Sam Leccia Black Special Box Pressed Torpedo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Rosado
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican, Brazilian Mata Fina, American Dark Fire
Size: 6 x 54 “Box Pressed Toro”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: Approximately $9.50 Only Available in the Leccia Black & White Variety Sampler 6 Cigars which goes for $55.75 at most retail locations. (Only $45.00 at




From BCP web site:
“Sam Leccia of Cain and Nub fame is back with his own line of innovative premium cigars.
“Sam Leccia Black features a Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Rosado binder, and a filler blend containing ligero from Esteli, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, as well as Brazilian Mata Fina and a half leaf of “Dark Fire”, a proprietary wood fire cured leaf lending a smoked whisky flavor and aroma and complex notes of spices and charred oak. Needless to say, this unique blend is a must try for those with an adventurous palate.
“Sam Leccia White features an African Sun Grown wrapper, binder from Ecuador, and fillers of Nicaraguan Ligero and Pennsylvania Seco for a full flavored smoke that is truly one of a kind.
“This slick 6-cigar sampler lets you sample both delicious blends in Leccia’s Black & White series.”

From the Leccia Tobacco web site:
“The Leccia Tobacco Black is a 5 country blend handcrafted in the Dominican Republic. The Black uses a seamless Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf around a spicy Nicaraguan Rosado binder leaf. The filler uses rich ligero from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, viso from Brazil, and centering the blend is a very unique tobacco called “Dark-Fire.” Dark-Fire is wood fire cured tobacco, providing a mild, refined, smoky character. The Dark-Fire aroma can be easily detected simply by nosing the foot of the cigar pre-light. The blend is medium to full bodied with a creamy robust flavor and a subtle smokiness. The smooth strength builds throughout the enjoyment of the cigar.”

This is quite the deal. And thanks to Jason Harding at BCP for being my guardian angel.

And as you can see in the photo, I sneaked a petite robusto prior to taking the picture. My bad.


There are three sizes of each blend which includes two special sizes developed for this sampler only:
White: Little Guy 4 x 46, 4 x 48, Toro 6 x 50, (Special Size) Perfecto 6 x 58 (Reviewed here). Black: Little Guy 4 x 46, Toro 6 x 50, (Special Size) Box pressed Torpedo 6 x 54

I have been a patient boy giving the stick some humidor time but one thing can be sure with any Leccia blend, it only takes a week or two and the stick is good to go. This being a big stick, I allowed it 6 weeks humidor time.

Construction is good but feels light in my hand. If you take a look at the foot, there seems to be way too much space between the leaves. It should be jam packed and it isn’t. The wrapper is a very oily butterscotch color but due to the rainy weather, alas, you won’t get to see how pretty the cigar is. Santa, bring me a good camera for Chanukkah. Seams are not as tight as I would like. Lots of veins. And the triple cap is a bit sloppy. The torpedo, which was produced for this sampler, has a slap dashed look to it. Last minute sort of thing.

I clip the cap and find aromas of smoky whisky and fire cured wood. But strangely, these aromas are very weak to other Blacks I’ve smoked. And that is the extent of the aromas. Nothing else. Not even hay or barnyard.
Time to light up.

I had a pretty good experience with Leccia White Perfecto. It was jam packed and extremely flavorful and aromatic.

While toasting the foot, the wonderful aroma of fire cured wood wafts gently into the air. Makes one think of the woods and a log cabin with a camp fire. And six disemboweled bodies in the cabin’s basement.

The char line makes a run for it at the very start and I nip it in the bud. Hopefully, that is it.

Flavors begin to line up: Earthy, sweet, red pepper, waffles, black cherry, smoky whisky, a bit of cream and cocoa.
Good start.

Except while I am typing, the char line goes canoeing on me. A huge run about an inch long appears. I frantically try to fix it. This is a prime example of the cigar not having been packed with enough tobacco. Shame on the Leccia people.

This is fucking frustrating. I have to keep an eagle eye on the burn line. It wants to take off in the worst way. Literally. The foot just won’t cooperate.

Meanwhile, the cigar is trying to do its best at being flavorful. The profile has not changes as I’ve burned my way to the start of the second third.

The burn issues finally resolve themselves. What a piss off. At least the White Perfecto was out of this world making up for this disaster. And I still think that the Sampler box is a great deal and a chance to try two new shapes. Obviously, my cigar’s problems are a fluke. Quality control just didn’t catch this stick. It happens.

The flavors are muted and nowhere near flavor bomb status. They are very pleasant but an over $9 price tag would be offensive if all the cigars were like this one.

For the most part, Leccia sticks are fairly priced in the $7-$8 range. People are going nuts over the Luchador. Go to Cbid and bidders are paying $1 or $2 over the retail price. Idiots like this ruin it for everyone else. BCP has them all in stock at a very fair price range.

Haven’t talked about strength. It starts out at classic medium but by the halfway point it moves to medium/full.

Flavors make a surge at this point and the cigar finally makes flavor bomb status. Even though I had a bitch of a situation with this cigar, I am sure it is an aberration. I’ve smoked a lot of Leccia cigars and this is the first time this has happened. And since I had only one of them, there is no comparison to be made in this size and shape. Too bad. BCP….you owe me a good Torpedo.

Here are the flavors, in order: Creaminess, smoky whisky, fire cured wood, red pepper, cocoa, sweetness, almond marzipan, cedar, raisin, and a touch of leather.

The strength quickly moves to full bodied. I begin to feel the nicotine and this is the first time in the cigar’s burn that I am really enjoying the cigar.

While the burn issues don’t go away completely, they remain within the parameter of tolerable.

I bet this would have been a killer cigar if it was jam packed. Another byproduct of too little tobacco is the burn time. I’ve only smoked 2/3 of the cigar and it has taken a mere 45 minutes to do so. It should have been well over 90 minutes or so.

The cigar has been soft in places where the missing tobacco is. But the cap is sturdy. You ever get a cigar that goes so soft that you can literally squeeze it like a sponge to half its width? Bummer.

The smoky whisky and fire cured wood flavors move to the back of the line. Creaminess and sweetness dominate the flavor profile. The red pepper has been potent throughout the smoke and remains so.

The cigar finishes out nicely. The burn issues are over with. The strength is a nice full body but with only a touch of nicotine. The balance is good and it ends with a nice long chewy finish.

Once more, the lack of sufficient tobacco is a fluke. Leccia is better than that. And it just so happened that I got stuck with the dud. But dud in construction only. Wonderful flavors.

I would definitely go to BCP and snag a sampler before they disappear.
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