New Camacho Connecticut | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Authentic Corojo
Filler: Honduran Generoso, Dominican Aleman Ligero
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Mild
Price: $6.75


I’ve now reviewed all but one of the NEW BOLD Camacho blends. And I am disappointed. The only two worth their salt was the Triple Maduro and the Diploma. I even reviewed the Ditka 89. And it wasn’t very good. I have the Ditka Throwback on its way and that will do it.

The original Camacho blends, under the directorship of Christian Eiroa, was light years better than this new Davidoff line.
The Davidoff folks figured if they re-packaged the cigars with bright and gaudy bands and put the PR machine into afterburner, everything would be swell.

My suggestion is that all the old Camacho blends are on sale everywhere. Buy them before they disappear.

I’m not a mild Connecticut fan. But the twist is that they use this rare Alemane ligero leaf. Alemane in Spanish means “German.” The leaf is supposed to be “..dark, aromatic, moody, rich and smooth” according to

I haven’t smoked a Connecticut I liked yet and my fingers are crossed that I don’t waste over two hours of my time.

For some reason, Davidoff figured Camacho smokers would like to have a mild stick to smoke. Why? Get some of that mild bodied market, that’s why.

The problem with mild bodied cigars is that they are usually flavorless. At least in my experience.
So here goes.

The cigar is pretty rough looking. Giant Frankenstein veins. Visible seams. On the plus side, very firm, a nice cap, and a nice oily sheen with a wrapper that is very smooth to the touch.

I clip the cap and find aromas of caramel, sweetness, cocoa, bread, and a nice earthiness.
Time to light up.

First off is some spiciness. Along with that is sweetness. The earthiness is very good. A nice start.

The draw is excellent. I can’t see the screen on my laptop.
Cocoa arrives. Could I have found the missing link in this line up?

The strength seems a bit stronger than mild. Much closer to medium bodied. Or it could be the expansive flavor profile fooling me.

The clue will be consistency and intensity.

I like the red pepper. This is all the Alemane ligero’s doing.

The char line is doing fairly well.

I want to thank for the cigars.

The stick is a slow burner. Lots of tobacco jammed into this robusto.

The spice gets stronger. Alemane is known for its potency in the spice department and is used sparingly.

Actually, at just past the 1” mark, the cigar ain’t too bad. Better than the Criollo, Corojo, Blackout Limited, and Corojo Maduro. They were flavorless.

I begin the second third and the flavors are quite nice.

Here they are in order: Spice, sweetness, caramel, cocoa, creaminess, earthiness, and a buttery pie crust flavor.

This now makes sense. Davidoff is primarily known for their mild bodied cigars that they charge an arm and leg for. So they should be good at blending something mild and flavorful.

I’ve only reviewed two Davidoffs here. I mean, who can afford them? Merely status symbols while you are sipping on 16 year scotch at your private men’s club.

I just finished reviewing the San Lotano Oval Habano Limited Edition Pigskin Super Smoke Figurado XLVIII which was fabulous. In hindsight, I probably should have reversed the review line up. That cigar is hard to follow.

So far, I consider this a knock around cigar. No complexity. Some nice flavors. Nothing rich about the flavors.
What does this stick retail at? Almost $7.00. Too much. This is a $5.00 stick, at best.

The cigar could liven up in the last third but I’m not holding my breath.

I remove the band as I head into the halfway point. Comes off pretty easy but leaves residue on the front of the cigar band.

Folks, I have to eat a bullet to let you know how some cigars taste. This is one of those times. Ordinarily, I’d have put it down. Just not my style. Where is the oomph?

Maybe I will use some hedge clippers, cut the cigar in half, and pretend I’ve smoked that much to make this review end.

The halfway point doesn’t do anything for the cigar. In fact, it gets a bit musty. If it wasn’t for the spiciness, Oh Lawdy Mama, it would be a three legged cat.

But I have a good after-review story.

The caramel is gone. The cocoa is gone. The buttery pie crust is gone. Most of the creaminess is gone. What’s left? Some sweetness, earthiness and spice.

And then the cigar settles into mild bodied.

Man, that hedge clipper idea is beginning to sound real good right now.

The last third begins.

There is a real burn issue now. It requires correction.
The cigar becomes a little bitter and harsh and hot. And nothing left but spiciness.
I can’t go on.

And now for something completely different:
Continued…..The Eddie Munster Chronicles.

As it turned out, the record company was made up of a bunch of gangsters.
Rocshire Records. Google it or look it up in Wikipedia.

Some of the people from Warner Brothers Records moved into a building in Orange County, CA. The owner’s name, coincidentally, was Rocky. An ex-con who spent most of his 60 years in prison. His wife’s name was Shirley. Get it? Rocshire? Incredibly clever.

I had a P.R. agent…he was my third after going through a couple before him. You see…there are different levels of PR people.

But they are limited to what they can do for you. Each one could do a bit more, but then their contacts ran out and they still had their hand out for more monthly fees; so I jettisoned them.

I found this English guy who knew everyone. And was as crooked as the day is long. He got me involved in pay to play. Corruption. It didn’t end in the 50’s and it is still going on today. As far as radio goes.

He introduced me to the gangsters who liked the project. Mind you, I had already finished the project. Two songs for the single; Check. 8 x 10 Promo photos: Check. Finished art work for the single sleeve; Check. The band: Check.

All they had to do was print the sleeves, master the recording, and distribute the fuck out of the thing; which they did until the F.B.I. swooped in and shut their door.

The men that ran Rocshire acted like gangsters. These guys treated me and Butch like ant feces. Could never take a meeting with them. They mastered the single without me being there. And when I saw the finished single, they had left off the name of the B side’s writer’s name. His name was Brent Black and he wrote that song. So I went to bat for him and told Rocshire that they had to fix the single label and put Brent’s name on it. It was the law. Well, fuck the law….

So here’s what they did….they replaced the label and added Brent’s name on it and took my name off. My name was listed as Produced by: Phil Kohn. Yep. They got me. But I thought if they want to be assholes, so be it. I got Brent’s name on it and to me, that was more important.


I sunk every dime I had into this project. I had gotten an inheritance and spent every dime so I could do a Production Deal with a record company. By doing this, I got the first $$ from each record sold. No bullshit about me having to pay back recording costs and all the ancillary costs associated with putting out a record.

Shirley, it seems, worked at Hughes AirResearch. She worked in the financial department and had embezzled $15 million and put it into the record company. Another bright bulb.

I received my first check for the quarter the record was released: $900.

The second quarter sold 181,000 units x 25 cents = $45,250.

A day before I was to receive that check was when the FBI came in. My money was gone. I was interrogated like a criminal. I did not know about any of this crap until the Feds moved in. So I lost everything. The sales of the record came to a grinding halt.


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