PDR A Flores Serie Privada Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan Habano, Dominican Corojo
Size: 5 x 52 “Robusto- Box Press”
Body: Medium
Price: $9.75 MSRP


Released at the IPCPR trade show in 2012, this is sort of a companion piece to the PDR AFR-75 Edición Limitada which was also released at the same show. And a cigar I’ve recently reviewed. The AFR-75 was an excellent cigar so my expectations are high for the PDR A Flores Serie Privada Maduro.
The AFR-75:

The series comes in 24 count boxes in three sizes:
SP 52: 5×52
SP 54: 6×54
SP 58: 7×58

The line carries an MSRP range from $9.75 to $12.75

From PDR web site:
“PDR’s second release from the 2012 IPCPR was the PDR A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada. A cigar that uses the oldest tobacco in the PDR factory, and for good reason, they are a tribute to Abe Flores who has become a major player in the world of premium hand rolled cigars. The PDR A. Flores Serie Privada’s are available in two Ecuadorian Wrappers.

“The Habano Maduro wrapper is a medium body cigar that starts with some natural sweetness, and then delivers some spice. The goal of this blend was to deliver the oldest tobacco in the PDR warehouse but still topping out at a medium body. A hard blend to achieve and we are happy to put the PDR name on it.”

This is a very nice looking cigar. A crisp box press. Application of the triple cap is quite sloppy in most cases though. The wrapper is a gorgeous mottled coffee bean color with lots of highlights from the shimmering oiliness. And the shaft feels very sandy…with a bit of tooth.


I like the double cigar bands. They merge into the cigar due to their color and the wrapper’s color. Sort of the way they make house and commercial construction in Sedona, AZ match the surrounding beauty.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, spice, sweet cedar, leather, ginger, and a bit of fruitiness.
Time to light up.

I both sweetness and spice on the palate with the exact same intensity. The draw is perfect. And then flavors begin to roll in….cocoa, coffee, nuts, cinnamon, and cedar. With the slightest bit of wood and leather.

The strength hits classic medium body in a heartbeat.

Different online stores couldn’t make their collective minds up as to whether it is a medium body or medium/full. The PDR website says it is medium. So be it.

This young man, Abe Flores, is just beginning to hit his stride. He is putting out such terrific cigars that I cannot even imagine what he will be blending 20 years from now. God willing, I will still be around to write about them.

The sweetness and cocoa are neck and neck with everything tailing right behind.

The char line is spot on. No touch ups required.

The second third begins with the addition a big dollop of creaminess. And the stick makes its move for flavor bomb status. Holy crap, this is a good cigar.

I just checked the price point and it ain’t cheap. I bought just two of these at Atlantic Cigars and paid about a buck less. This is what I really like about Atlantic. The ability to buy onesies and twosies of everything they have. And not break the bank. Other online stores make you pay full retail if you buy a single, except for one shining light: Cuenca Cigars.

I’m on the PDR reviewer’s list but I wanted this cigar now. And Stephanie Verrier, the VP of PDR, has been very kind to me. I wish all of my clients were as nice as the lovely Stephanie is.

I near the halfway point and Houston, we have a flavor bomb.

Here are the flavors, in order: Spice, sweetness, cocoa, creaminess, coffee, nuts, cinnamon, cedar, fruit, cedar, and leather. Not bad.

Back to the price point. This is a special cigar much like the AFR-75. But the AFR-75 costs an extra $5 a stick making it a super special treat. Atlantic sells it $1.50 cheaper than retail as a single and even more if you are a VIP member.

The secondary band comes off like a dream.

One thing about this cigar I like is that it is my favorite size. Smoke time of an hour and fifteen is perfect. And the size is the perfect bedrock for early flavor bomb status.

I am dead center at the halfway point and a nicotine kick begins. The strength moves form medium to medium/full.
The char line has remained perfect. And so has the draw.

If I were a rich man like good buddy, Wally Guse, I’d buy a box of these. But at the very least, these cigars are worth a 5 pack which brings the cigar down to an affordable $7 a pop. And a 24 count box brings a single down to less than $6.

The flavor profile becomes very complex. The balance is terrific. It is chewy with a very long finish. I should have grabbed a Diet Coke for this one but I spaced out. But it is never too late. Now we have a NYC egg cream experience. For which Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup is the only way to go.

The last third begins with a huge flourish. Flavors are so bold that my toupee is slipping off of my head. Each sip of the Diet Coke washes my palate in heavy doses of cocoa and creaminess and sweetness.

The multi-country mix of leaves is just the ticket for making this a unique cigar.
Kudos Abe.

The main band gives me a spot of trouble removing it so I use my X-Acto carving blade to remove it. In the past, I would use my sharpest knife to remove a sticky band but a good buddy suggested using the X-Acto blade. Much sharper and more exact (pardon the pun). Got a pair of them on Amazon for $5.

Delicious is the only word to describe this cigar. I have less than a couple inches to go and every flavor is intact. Nothing has disappeared. The only change is that the spiciness has moved to center stage instead of out front.

The cigar finishes without a hint of harshness or heat.

This is a cigar that your Uncle Katman insists you try.




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  1. Rich man ??? Dude you have been in cold for way too long…Averaged about 75 here for the last couple months…Now, that’s cool…Sounds like an interesting stick…I think I can afford ONE…Nice review…