Emilio Serie H Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican Jamastran Ligero Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan, Costa Rican
Size: 5.5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Full
Price: $6.81 MSRP


From Emiliocigars.com:
“A delicious Jamastran Ligero maduro wrapper envelops a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican tobaccos to produce a combination of strength and complexity. Filled with hints of cocoa. A double Ligero powerhouse cigar. Manufactured in Danli, Honduras. Available in Robusto, Toro, and Torpedo.”

It is known that Emilio Cigars uses both AJ Fernandez and Nestor Plasencia to blend his cigars for him. I don’t know which worked on this blend.

I recently reviewed the Series H Sumatra and was less than impressed. I am hoping that the maduro version will pop a bit more.
A beautiful cigar that is almost coal black. Tight seams and small veins. An impeccable single cap. And the wrapper feels slick. Like me.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, cinnamon, cocoa, nuts, cedar, and leather.
Time to light up.

It has a non-descript beginning. Mostly just the taste of natural tobacco. And then I get bits of cocoa and coffee. Spice shows up as black pepper. But very mild.

And then a diddle of sweetness. Which no doubt comes from the maduro wrapper. My first impression is that this is an old school blend. Months of humidor time required. It is extremely bland. And I’ve had it a month.

I reviewed the La Musa Mousa and it was superb. The Series H line seems more like a knock around stick. Except the price point is wrong.

The char line goes wavy on me. The horrifying V burn on one side that I must correct or a canoe is in this cigar’s future. I hate having to put the torch to so many wrappers to get it to catch up to that bloody V.

The stick comes in only three sizes: 5.5 x 50, 6.5 x 50, and 6.5 x 52 (Torpedo). I’m glad I have the smallest.

Flavors pick up after the first inch. The spiciness is stronger. And so is the cocoa and sweetness. A nuttiness appears in its mildest form.

The strength is medium body.

My gut tells me I’m in for the same journey as the Sumatra sent me on. A road to nowhere. I can hear the kitchen clock ticking….slowly.

I don’t have a lot of respect for blenders that have two sets of cigars; the high premium and the schlocky drek that they sell either in bundles or burlap sacks.

They need to concentrate on the good stuff and not let greed get to their heads. The schlock is made for smokers who had their palates removed at birth along with their foreskin.

JM’s Cigars sent me three single sticks yesterday. One of each blend. These sticks average about $1.50 each retail. I read a review on one of the online stores and the guy cracked me up. He said the flavor fell flat and wasn’t that good but a decent cigar all in all.


That’s the audience that cigars like the one I am reviewing are aimed at. Flavor and character aren’t that important. Product is.

I begin the second third. That was the longest third of my life. I grew a beard waiting to get here.

I shouldn’t have to go through the trouble of taking photos. Just imagine that candy bar floating in the pool in “Caddyshack.”

Come on, dammit! Where is the fucking flavor?

Now you know I am not going to torture myself and finish this thing. Right?

I’d rather have my balls licked by a giant lion. Or a zebra.

For every photo you see, I take 10. And then I sharpen them or lighten them so you can see the bloody things because of my 1963 Instamatic camera. I don’t have or need a smart phone in retirement. First, I have my laptop. And second, the cost. So I have one of those $3 Virgin Mobile phones I carry when I drive around in my 17 year old Chevy S-10. Strictly an emergency device. And if I use a camera, I have to hold up a flash pan like they used in the 19th Century. It has .001 megapixels.

OK. Back to the cigar. It tastes like nothing.

Now where was I?

For you younger readers…you know how you wake up with a big boner every morning? Well, that stops when you get to be my age. The only thing stiff on me is my joints from every damn accident I’ve had in my life.

The cigar has an excellent draw.

This is from an online cigar description:
“Emilio Cigars is a boutique cigar company that works with some of the greatest minds in the cigar world like Nestor Plasencia and A.J. Fernandez. The Emilio Serie H Maduro cigar is comprised of a delicious Jamastran Ligero maduro wrapper that encloses a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican tobaccos. The result is a blend that produces a combination of strength and complexity. Filled with hints of cocoa, this full-bodied smoke delivers a rich flavor profile in this full bodied smoke thanks in part to the use of two types of Ligero tobacco. The cigars are made in Danli, Honduras and available in boxes of 20.”


Strength and complexity, huh?

It is still at medium body as I hit the halfway mark. There is the tiniest bit of cocoa on the palate. And it is trying to escape. I think I can hear it screaming for its mommy.

I am tying a noose right now. And teaching the dog to do a Lassie when I’m swinging from a joist in the basement.
I give.

I could be soaping up my balls in the shower right now.

See ya.




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