San Lotano Connecticut by AJ Fernandez | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican
Size: 6 x 54
Body: Mild/Medium
Price: $6.40


First, thanks to Clay Roberts and Spence Drake of AJ Fernandez for the samples.

As I am averse to smoking anything mild bodied, this is the only AJ cigar I’ve never smoked. But as it was part of the sample package sent to me by the kind AJ folks, I’m lighting one up.

The stick is beautiful and the Colorado Claro colored wrapper allows you to see everything. There are some huge veins. Seams are excellent. The triple cap is near flawless. And the stick is ultra-smooth…with a slight bit of oil.

I clip the cap and find aromas of sweetness, graham cracker, spice, cream, and ginger.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are swimming in sweetness. There is a nice black pepper element to give it some oomph. The draw is great.
A fruity component shows up. Very sweet and luscious. The graham cracker aroma translates to flavor. And I tell ya, it is on the verge of being a flavor bomb in the first quarter inch.

I have NEVER had a mild Connecticut cigar like this. Leave it to AJ. This is a cigar I can get behind.

It is so flavorful that strength doesn’t matter. In fact, it tastes more like a medium bodied stick than a mild one.

The pepper is very strong. Almost overwhelming the other flavors of sweetness, fruit, graham cracker and now some creaminess. But not quite.

The burn is a little wavy so I decide to nip it in the bud.

Apparently, the guts are the same as the Habano and the Maduro blends. The Connecticut wrapper is meant to tame the beast.
I am amazed at blends that come out of the starting line with guns a’ blazing. This is clearly like no mild Connecticut I’ve ever smoked. What a chump I am for ignoring this blend because of my prejudice.

The char line is now spot on.

A nice nuttiness appears halfway through the first third. Sweet nuts. Like me.

I can’t believe how much smoke this stick is pumping out.

The second third begins.

Here are the flavors, in order: Spice, sweetness, fruit, graham cracker, cedar, and creaminess.
This is a smooth, luscious cigar.

Vanilla shows up. It becomes very strong.

I am nearing the halfway point and there are no changes. So much happened at the beginning it doesn’t leave the cigar any place to go.

Some complexity begins to appear. The sweetness, creaminess, and the vanilla make the cigar taste like a shortbread cookie.
The burn line continues to act like a champ.

I am at the halfway mark.

The stick’s flavor profile matches all the important points that the other AJ blends have. Just milder in strength.
Even though this is the best Connecticut I’ve had, I still prefer a much stronger cigar.

The secondary band comes off without a hitch.

The last third begins with no change. This is a very pleasant cigar and meant for a certain market. Not the usual AJ fans who like strength in their cigars.

The complexity disappears leaving flavors of sweetness, creaminess, nuttiness, cedar, vanilla, and earthiness. The spice has moved way to the background.

The spice was holding the whole thing up for me. Now that it’s gone, it doesn’t have the AJ magic. The pepper put a really nice spin on the other flavors.

The last third loses its flavor bomb status. A nice cigar but that’s all.

The cigar finishes out smooth and cool. Flavors of creaminess and sweetness return. The spiciness returns as well.

I recommend these cigars for smokers that prefer flavor to strength. It’s a great newbie cigar. A good introduction for the rest of the AJ line.



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  1. Sounds like a good stick for Mr. Wally…Can’t go wrong with AJ…Nice review Katman !