CroMagnon Fomorian EMH by RoMa Craft Tobac | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Candela
Binder: African Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 56 “Robusto Extra-EMH”
Body: Medium
Price: $7.75



This is a very limited edition cigar. Less than 2500 cigars were produced.

Everyone sells the cigars for $7.75. This includes Doc James, Serious Cigars, and Cigar Hustler. Strangely, Hava Cigar Shop; home of Skip Martin and Michael Rosales who blended the cigars, don’t carry the cigar online. But they do have the entire line of CroMagnon and Intemperance cigars. And if you are a member of Cigar Federation, you get a 10% discount. Membership is free.

The Fomorians are mythical Irish beings with only one eye, one arm and one leg. That should explain everything. (?)
The Fomorian is exactly the same thing as the regular CroMagnon with the substitution of the candela wrapper for the Connecticut Broadleaf.

The cigar was first released in 2013 as an event-only cigar. In 2014, RoMa Craft Tobac released around 2500 cigars to the public.

Generally, I am not a fan of Candela wrappers. They are very fragile. And are usually equated to mild bodied cigars. The exceptions are the Illusione 88 Candela, Asylum 13 Ogre Barber Pole, La Flor Dominicana Double Claro, and the Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan. The Bradley version is the only stick I felt was not up to par in comparison with the others.

The Candela wrapper looks like Chinese silk. Seams are nearly invisible. What few veins are there are extremely noticeable due to the wrapper’s color. The triple cap is immaculate. There is a slight bit of oiliness and the wrapper is silky to the touch. The stick is extremely hard. And when I try to see if it has any give, I hear a crack. Oops.

I clip the caps and find aromas of strong cut grass, leather, hay, sweetness, and spice.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are very grassy tasting. Normally, Candela wrappers are very thick but when I noticed that this one wasn’t, it scuttled my choice of taking a photo of the foot.

A couple minutes in, red pepper shows up along with a bit of creaminess, coffee, and a wonderful floral note. The strength starts out as mild/medium bodied.

The draw is fantastic and blurring my vision as I puff away while typing.

Earthiness really stands out as well does some sweet cedar. The sweetness improves with each puff. This stick has some stiff competition in this price range with my first favorite Candela: Illusione 88 Candela. And second favorite: LFD Double Claro. Both those cigars were monsters in the flavor bomb arena.

The ash is very delicate and fragile. Very flaky. Like me.

I didn’t like the Filthy Hooligan that much. Maybe it needed months of humi time, I don’t know.

The spice rears itself like an angry Fomorian going into battle and sears the roof of my mouth with hot red spice. The strength moves to classic medium bodied.

Back when your great, great grandfathers were around, Candela was very popular and very prevalent. It saw it become the rage in the 1950’s and then die out until the mid-90’s.

The char line is doing very well on its own. The flavors are OK. Not leaping fences or anything but nice.

Here they are: Spice, earthy, creaminess, sweetness, wood, grass, hay, leather, and coffee. This is a very earth oriented blend.

The second third starts without change. So far, this ain’t no Illusione or LFD. I’ve had the cigars for a couple weeks and this is the first one I’ve tried. So I may only be tasting potential and not the blender’s intent. But to be honest, everything RoMa Craft Tobac puts out is rarin’ to go after two weeks. Some sticks, even sooner.

I have to clip the cap where my mouth drooled on it. It is nasty looking with all that dark green.

The coffee and cream become stronger. I wish the grassiness would go away. And the spice moves back in the line of flavors. A new flavor shows up: Cocoa. It immediately boosts the creaminess, coffee, and sweetness to a new level. Yet nowhere near flavor bomb status.

RoMa Craft Tobac is an interesting company. They make a real effort to produce real quality cigars at a price everyone can afford. You gotta tip your hat to Skip Martin and Michael Rosales.

I near the halfway point and the cigar has sort of creamy grass Danish flavor to it.

I’m dead center at the halfway mark and the strength remains at medium bodied. No changes to the flavor profile so I’m bummed. If it were to become a flavor bomb it would have by now.

Instead, it is just a pleasant Candela wrapped blend. I got this in a 3 cigar sampler that Doc James sells for $23. You get one each of the following: RoMa Craft CroMagnon Fomorian EMH, RoMa Craft CroMagnon Mandible, and RoMa Craft Aquitaine Mode 5. Good deal for trying out the different blends before committing to buy a 5 pack or box.

And then wonders of wonders. As the last third begins, flavor explosion. I hoped this would happen but didn’t want to jinx it by writing it.

Now we have a flavor bomb: Creaminess, cocoa, coffee, earthy, grass, wood, leather, spice, and leather.

The cigar is now perfectly balanced with a super long finish. It is deelish! The Illusione and LFD still remain my faves because they hit flavor bomb status right away. No waiting for the last third.

The huge ring gauge makes this little fire plug a slow smoker. It has taken me an hour and 15 to get down to the last 1-1/2”. But this is OK as the flavors are totally enjoyable.

The strength never gets bolder than medium bodied. And no nicotine.

I recommend this cigar because I like everything that RoMa Craft puts out. I’d love to own boxes of every single cigar they produce. They are affordable and I would love to see how they handle a few months humidor time.
The cigar finishes out nicely but still not an Illusione or LFD.

And now for something completely different:

I’ve told this story several times but I am building a new reading audience so my apologies to the stalwarts.

Curved Air was the strangest audition I ever had. I saw an ad in Melody Maker for a bassist and a roadie with the same contact number. My girlfriend and I and my buddy, Skip and his wife were holed up in a basement flat in West London. We had spent four weeks on the Continent and then all of a sudden we were running out of dough.

We decided that if we had to beg on the streets, it should be in a country that spoke English so off to England we went.
I replied to that ad two weeks after we arrived in London.

I scheduled an audition time and asked about the roadie gig. The guy on the phone laughed and said let’s just worry about the bass gig first.

We had £10 left to our names. And I used half of it to get to St. John’s Wood where the audition took place at Miles Copeland’s house. Just down the street from Abbey Road Studio. I took a double decker bus and there were no seats available on the bottom so I had to climb those ridiculous spiral stairs to the top with a giant bass case. I got stuck a couple times and the movement of the bus didn’t help.

I was directed down to the basement and saw at least two dozen bassists waiting their turn in the lounge. The band was in a glassed off sound proof room working with one bassist after another.

I turned heels and left. I can’t do this.

The drummer, Stewart Copeland, saw me leave and ran after me down the driveway saying, “Hey douchebag! Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”
I told him I didn’t do cattle calls.

He put his arm around me and ushered me back down stairs. I sat for 90 minutes listening to each bassist play the same chord structures the band gave them to play.

Then it was my turn.

I had worked out in my head what I would play for each of the four tunes they used.

And then Darryl Way, the violinist and leader of the band, said, “You know what? We are tired of playing the same thing over and over. Why don’t you give us something to play?”

I gulped hard.

America was way ahead of the Brits when it came to jazz fusion. So I picked something aggressive the way the Mahavishnu Orchestra would play.

Off we went. Total chaos. Stewart played his ass off and so did the others. We did a few more tunes and then stopped so they could interview me.

Darryl had just seen the Jeff Beck group the night before and he used an American rhythm section and decided that’s what he wanted. But was getting none of that at the auditions.

Until I came along.
They were jubilant.

They told me the best of the best would be invited back on Sunday for the final audition.

As I packed, a couple waiting bassists approached me and asked if I got the gig? Apparently, they heard everything I did and it was way beyond their capabilities. I told them no I did not get the gig. And left.

As soon as I got back to my flat, there were two phone calls in a row. The first from Darryl and the second from Stewart. They told me how much they like me, etc.

I went back on Sunday. I was totally broke now.

I went downstairs. There was the band drinking tea. And me.

No one else was invited back.

Miles immediately put me on the payroll and we were saved from destitution. I took a taxi home instead of the bus. I got paid £200 per week off the road. And £400 per week when on the road. They paid my rent and all expenses. My girlfriend quit her job as a chamber maid at a fancy hotel.
Back then, an English Pound was worth about $2.75.

My first promo shoot with the band:
curved air1a Protection Status


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