Gurkha Signature 1887 Black Rothchilde | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Peruvian, Indian
Size: 6 x 55 “Toro”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $9.66 MSRP



This is a Gurkha I had never heard of. One good sign is that it is included on the Gurkha web site with only the cigars that the Hansotia people take serious. NO house brands or drek.

From Atlantic Cigars:

“The Gurkha Signature comes in two varieties: the naturally mild to medium-bodied Signature 1887 Red, which sports a Connecticut seed Ecuadorian shade grown wrapper over a Dominican binder and Peruvian and Indian filler tobaccos, and the darker and more robust Gurkha Signature 1887 Black, which carries a Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper over the same binder and fillers as the Red. Both cigars are intriguing and matchless in the cigar world due to their unique selection of tobaccos, a trademark of Gurkha’s cigar making. Want to try an original? Then go with Gurkha!”

Both the Red and the Black come in one size only. And they come in boxes of 48 which makes them very pricey. Atlantic has them in boxes, 5 packs and singles. But are backordered on the boxes and 5 packs at the moment. But they are a helluva lot less than the MSRP for singles shown above.

The cigar is gorgeous. Almost coal black with shimmering oil. Which you can’t see because it is raining and gloomy outside. I have to save up for a new camera. Construction is flawless. Invisible seams. Lots of tiny spider veins. Flawless triple cap. Hard but with the perfect amount of give.

I believe this is one of those “good” Gurkhas made for B & M’s that Hansotia likes and somehow sneaked on to the online market place.

This will be my first 1887 Black. I allowed it 6 weeks humidor time.

I clip the cap and find aromas of strong cedar, cocoa, cinnamon, spice, herbal notes, and subtle notes of leather and floral.
Time to light up.

The flavors are delicious upon lighting up. A long list of them: Meaty, spicy, steak sauce, rich dark cocoa, espresso, full of cedar, earthy, with a very fruity note like black cherry. We are off to a good start.
This is a friggin delicious cigar!

The MSRP is probably what you would pay in a B & M. On Atlantic Cigars, it is $7.27 for a single. $5.80 per stick in a 5 pack. $5.31 for a box of 48. If you look around, those are killer prices. And that’s without joining the VIP Club.

At the ¾” mark, creaminess washes over the cocoa and espresso and meatiness and makes a brisket milk shake.

The char line is close to perfect. As I had no choice on the size, I feared I might not get everything it had to give. But Hansotia did well. This is the right size for this cigar.

This is the best tasting Gurkha I’ve had in a long time. But like I’ve said now and again, Gurkha knows how to make good cigars but saves the good stuff for a large variety of B & M’s across the country. I frequented one outside of Sacramento where the owner of the store and Hansotia were good friends. They had a nice lounge and 50% of the lounge lizards were smoking Gurkhas. Plus the store had a huge choice of the really good stuff at really expensive price points. The Crest and the Beauty were over $20 not $4, like online.

The stick burns slowly which gives me time for a filthy true ex rock god story.

There is a sliver of Hadley’s Date Milk Shake in flavor profile along with the rich cocoa and coffee.

The second third begins and does so with a flourish of flavor. Not quite the flavor bomb but getting there. The black pepper becomes red pepper and burns a hole on the tip of my tongue. Ha Cha Cha.

The creaminess is just flooding my palate like the blood flooding the Overlook Hotel corridors in “The Shining.”

I am at the halfway point and loving this stick. Here are the flavors: Cocoa, meatiness, coffee, creaminess, cedar, steak sauce, black cherry, leather, and dates.

Moments later, flavor bomb status is achieved.

The fruitiness moves to the front of the line behind the creaminess. Flavors seem to jumble. It is almost like smoking a different cigar. Here are the flavors once more: Black cherry, dates, sweetness, cocoa, creaminess, honey, caramel, and floral notes.

The char line has behaved itself nicely. The whole construction of the cigar has behaved. The cap needed a minor touch up to eradicate my drool for the photos.

The last third begins and the stick is on cruise control

Creaminess returns to the front of the pack but otherwise the flavor profile is the same as just listed.

This Gurkha is the kind of blend I remember from my trips to Sacramento in 2008. A fine high premium cigar. No gimmicks. Just fine blending.

The Trident and the Rogue and Blade and Warpig and Ghost were decent sticks but too trendy. This is a classic Gurkha blend.

Due to the size, and jam packed tobacco status, this stick takes a long time to smoke yet I don’t get bored. With a third to go, I’ve spent over 90 minutes with it.

The body has been classic medium throughout. I expect that the next couple of inches will surprise me. I think a second level of flavor bomb status will occur as well as the nicotine and strength.

I highly recommend this stick even though I’ve only gotten through 2/3 of it. It is the classic Gurkha of yester year. Remember when you could buy, and enjoy, a Gurkha bought online?

All of the A List reviewers refused to review this cigar. Not good enough for them, I suppose. Therefore, I could find zip about this cigar. I have no idea when it came out or anything about its history. The Gurkha web site is useless.

With 2” to go, the cigar explodes with flavor. The strength moves to medium/full. A bit of nicotine rears its head. This is what I’m talkin’ bout. The Sweet Spot.

At $7, this is a good deal. But I have no idea if it is limited edition or regular production. So I am going to place it in “The Katman’s Best 94 Boutique Brands/Blends in the $6-$9 Range.” And simultaneously, “The Katman’s List of 75 Excellent Cigars in the $5.00-$6.00 Range.” By the box, the cigar fits in with the price point parameters.

The cigar finishes with the flavors muted somewhat. They have mellowed. The first four or five flavors are dominating the experience. Find this cigar and put a few in your humidor.

And now for something completely different:

I had no idea the chick singer was a junkie. I was picked for the band to be its bassist literally from obscurity during my second week in London.

Two weeks of quick rehearsal for all the golden oldies from Curved Air’s “Best” of compilation from 5 previous albums.

The band had taken a 2 year hiatus and there was quite the buzz about it coming back. Of course, the reason wasn’t to play music again. It was to fulfill the obligations to Decca Records for one more album. The band realized the easiest way to do this was a live album. The band members had huge egos and hated each other. And there was no way they could sit down and write together.

They knew the old songs, but I didn’t, and they didn’t care. I struggled with these highly complex progressive tunes based on mostly classical music. As it later turned out, I became the star of the Live album. My bass playing was light years ahead of the styles being currently played by Brit bassists. I brught da funk, mon.

We made our debut in the late summer of 1974 in London. The dressing room was full of hot shots I didn’t know. So I kept to myself.

Sonja came over to me. All eyes were on her. She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. I could hear the cat calls and Woo Hoo’s like they were amplified in our gazillion watt sound system. Sonja had been named the hottest female singer by all the European music magazines for years. But her addiction left her drawn and skinny. But she still had a beautiful face.

She began to undress from her civvies and she told me my face was beet red. She was naked in front of me and motioning to her right arm.

I was having a heart attack. She asked me to hold her fancy stage dress. And she just stared at my eyes with her bright blues. I was new to the game and had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was 24. Not inexperienced. But not rock star experienced.

She finally told me to look at the nook of her arm where I saw tracks from needle injections. Oh, fucking, no!

She told me that she was a recovering addict and was being treated by a doctor and being weaned off of morphine via methadone. Which is still a highly addictive drug.

She didn’t want the rest of the band to know about this because this had happened in the past and the band swore that if it happened again, they would quit.

So it was up to the new guy, so hungry for big time rock n roll, to help her maintain her recovery while on the road. In this case, a 7 week tour of England and the Continent.
She begged for my help, and silence.

I really wanted to be a rock star. And if this was the path I had to take, well…so be it.

I sheepishly nodded my head and she flung her naked body on to me. She dropped to her knees and everyone outside could hear me getting knobbed. There were cheers at the same time we finished. This chick was uber experienced in the art of fellatio.

I came out of the bathroom limp as a noodle. Literally. I was drained. And now I would have to perform an aggressive two hour show. I couldn’t even remember my name let alone the music. Oy vay.

Since we were the headliners, I had an hour to reset.

On stage, she got on her knees several times in front of me while I was playing and pretended to give me head. The audience went nuts. This was a first for me.

Management, I found out the next day, knew about her out patient rehab. So, the arrangements were made for us to share a hotel room the entire tour.

We had about 25 roadies on the road. And she went with me everywhere and the photographers noticed this. I didn’t like all the attention. Flash bulbs going off everywhere. It was annoying. I felt a little Alec Baldwin in me.

Being in the same hotel room got to be a bore after two weeks. There were so many chicks that would come to see us and I had no place to take them. Sonja wasn’t jealous. A free thinking Hippie. But I did what I had to do for the sake of the band. Everyone must make compromises in their life at some point. LOL!

This is what she looks like now:
curved air Protection Status



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  1. Damn, she was beautiful! What happened to her? When is the last time you saw her?

    BTW, great review AND I found a place where it’s $250 a box PLUS free shipping! Each cigar is $ 5.20! 🙂
    So, you suggest get a box? I’m a little hesitant, but your review had my salivating. 😛

    • The review is one man’s opinion. I would never recommend a box based upon my review. We all have different palates.
      I would go for a 5 pack first.
      Thanks for the comment John.

      • Oh geez, I based it on this:

        “By the box, the cigar fits in with the price point parameters.”
        lol! BY not BUY. Sorry, my bad. So, can you tell me about the girl or too personal?