“Tailored” Habano by Alec Bradley Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Honduran Habano Sun Grown
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 52 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $4.75



Good buddy, Jason Harding, of Best Cigar Prices knows me like a concubine. We have a deal. I must buy $500 worth of cigars each month and in return, he sends me a 5 pack of $5 sticks to review every other month. How could I refuse that deal?

He also makes a point of sending me new house brands that he knows I will like. Thereby, insuring a good review.
The newest one is from Alec Bradley exclusive to BCP.

From BestCigarPrices.com:
“Classic in character and medium in strength, our all-new Tailored Habano by Alec Bradley was tailored to suit every smoker’s taste. Exuding smooth notes of cedar, coffee, rich tobacco, and a dash of spice, this choice blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos beneath a spicy Habano wrapper was crafted to appeal to those with a refined palate and the casual smoker alike, and is sure to satisfy the senses with an aromatic and easygoing smoking experience.”

A solid packed cigar with a dark chocolate wrapper full of oil and silky to the touch. It is another gloomy day in Milwaukee without a splif of sun so the oil will have to be imagined by the reader. It appears to have either a single, or double, cap and is expertly applied. Lots of veins. Seams are tight.

It has one of those huge billboard sized cigar bands that is a man’s suit.

One thing that is important. The cigar goes from Clark Kent to Superman in two weeks. Any dabbling out of frustration prior to those two weeks wastes a cigar.

I clip the cap and find aromas of luscious dark baking cocoa, baking spices, spice, barnyard, earthiness, mocha latte, sweet plump raisins, and a dash of pumpkin spice.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are thick with dark chocolate. As well as coffee, earthiness, leather, oak, sweetness, and exotic spice.

Moments later, the combo of both black and red pepper is at battle ready. The draw is fantastic considering how hard the cigar is. Which, by the way, was not the case upon receipt. Those two weeks of humidor rest did their magic.

The burn line is a tad bit wavy and I do a minor touch up to get it back on track. Early detection can avoid disaster later in the cigar.

The strength is immediately a strong medium. I know the BCP page description says it is medium but I’ve smoked 3 cigars before this fourth one. And the third one was uber powerful. It reminded me of an excellent Illusione. Let’s see if that power is re-enacted.

The power of the cigar dominates for a few moments and then allows a nice list of new flavors to excel. Here they are: cocoa, red pepper, creaminess, coffee, sweetness, earthiness, raisin, and pumpkin spice. And that’s only by the first ¾”.

The cigar totally impressed me the other day. Another example that a house blend doesn’t have to be blah. And with A/B blending it, it is hard to go wrong.

I have reviewed two other Alec Bradley blends made exclusively for BCP. They are Star Insignia, Tempus Robolo, and the Medici. All excellent cigars. But as much as I liked the other sticks, I think I’ve found my new fave of the four.

The Tailored is blended with the experienced smoker in mind. It is potent and flavorful. Not for newbies or mild cigar smoking gents.

The cigar is moments away from flavor bomb status. I cannot believe the changes that have occurred to this cigar in a mere two+ weeks. The price point in not only on the money, but in a blind taste test, I would guess it cost a few shekels more.

I want to thank Jason, and BCP, for allowing me to be the first to review this cigar. Thanks buddies.

Since that minor touch up, the char line has been dead nuts perfect.

The construction is solid without fragile wrapper issues or loose tobacco at the cap issues.
Creaminess moves to the front of the pack; even exceeding the spicy red pepper.

When I finish this review, I am going straight to BCP and purchasing a box. Another thing I like is that the cost differential between the box price and a 5 pack price is only a few cents difference per stick. I really like that. So many big online stores add on a couple bucks if you only want a 5 pack.

The second third begins and there is a carnival in my mouth. It is officially a flavor bomb. But with potent strength and perfect balance. The strength is at medium/full.

And if it is like the third one I smoked, it will hit full bodied by the last third.

The dark chocolate makes a quantum leap to the head of the line. Along with the creaminess, sweetness, and coffee, I grab a Diet Coke for a bastardized version of an Egg Cream.

I’m close to the halfway point and the cigar must be maxed out with flavor. I don’t know where it can go from here. It is mahvelous, dahling. (Did I sound like Billy Crystal?)

I bitch a lot. Especially when a cigar doesn’t hit its sweet spot til the last third. This stick hits the sweet spot less than in inch in. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I know what you’re thinking. BCP gave me this cigar so I’m obligated to write a rave review. Not true. BCP has sent me a couple clinkers in the past and they were so bad, I refused to review them. That is my sole hypocrisy.

I’ve reviewed 10 house brands from BCP. All are right here: A/B Star Insignia, Eterno by Perdomo, Gurkha Blade, Medici by A/B,Six Zero by Boutique Blends, Mythos by Altadis USA, Relajado by General Cigar, Damn Good, Gran Cantidad, and A/B Tempus Robolo. Every single one an excellent cigar. Good sticks for a great price.

I’m convinced that when all is said and done, A/B folks thought twice about giving this cigar to BCP. Why? Because it would rank highly in their regular list of blends and go for around $7 a stick, or more.

The last third begins. The balance is on point. The finish is very long and chewy. And the flavors are just killing me with kindness. I must have more.

The strength has moved to full bodied. I begin to feel the effects of nicotine. The stick has all the best qualities of an LFD or Illusione. This is high praise, indeed.

It is quite the departure for the Alec Bradley folks. They must love their peeps at BCP to do this for them.

There are no significant changes to the flavor profile but I shall list them once more: Creaminess, cocoa, spice, coffee, sweetness, earthiness, raisin, cinnamon, wood, and leather.

The cigar begins to have a chocolate mousse quality to it. The melts in your mouth sensation.

The BCP folks should change the strength description to at least medium/full. It is exactly like the third cigar I smoked. Just hammering the power.

This is a cigar that every aficionado will adore. A well trained palate will love it.
The nicotine level rises. I slow down as I have nothing in my stomach.

The cigar finishes out like a real champ. I have zero criticism. I don’t rate cigars because it is a subjective thing. A 90 to me may be an 85 to you. But if pushed, I’d rate it a 93. That’s only my perception. The real connoisseurs at Cigar Aficionado rate their cigars on some sort of point system and I have no idea what that is.

At the very least, try a 5 pack. Let them rest for 2-3 weeks. Don’t go crazy on me and smoke one earlier because you will have wasted a cigar. I can only imagine what this cigar will taste like with a couple months of humidor time.

ADDENDUM 5-6-2014:
It has been brought to my attention that there are at least a couple more reviews out there for the Tailored Habano and they aren’t all that complimentary. Based on what I’ve read, and heard, my only comment is that the reviewers smoked the cigars too soon. Both describe the cigar as medium. It isn’t. It kicked my ass! And Jason Harding of BCP agrees with me totally. And it was a true to form flavor bomb! I make it a point of telling my readers how long a cigar should be humidor aged before you get to taste the blender’s intent. I’m right. The other reviewers are wrong.

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10 replies

  1. Now this is really interesting as a comparison review. Another very respected reviewer just did a video of this stick last week also gifted from BCP. So I did a play by play of your review to his. The two could not be more different. He called it “pretty muted flavors” and exemplifying the bargain price. You were blown away by the flavors and in a blind taste test would put it within a higher price point. You say “tomato”, he says “ta-mah-to” . . . but let’s not call the whole thing off 😉

    • I just read the text portion of the video review in question. The guy never mentions that the cigar’s strength gets above medium bodied. Right there is your answer. It wasn’t until I had the cigars for almost 3 weeks that cigars strength equaled a strong Illusione of LFD. It kicked my ass from here to Katmandu. So there is the proof he smoked it too soon.

  2. Theyohannian, I know your waiting for Kat to answer but I need to jump in. A lot of reviewers don’t let these cigars rest enough. And though I haven’t seen the video your talking about I can tell you that in my own experience if you don’t give a cigar enough time in the humidor you just wont get what the cigar is all about. Especially if it’s a new release where it deserves 2 months or more. Maybe the reviewer your talking about smoked it off the truck. I personally wait three to four weeks before I even begin to explore my cigars. Although I’m guilty of try them off the truck when I’m curious.

  3. Another thing you don’t know if the reviewer smoked a shit load of cigar’s before reviewing which at that point you can’t taste shit.

    • Yeah, I hear ya loud and clear, Marco. Katman mentioned that these sticks need a few weeks in the humi before indulging. This whole “rest period” throws a new wrench in the review apparatus. When I get twitchy to pull the trigger on an auction site, I start Googling for reviews. If I get negative comments about the stick in question, now I gotta wonder if they gave it enough humi rest. Gets confusing. Really appreciate the Katman for being one of the few to speak on this aspect.

      Didn’t name the other review site since I’m not sure about proper edicate to name other reviewers. Thnx, Marco.

      • I’m glad you didn’t mention the other reviewer. I don’t want to get in a pissing match with anyone by name. Better to leave everyone guessing than be an asshole and point them out. Thanks for your comment.

      • I just did a search of a video review. There are two video reviews. And both reviewed the Connecticut version of this cigar, not the Habano that I reviewed.

        • Just checked the video site again. He did the Connecticut review on 5/3 and the Habano on 5/4, both gifted from BCP. Anyways, am keeping awareness of humi rest comments when observing reviewers.

          • If they don’t mention how much humidor rest the cigars got, then be suspicious of the reviewer. A few reasons for not tasting what I taste: 1) Trying to be the first one on the block with with review, or 2) Figures incorrectly that by the name brand alone, it doesn’t need much, if any, humidor time. Or 3) Just an over anxious reviewer. In most instances, I think it is a combo of Numbers 2 & 3.

    • Exactly, Marco. I would never review a cigar after smoking a number of sticks.
      Again, that’s why my reviews occur first thing in the morning and are my first stick of the day.