Rocky Patel Private Cellar | Cigar Review

Wrapper: USA Broadleaf Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Full
Price: $7.65 by the box


Surprisingly, this is supposed to be one of Patel’s favorite blends. We shall see if it is the Katman’s top 5 favorite blends.
The cigar was released at the IPCPR trade show. It comes in only three sizes:
Robusto: 5 x 50, Toro: 6.5 x 52, & Torpedo: 6.12 x 52. Prices range from around $8-$8.50 depending on size.

Compared to other Patel premium sticks that have been released recently, the double cigar band is sort of old school Patel. Nothing fancy about it.

The construction is solid with some mighty large veins literally lifting off of the wrapper. The triple cap is impeccable. The dark chocolate maduro color is very nice. Oil just oozes from the wrapper. Gorgeous. And the wrapper feels a bit like fine sandpaper.

I clip the cap and find aromas of dark cocoa, spicy, nuts and cedar.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are very sweet. A blast of red pepper smacks me in the puss. There is a very meaty flavor derived from the rich earthiness. The cigar starts out immediately at classic medium bodied. The spiciness keeps building making it hard to distinguish other flavors. But It’s early.

My eyes are watering and thank goodness the Kleenex is nearby for my schnoz. This is a real waker-upper. Wow. Strong stuff.
The char line is a bit wavy and will probably need correction at some point.

I correct the burn line at the 1” mark. Flavors are becoming more apparent and overcoming the display of spice vs. flavors.
There is a rich creaminess that conjoins with the cocoa for a nice combo. The wood component is very strong. And the cigar retains its rich smoothness.

As I near the end of the first third, coffee makes its entrance. So far, this is a well-balanced, flavorful cigar. As the price should dictate.

The influence of the Nicaraguan leaves is massive. All of the flavors, so far, have been stereotypical Nicaraguan flavors. The Broadleaf Connecticut adds the smoothness.

The cigar is close to flavor bomb status. The creaminess, cocoa, and coffee are absolutely perfect in proportion to each other. I’m sure Mr. Patel only smokes his Private Cellars with a year or so of humidor time. A lackey makes sure of it. I can’t wait a year.

I’ve passed the second third and am near the halfway point. The spiciness has moved to the background. Caramel exposes itself. The perfect addition.

Flavors in descending order: Cream, cocoa, coffee, earthiness, wood, meatiness, and spice. This is quite the good blend. Other Nicaraguan near-puros have similar flavor profiles but can be had for a buck or two less. But I still have another third to go. I have no idea what is waiting for me. I am pretty sure that this blend teeters on the line between New Breed Tattooed Ones and Old School Patel. Humidor aging is the trick.

Yes, two months should be plenty of time to not only display its potential; but also impress me. My opinion of this cigar is teetering on that fence as well.

I hit the last third and the spiciness has come close to disappearing. It is standing in the corner in the back of the school room.

Meanwhile, the other flavors of cream, cocoa, and coffee explode. The balance is spot on. It now has a long finish. And it is as smooth as a piece of glass.

The PR machine says this is a full bodied cigar. But by the last third, it barely reaches medium/full. Another telltale clue that more humidor time is needed than just two months.

The char line remains wavy throughout the duration of the smoke. The cap, meanwhile, is acting like a champ without a single piece of loose tobacco.

I remove the secondary band.

The pepper returns. This is a good thing. A little oomph never hurt any blend.

And now, ladies and germs, we have full flavor bomb status.

The cigar never reaches a full complexity. But close. As this is a full production cigar, it can be had on the cigar auctions for a couple bucks less than the retail price of over $7 a stick. I want to thank Garland at Atlantic Cigars for the samples. They also sell the Private Cellars in bundles of 25 instead of boxes of 20 for the same price.
If you join their VIP Club, you can save almost $50 on a box bringing the single price to $5.00 making it unnecessary to find it in an auction. Even the 5 pack brings the price down to $6.00..a $1.65 savings over retail. I have belonged to this club for over 2 years and I have saved 10 times the cost of joining.

The last third is just cruising on its laurels. Some substantial complexity finds its way to the blend. The flavors are now even without any single one heads above the other. A nicely refined cigar.

I remove the main cigar band without incident.

The cigar maintains its medium/full status. No nicotine in sight.

Wally Guse, I think I found you another cigar to try. While there is some strength to the blend, it remains smooth and cool. Like me.

The last third burns very slowly and hits full bodied. The nicotine flows like lava. Wally..never mind.

The cigar finishes smooth and flavorful. I recommend this cigar but only if you are able to give it some decent humidor time. This is not my favorite Patel cigar but it’s pretty good.

And now for something completely different:

I was touring with Curved Air in England. Normally, a two week excursion.

We had finished a gig in Leeds and decided to drive home instead of staying at the hotel. Hotel life can be dreary.
And the next night’s concert was in Nottingham…only a couple hours north of London.

It was around 1am or so and we stopped at the motorway stop that occurs every 25 miles on the freeway.

It was a mish mosh of cafeteria, news stand, etc. We were hungry and back then everything closed down at 10pm. But the motorway stop was a 24 hour deal.

No one else was in the place as we stood in line for our bangers and beans. Three limos drove up and parked. Another band with the same hunger as us.

It was Pink Floyd. They got in line behind us. The menu at these places was horrible. The food was horrible. So I always got the same thing….bacon, beans, fried egg with stewed tomatoes on top. The only thing I didn’t get was chips.

The funny thing was that our chick lead singer was a recovering junkie but was also a vegetarian. Something weird about that.
We sat at a table and ate.

The band leader, Darryl, whispered to us asking if we knew who that other band was? He knew it was Pink Floyd and was excited.
Floyd sat a table right next to us and heard Darryl. They all began to laugh; and then we did as well.
Darryl was mortified. He got up and walked out to our car and just sat.

We had no intentions of not finishing our delicious meal. So we began talking to the boys. The drummer, Nick Mason, and I began a conversation. He had a sense of humor like mine. The conversation got so ridiculously funny that food came spewing from my mouth once.

So the other members of Floyd put their attention on the two of us. We had a raucous good time. We stayed and kibitzed for a good half hour after we finished eating.

And then our guitarist, Mick Jacques, said, “Holy shit. Darryl is in the car waiting.”
So we bid our goodbyes and left.

Mason and I exchanged phone numbers and every once in a while would call each other and make each other laugh. He told me inside stories about Floyd and I did the same about CA.

After I left England for the States, we lost contact. He was a good guy and I miss our little conversations.

And one more thing:
I now use a cane. Up til now, I’ve used a Walgreen aluminum cane that makes me feel and look old. So I custom ordered a Cocobolo Rosewood cane from Costa Rica. Even had “Katman” laser cut into the wood on the shaft. I waited over a month for this and while it may seem pathetic that I am excited about a fucking cane, well…I just am pathetic. LOL.
My L5 disc has completely blown out now. Bone against bone. No health insurance. Will finally get it in July. It has caused a severe case of sciatica on my right side. I can barely walk now. Old age is a real bitch. The golden years my ass.


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  1. I almost got excited you big tease you…Nicotine and lava scared me off…However, you are still smooth and cool…Nice review Katman !

  2. ADDENDUM: The cane looks smooth and cool as well…I don’t much care for old age either, but the alternative really blows the big one !!!