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Wrapper: Undisclosed
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto
Body: Medium
Price: $8.00


Here is another great boutique brand from Cigar Federation. This cigar is totally new to me and while I bought a 5 pack, I have not tried one yet. It’s had a week in the humidor and so far, I’ve been batting 1000 in that arena.

This cigar hit the States recently. It is named after the late Alejandro Robaina considered one of the best, and most famous, blenders in Cuba. The cigar’s name is translated to “Heirs of Robaina.”

The American Caribbean Tobacco Company in Esteli, Nicaragua is the manufacturer. And is being solely distributed by Emilio Cigars.

From the Emilio Cigars web site:
“Herederos is the definition of “boutique” cigar. New to the American market, Herederos de Robaina is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua under very strict quality control standards.
“Previously only available in Europe, Herederos is medium in strength and full of flavor. An incredible cigar full of natural tobacco sweetness and a very unique spice throughout.”

From Cigar Federation:
“The Herederos de Robaina is a bit of a mystery. There is very little information out there regarding the blend (or who blended it for that matter), but when you smoke it, you won’t care about all that. The Herederos de Robaina is a classic medium strength, full flavored cigar. The profile is creamy and sweet, but it is also woody and earthy and on top of that you’ve find a cinnamon spice. Oh, there is some toasted nut flavors in there as well. Somehow all these flavors maintain their identity while managing to play well together. The Herederos de Robaina is a symphony of flavor and when you smoke it, you will love the tune.”

The cigar is nicely packed. Nice amount of give without a soft spot anywhere. Seams are invisible while there are small minor veins throughout. The triple cap is nicely done. The wrapper is a cross between the color of caramel and chocolate milk. It has only a modicum of oiliness and feels like satin. The cigar band is simple and classic. Gold letters on a black background.

I clip the cap and find aromas of strong cocoa, spice, sweetness, cedar, and leather.
Time to light up.

The first flavors to hit my palate are sweetness and spice. Both black and red pepper.

The draw is phenomenal and pouring smoke like a chimney. My eyes water from so much smoke surrounding my pin head. Then there is a ginormous dose of milk chocolate. Candy bar chocolate.

I hear some crackling sounds and I fear that the cigar may have been a bit dry when sent to me and a week would not have brought it back in time for this review. We’ll see.

Creaminess jumps aboard early. Half inch mark. I can’t hold the cigar in my mouth and type. Too much smoke. My eyes burn like a sonovabitch.

There is so much chocolate and creaminess and sweetness that I am simply amazed. Less than a week in my humidor and the stick becomes a flavor bomb at the ½” mark.
Again, amazing.

The char line is on point.

I bought twelve five packs of cigars I’ve never tried. I expected a couple or so to be duds but I jumped in with both feet. I then had a plan to order more once I reviewed them and picked my favorites. So far, there has been no dud. And every cigar has been the 8th Wonder of the World: TL Johnson Legend Reserve 63 Maduro, Rodrigo Cigars La Fortaleza, Nomad S-307 by Nomad Cigar Company, DeSiena 312 K-4 by DeSiena Cigars, and Dante by Dante Cigars. That leaves 7 brands to go.

I had won the Total Flame Cigars 8 pack on Cigar Federation’s Cigar Chat. And I still have two left to review. And the first purchase I made from CF was the Black Label Trading Company sampler of 6 cigars. I’ve made it halfway through on those.

Back to the cigar at hand.

Here are the flavors, in order: Milk chocolate, creaminess, sweetness, cedar, toast, lime citrus, and something fruity I can’t grab on to yet.

A crack has formed near the cap. My suspicions were correct. This cigar was not properly humidified prior to shipment. I should mention this. Most of the cigars bought from CF are drop shipped from the manufacturer, not CF. So, I hold Caribbean Tobacco Company’s feet to the fire on this one. So far, it has been the only stick I received that was too dry. I need to let the rest of the five pack acclimated themselves in my humidor for a month or two before trying another.

I puff like a genteel lady by only putting my lips on the open cap and not shoving the cigar halfway down my gullet. The glue needs a good couple minutes to dry. And if I suck on it, the glue will fail from the moisture.

The cigar is delicious. Any boutique brand in the $6-$9 category that is this good is worth every dime. I know it is a treat for most of us but if the cigar is incredible, we are worth it.

I’ve been reviewing a certain brand that is in the $9 range and having no luck with it. That’s a travesty. $9 for a cigar with no taste.

The first third passes by and the flavors explode like the first time I had sex…with a woman. Not by myself.

Caramel becomes a big component now giving the cocoa a run for its money. The balance is beautiful. A nice long finish. A lip smacking finish.

The fruitiness is apple pie. And cinnamon. Plus a nice subtle black licorice element complements the whole flavor profile.
I don’t care about the cracked cap. It is not about the $8. It is about the wonderful taste of this cigar. I ain’t giving up. So it won’t look so pretty in my photos. Who cares? My words are more important.

I’m at the halfway point. Coffee enters stage right. Let’s put them all together: Cocoa, caramel, creaminess, sweetness, rich earthiness, apple pie, toast, black licorice, citrus, and cedar. Not bad.

When it is time for me to use my cigar budget at the beginning of May, I am in a complete quandary as to what to purchase. And with 7 brands still to go. Yikes!

Man, this cigar is too delicious for its shirt. You gotta try this brand. Really.

Oh wait. Emilio Cigars distributes these sticks. So did they come from the manufacturer or Emilio? Or is Emilio just the middle man? I will find out. But don’t trust the cigars when you get them. Smoke one a couple days after receipt and make your decision then about humidification time.

The char line is dead nuts.

The last third begins and the strength has been an even keeled medium body throughout. No hint of nicotine. Wally, are you listening? I know you can only afford Dutch Masters and El Producto cigars, but go for this one instead.

This is truly a candy bar stick.

A nougat component manages to fight its way into the flavor line up.

The cigar requires its first minor touch up. And amazingly, the glue has held. A crack is still there but not going anywhere. So, I am happy. I had the worst fear that I would have to abandon the stick halfway through the review.

The cigar has a happy ending. The construction issues were manageable. Although, I will allow the balance to sleep a while before I try again.

The cigar finishes up being the coolest of any I’ve smoked. Cool as in temperature. Not a hint of harshness or bitterness. And stays at medium body to the end without a lick of nicotine. This is the perfect cigar for many of you, dear readers.

Make sure you check out Cigar Federation and become a member. It’s free and full of very nice fellas. The bosses are down to earth and great guys.

Once you are a member, you can get discounts on the cigars from the Cigar Federation Cigar Store. And you will go nuts trying to decide what to buy. If you want, use me as a guide by reading the reviews of the cigars I’ve already smoked.
Tell them your Uncle Katman sent you.
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