Regius of London Black Label | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6.5 x 56 “Gran Toro”
Body: Medium
Price: $9.20


Note….I got this from Catfish Bakersfield:
“The brand is not meant to be sold online. The places selling the Orchant online are not licensed to do so and are doing it sideways. The White label is allowed as it is a Quesada blend. Kapacee prefers to keep his cigars in stores only. However, blends like the Damaris or USA Exclusivo that are done for shops will pop up online as they handle their own distribution. You will never see the black online, if you do, they will get hammered by SAG.”
Small Batch Cigar was given special permission by the owner of Regius to sell the Limited Edition and Culebra online.

I have no idea where this cigar came from. I’ve had it a couple months and I’ve reviewed the Regius Orchant LE and the White Label; both excellent cigars. I’ve never tried this blend and since I only have one…fingers crossed. Methinks that Small Batch Cigar threw it in on a purchase.

This blend is the first to make it to the American shores from Britain. That was about two years ago. Regius of London is expanding their customer base and what better place to jump into the boiling water than America?
They are distributed by Quesada Cigars. The cigars are produced at the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua

The list of sizes is quite complete but yet I could not find this size except on the Regius web site. I did find this size in the White Label so I have no idea where it may be purchased. Spending time with Google will cure that.

Corona: 5.125 x 42
Grandito: 7 x 47
Robusto: 4.875 x 50
Lord Madsen: 6 x 38
Short Robusto: 4 x 50

This is a big honker and I hope the two+ months in my humidor was enough. It is a semi-rustic looking log. Not very oily. A caramel/light brown color on the wrapper, lots of veins, seams are invisible, and the triple cap is immaculate. There is just the slightest amount of toothiness; even though the wrapper feels smooth to the touch.

The difference in the other two blends is that beneath the black cigar band, is a secondary band depicting whether it is the White or Orchant. With this baby, it is merely the simple black label.
I clip the caps and find aromas of caramel, sweetness, earthiness, and a wonderful array of summer fruit.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are unusual and confound my puny brain. They were there for a few moments and then gone. I got it. It was a delicate mix of floral notes and herbal notes. I don’t remember a cigar starting this way and it threw me.

The draw is perfect. Black pepper begins along with some sweetness. There is some bitterness. Not strong, but unpleasant. The pepper keeps on chooglin’ in an upward trajectory.

The stick is light in the hand and only takes 10 minutes to smoke the first inch.

Some nice creaminess jumps aboard at the end of those 10 minutes. The sweetness begins to prevail. The black pepper keeps on keeping on.

As you know if you are a loyal reader, I don’t like behemoth logs like this for two reasons; the first is that they generally take too long to humidor age and second. The flavor profile is not as intense as a much smaller version of the blend. The flavors creep instead of exploding.

The Regius Black Label is about to prove me wrong in the flavor department.
The second third begins.

Here are the wonderful flavors: Spice, creaminess, caramel, sweetness, floral notes, herbal notes, cedar, and leather.

I have no idea why every cigar has some modicum of leather in its profile.

This is quite the tasty cigar. A hickory flavored charred meat element shows up unexpectedly. Very smoky.

With each puff, this blend becomes more interesting. Prices for this cigar are all over the place. Small Batch Cigar only carries the Regius Orchant LE and the Regius Culebra. Cigar Federation only carries the Regius Damaris which I have not tried. Jack Schwartz Importer carries them all and all are out of stock. As I Google, it appears that the rest of the stores online that carry them are in London.

I betcha a buck if you contact Small Batch Cigars and ask Andrew to carry them, he will.

The second third sees no remarkable changes. And easy going flavorful cigar. The strength is classic medium bodied.

As this is an import, going through Quesada Cigars, the prices for the sticks are all over the place from $6.50-$9.00.

New flavors arrive: Cocoa and a real nuttiness coming from hazelnut and cashew.

The other flavors become much stronger at this point. The black pepper becomes red pepper. I grab a Diet Coke as this blend is perfect for simulating a NYC egg cream.

I am at the halfway point. The cigar is wasting no time in burning down the house.

The sun has come out and you can see in the later photos that there is a reddish tinge to the wrapper’s color.

But it appears that the halfway mark is the magical point in which the cigar becomes a bona fide flavor bomb. And becomes complex for the first time. The balance is spot on. And has a beautiful long finish.

On another note, I received samples of the new Arandoza Red Label last week and reviewed one. It was magnificent and according to Robert Arango, the cigar needed no humidor time. He was right on the money. 24 hours of dry boxing and she was ready to go. But his wife Pilar busted him. The cigar won’t debut until this summer’s IPCPR trade show and I don’t believe any pre-release cigars were sent to anyone but me…based on the fact there isn’t a single review out there; only press releases describing the new cigar.

I sent them both the link to the review and have not heard back. It was a fawning review full of praise because it is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked so that can’t be the reason. Strange. But let me tell you this…when this cigar hits the streets, grab a box. Immediately. You can read my review of the Arandoza Red Label HERE.

It has taken 40 minutes to get this far with the cigar. I truly expected it to be a 2-1/2 hour cigar instead of what appears to be a 90 minute cigar. It’s OK with me…but paying $9.00 for a lot of smokers is going to create the assumption that they are getting a near 3 hour smoke, not a 90 minute one.
The red pepper wanes a bit.

The last third begins without change. I love the flavor profile. It has all the good parts of a Nic puro. The cocoa and nuttiness really surge.

Here are the flavors: Cocoa, creaminess, caramel, lemon citrus, sweetness, spice, floral notes, charred meat, cedar, and leather.

If you take a close look at the cigar band, you can see a bunch of initials. They represent all the people that had something to do with producing this cigar.

This is a muy delicious flavorful cigar. Like a candy bar, you want to stick it in your mouth and eat it.
The trifecta of creaminess, cocoa, and caramel make for a magnificent flavor profile.

I highly recommend this cigar. When given a chance, I would love to try the robusto, short robusto, or corona. It would be hard to believe that the cigar would be exponentially more flavorful but I bet more flavors would appear than have here. Although, this stick is no slouch.

The strength remains at medium body. But I sense as I work my way down to the last 2”, the cigar will make a run at medium/full. I begin to feel some nicotine. Well within the confines of what I can handle.

Each puff, followed by a swig of Diet Coke makes the egg cream experience explode on my palate.

I’m glad I put off reviewing this cigar for over 2 months. Each time I opened my humidor strictly for holding cigars for review, I would look at this log in dread assuming it would not be a very flavorful cigar. Or wondering how long it would need before I tasted the blender’s intent.

The construction has held up nicely. No touch ups of the char line have been required. The cap is in good shape and only required one little nip near the end to avoid photographing my drool. And the wrapper has behaved perfectly.

Out of nowhere, I get a component of Indian curry. I love a cigar that constantly surprises me.

Small Batch Cigar carries the Orchant in boxes and 5 packs. I bought a 10 count box for $83 minus the 10% off that Andrew so kindly offers everyone by inserting the word leafenthusiast in the coupon code window while checking out. And as always, Priority Mail is free.

The Orchant is a great place to start if this is your first foray into the world of Regius of London.

And now for something completely different:

I have completely run out of memory bank. I have written thousands of reviews in which at least half had rock n roll stories. I only spent 10 years in the professional end of the music business. And now I’m an Alta cocker.

So I must repeat stories that old time readers have read at least once. My apologies to them.

I had just joined the precursor to Curved Air. CA had been dead for two years. Darryl Way, the leader and violinist/keys player was plucked by Miles Copeland III and talked into becoming one of the many acts on his roster. Copeland made his bones with Wishbone Ash. Caravan, Renaissance, Climax Blues Band, and many other bands were on the roster.

Miles promised to build a band around Darryl. When I auditioned, the guitarist Mick and the drummer, Miles’ brother Stewart had already been picked.

The intent was to be an original band with a bluesier feel than the classical progressive sound of CA. So we had auditions for singers. It was a fucking circus.

And then Butch Hatcher walked in.

Here was another American that was a dead double for Greg Allman. And who played in the Southern rock band, Flatrock.

This guy was a character.

We only did one gig with Butch…who was an old carny performer that could spew fire from his mouth. Which is how we ended the gig.

Word got to Darryl that Decca Records wanted their commitment finalized with Curved Air. One last album was due Decca.

The original members of CA went into a meeting and the resolution was a live album. No new songs would need to be written. It could be recorded in just two nights in concert. Some time spent in the studio to mix and produce it. And voila, it was done.

We rehearsed at Miles’ home in St. John’s Wood. Down the street from Abbey Road Studio.

At the end of one rehearsal, Darryl sprang it on us. This band would have to take a two month hiatus because Curved Air needed to do a 6 week tour and finish a live album.

Then he looked at me and said, “Kohn. You will be the bassist.”
I did a double take.

The original four members and me. And I did not know a single Curved Air song.

We did the tour and got tremendous feedback and everywhere we played they went nuts over us.

So, another meeting was called. Instead of going out and getting paid 50 pounds per night, why not reform the band and go back out as CA?

After playing arenas, I was in.

The guitarist/keys/co-leader Francis Monkman was not asked to join. He and Darryl always butted heads due to huge egos.

And neither was drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa asked to join up.

So now, Darryl’s new band became Curved Air with Sonja Kristina.
Butch had to be fired. He and I had become friends.

This was sprung on me at a rehearsal before Butch got there. Darryl was all ego and a big coward. Before a plan could be devised on how to let Butch go, Butch walked in.

I looked at Darryl and he said nothing. The leader of our band didn’t have the balls to fire Butch.

Someone complained we needed an extension cord. Butch said he had a good one at home and would go there and get it.

He started to walk out and I urgently looked at Darryl who was ignoring me. He was going to let Butch go home and bring back an extension cord and then fire him. How can you do that to someone?

Just as Butch was about to leave, I stopped him. I said, “Butch, don’t go. Because when you get back we’re going to can your ass.”
Butch froze in a daze.

It was explained to him why this had to be done.

Finally, Darryl got involved. I was the only one to hug Butch and I kept in touch with him while he shacked up with some chick in the record business who got him a new band and a record deal.

To this day, Darryl’s behavior exemplifies the type of man he was. He treated me no better when they fired me. All political. It had nothing to do with my playing. He had become jealous of me and the attention my playing was getting. He was the STAR! Not the Jew.

I was ashamed of how he treated Butch. And he dumped me without any severance and laid me low in a foreign country. And he could care less.

During the current revival tour, Darryl departed the band after around a year. Sonja told me that his nerves couldn’t take it. And if you go to YouTube and watch some of the reunion tour videos with him in it, he looks miserable.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
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