea how to savor a cigar full of nuance and character, or smoked it right out of the cello without any humidor time.

Smoke continues to just pour from the foot. And now creaminess enters the arena propelling the flavor profile to new heights. It creates a nice butter element.

I must have a box. The price is right for this poor church mouse. And you, Wally Guse, I found the perfect cigar with the perfect price point for you.

Thank you Mr. Barry Stein for lighting up my life. You’re in the will. I hope you can afford the debt.

I enter the last third and this swinging dick is doing great. The cigar, not me. My genitalia don’t swing, they mosey.
I may piss off a lot of people with the next statement, but I like this blend more than the inexpensive Fuentes. It’s the refined sweetness.

I am going to buy a box of these robustos as soon as I finish the review. What a great everyday cigar.

The char line has been impeccable the entire smoke. The cap is also impeccable not shedding a single piece of loose tobacco. That is pride in cigar making.

The last third sees cocoa arrive. What a nice surprise. Here are the current flavors in descending order: Sweetness, honey, creaminess, earthiness, cocoa, nuts, wood and leather. Not too shabby for a $2 stick. LOL!

Of course, I recommend this cigar but I would stick with the robusto. There are approximately 7 different sizes depending on which online store you visit. They also have a couple different sized cigarillos. That would be a great cigar for running errands. say your wife won’t let you smoke cigars in the car? Wuss. Of course, I have a very loving wife who insists I smoke wherever I want. No. You can’t have her.

The cigar finishes cool. Not a bit of harshness or bitterness. Just wonderful. I wasn’t expecting much from a $2 stick. It’s nice, once in a while, to get knocked off of your high horse.



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  1. I’m gonna give this bad boy a try Katman…I prefer Robustos because of size and flavor profile…Thanks for the mention, even though it was in close proximity to your swaying genitalia, which was an interesting visual at 5 in the morning…Trip the light fantastic into 2014 my swaying friend…What does, ( smoke in the car mean ) ?