Matilde Renacer Corona by José Seijas | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 x 44 “Corona”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.50 MSRP



I only learned about this cigar a bit over a month ago. The sticks were released only recently and I had to have some. You are a José Seijas fan whether you know it or not.

This cigar, by José Seijas, made its debut two months ago. It was originally called the La Matilde but the “La” was dropped like a stone. You may still see the cigar online referred to as the La Matilde. There is nothing about the word, “Renacer” on the web site so I looked it up. It means to be reborn or reappear in Spanish.

“Jose Seijas is a true cigar-man, with over 40 years of experience in the cigar industry, after retiring, he set up a much smaller factory called Tabacalera Matilde in La Romana, Dominican Republic with his family. The intent is to make cigars on a smaller boutique scale under the brand name Matilde. The blend is comprised of primarily Dominican tobacco fillers and binder with a hint of Nicaraguan tobacco, covered in a rich Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. Seijas is now fortunate to have complete control of the manufacturing process, with his years of experience and acquired knowledge using the finest techniques to produce his cigars. A single leaf is used from foot to head and the cigar is also capped from a single leaf. This method not only creates a beautiful end product but also improves the consistency of the burn.

“The cigars are then aged an additional 90 days after rolling to bring out the blends richness and flavor. Seijas even goes a step further, insisting on hiring cigar rollers who smoke cigars, a move he thinks makes for a superior end product. So here’s your chance to try this medium to full bodied boutique cigar from a cigar legend, a man that is one of the most passionate cigar guys in the industry.”

As a result, there are giant veins on the wrapper. Seams are tight. The stick is hard. The triple cap is impeccable. The wrapper is the color of milk chocolate. Only a slight bit of oiliness and smooth to the touch.

I clip the cap and find aromas of sweetness, fruitiness, floral notes, yellow pound cake, and caramel.
Time to light up.

I get an immediate burn issue that I nip in the bud. While putzing with that, I get a big blast of black pepper. And then the sweetness comes along to modify the strength of the spiciness. The draw is the slightest bit tight.

Creaminess appears along with some cocoa. The spiciness continues to climb the ladder. There are wood and leather notes.

I love coronas and lanceros because they get you where you want to go right away. Normally, very intense cigars.

An inch in, the caramel hits quickly like a bull whip. It matches the creaminess and cocoa perfectly. The cigar is damn near a flavor bomb a little more than an inch in.

I have reviewed the Seijas Signature Series here. But I recently got a hold of a limited edition of the Seijas Series Figurado that I am resting in my humidor. I should be reviewing that in a week or so.

The Matilde Renacer comes in four sizes: Robusto 5.25 x 54, Toro Bravo 6.5 x 54, Grande 6 x 60, and the Corona 5.5 x 44.
I picked the Corona because I knew it would be ready to smoke much sooner than the other large ring cigars. And I was right. It is a flavor bomb well before the end of the first third.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, spice, caramel, pound cake, fruit, vanilla bean, wood and leather.

I can’t understate the delicious flavor of pound cake. All that heavy vanilla taste along with oodles of butter. The cigar is very smooth and balanced and smoking way too fast as I am so digging it I don’t want it to stop.

For such a little package, it is sending out a tsunami of flavor.

The second third has passed because I wasn’t paying attention. I’m nowhere close to finishing this wonderful cigar and I want more. And I paid considerably less at Atlantic Cigars. At the box price, the stick is only $6.75. And if you are a VIP Club member, the price drops to less than $5 a stick. But these sticks are selling fast. The discount applies to 5 packs and singles too.

I’m at the halfway point. The construction is perfect. The char line has been dead nuts since the early correction. The wrapper is spot on. And no issues with loose tobacco at the cap. Even my drool can’t penetrate it.

The strength has been classic medium body this entire time. As it is considered medium/full, I expect the last third has a surprise waiting.

The blend is so complex now. The spiciness is strong but no longer over powering.

The finish is super long. And very chewy.

The last third begins and sees an upward tick of strength to medium/full.

There are no changes to the flavor profile. Just more intense. I’m beginning to feel some nicotine.

This is just a lovely cigar and, once again, José Seijas provides a masterpiece of blending skill and artistry.

Off subject a bit. I never understood how other reviewers manage to keep the cap looking fresh as a daisy throughout the smoke. Do they use a cigar holder? Do they barely touch their lips to the cap? Or am I a habitual drooler?

This is the cigar you don’t want to end. Great amount of angst occurs as the cigar fades away.

By the time I finish the cigar, I will have gotten a wonderful 45 minute experience. I should probably purchase the robusto next time but I do like the corona.

As the cigar finishes, the spice has returned and the nicotine has become stronger. And the cigar finds its full body.
I highly recommend this cigar. It is a marvel of cigar blending.
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