Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente King T Natural | Cigar Review

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size: 7 x 49 “Double Corona”
Body: Full
Price: $11.25 MSRP (It is much cheaper on = $6.25 each in a four pack of tubos)



When you look up the word, “Smooth” in the dictionary, you see two photos. The first is George Clooney and the second is Arturo Fuente.

To me, Fuente is the epitome of smooth. I allowed this small stash to humidor rest for six weeks. It is all that was required.

The cigar tubes depict the famed Chateau de la Fuente.
When I think of Fuente, I think of mild golf cigars.

Also available in Ecuadorian Sun Grown.

I checked out some other reviewers and they didn’t do me much good. I never got the sense that these cigars were allowed to rest at all. I tried one after a week or two and I might as well have been smoking hay.

This is a really rough looking cigar. Wrinkles everywhere. Lots of veins. But very tight seams. An immaculate triple cap. And the wrapper is a strange color of honey. It has the slightest amount of oil that won’t show up on this rainy and dreary day. And it feels very smooth to the touch. The cigar band is the typical Fuente band and it has a red ribbon at the foot.

I clip the caps and find aromas of nice floral notes, dark cocoa, honey, coffee, wood, honeysuckle, and a strong aroma of apricots along the shaft.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are full of wood and honey. Sweetness is very strong. The draw is perfect. A nice cedar component joins up. And just the slightest hint of black pepper complete the picture.

The strength is classic medium out of the gate.

I get a serious burn issue right away. What is it with today? I just reviewed a Leccia Black and it too had serious issues.

I smoked the other three from the pack and not one had a single burn issue. Is it the weather?

I found that I had two CroMagnon sticks in my “For Review Only” humidor and smoked it yesterday. The char line was crisp and dead nuts. So it’s not the humidor.
Bloody sticks.

The spiciness and strength increase. Here are the flavors, in order: Spice, earthiness, sweetness, cedar, honey, and leather.

The burn issues finally resolve themselves.

Creaminess shows up as the strength increases to medium/full as the second third starts.

The early constant torching of the cigar has a deleterious effect on the flavor profile. It has charred some of its precious cargo.

The cap is really behaving itself with no loose tobacco which vexes me as I am a chomper.

The second third wanes and the cigar hits flavor bomb status. Not a kitchen sink variety of flavors but what are there are potent and balanced perfectly. The only reason these sticks cost over $10 is the fancy tubes.

Without them, they are $7 sticks. And fortunately for us, sells them in the price range they should be. The package also comes in a 5 stick arrangement.

I’m at the halfway point and the nicotine begins to flow as the cigar hits full bodied. A crack appears in the wrapper. Drat. I check my “Review Only” humidor with three digital hygrometers in it and they all say 70%. And besides, I write a review every day and each cigar comes from that humidor and I haven’t had a bit of trouble with any previous sticks.

I think the Connecticut Shade wrapper is too fragile. It is extremely thin. Cigars with thicker wrappers always do better in the burn department.
Still, the other three were perfect.

Meanwhile, I am trying to focus on the flavor which is wonderful. A new flavor shows itself: Butterscotch. Creamy and buttery smooth.

The stick is friggin delicious. In spite of the construction issues. If this was a cheap cigar and I wasn’t using my last one for a review, I would toss it. No. I didn’t pay over $10 but still…it is the principle of the thing that Fuente considers this one of their better blends.

The butterscotch kick starts the other flavors of a new caramel and honey combo. The creaminess is out of this world.

Again, I had no trouble with the first three so it is just bad luck. I still think the deal on cigarauctioneer is a great deal. And they always seem to have a couple 4 or 5 packs on auction.
This is one ugly cigar. Like Carlos.

The draw has remained perfect. The cap very well done. But the burn and the wrapper make the stick verklempt.
It is here that the stick becomes very complex. Nice balance. Long finish. Very chewy. With a bit of oil on the lips.

The last third is a triumph of flavor over construction. I try not to look at the stick so it won’t give me nightmares.

The crack is bad but the cigar glue I used is holding it together. I gotta tell you that this Kingpin glue is worth its weight in cocaine. I’ve used several brands and this one is, by far, the best. Lots of head stores online carry it so just Google Kingpin glue.


This is a good cigar. If all four had the same construction issues there is no way I could recommend it. But they didn’t. For the dough on the auction site makes this a worthwhile investment.

And now for something completely different:

More music stories.
Here is one I haven’t told in a very long time….

We were touring with Black Sabbath. Now this was the stupidest idea in the world. Our two bands were oil and water. And we were scared to go on first. And there were only the two of us. We were allowed a 45 minute set.
While Curved Air was basically a stable bunch of people who smoked week and hash, Sabbath was doing heroin. And their fans were totally out of control.

As we took the stage, people booed. Oh lord.

We always started with a high energy instrumental. And then we would introduce Sonja Kristina. And she was dressed in high end slut clothing. The crowds always went nuts. Even the Sabbath crowd.


Well, we did our magic and the crowd was restless. Even yelling out Black Sabbath at times. But around 30 minutes into it, Sonja took over.

She started to shed her clothes. And she would take turns kneeling in front of me and the guitarist and the violinist giving us fake head. The crowd nearly turned the arena upsides down.

This caught the attention of Ozzy who was just off stage. He was a big fan of CA. And he stood there during our entire set.

He walked on stage and the place went nuts. He grabbed Sonja and she knew what to do. She got down on her knees in front of him and undid his fly. She reached in with one hand and began to lick the outside of his pants. He took the microphone away from her and made all sorts of lewd comments. I thought the crowd was going to storm the stage.

The band and I were laughing big time. There was nothing shy about Sonja. Ozzy pushed her hand away and yanked out his petunia.

Sonja took the mic back and began to sing our only Top 10 hit, “Back Street Luv.” The band followed her. She stood there singing with Ozzy’s dick in her hand. Roadies and security had to stand at the front of the stage and were throwing the more excited fans off.

After the gig, both bands and all of the roadies not working, headed to the “in” club in town. We sat at a big half round booth. Sonja sat next to Ozzy. And then all of a sudden she disappeared. She was giving Ozzy head at the table.

A roadie that Ozzy always picked on turned the tables on him. He took a shit into his hand and dropped the turd into Ozzy’s drink. We all fled the table. Sonja did not. And Ozzy never saw it coming as he lifted the drink to his mouth.

As soon as turd touched his lips, he stood up knocking the entire table on its side. He started cursing. Sonja scrambled to get out of there. Ozzy knew who did this and chased him around the club.
Darryl told us this might be a good time to split. Protection Status



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4 replies

  1. I’m sure the bat tasted better.

    • I smoked one too early. And the other two were wonderful without a single construction or burn issue. Why? Why? I tell ya, Charlie, Murphy’s Law really seems to adore me.

  2. I thought tubos were mini humidors and therefore no additional humidification.

    • Tubos are not humidors. If the tops are left unscrewed, they can last a while outside of your humidor but they are mainly for show. If I get a stick in a tubo, I put the cigar in the humidor and keep the tubo in a safe place. It is a great way to travel with the cigar keeping it from harm. Or giving them to friends. But if you put the airtight tubo in your humidor, it will not age properly like your other cigars.
      And unfortunately, tubos are not cheap and they take a $7 cigar and turn it into a $10 cigar.