La Flor Dominicana N.A.S. | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican Pelo de Oro Ligero
Binder: Dominican Pelo de Oro Ligero
Filler: Dominican Pelo de Oro Ligero
Size: 5.5 x 42 “Cheroot”
Body: Full (Eat something)
Price: $8.69 MSRP ($7.00 from Small Batch Cigar -10% with Katman10 coupon code= $6.30)


Today we are taking a look at the last stick in the “Katman Special” Sampler: La Flor Dominicana N.A.S.
The cigar was released in November of 2013. Only 1000 cigars were released in 50 boxes of 20.

The N.A.S. has a simple meaning. During the tweaking of the blending process, Giolito called it Nasty Ass Shit.

This has to be the ugliest cigar on the market. Clearly, it was hand rolled without the use of a mold. And the roller must have been drunk on rum when he rolled them.

The wrapper is dark and mottled. Exposed seams. Lots of veins. I can barely read the name of the cigar on the funky cigar band. Who uses black lettering against a black background? There is the slightest bit of oiliness but mostly it is matte finished. The cap which looks like the Wicked Witch’s hat from OZ is open and doesn’t need to be clipped.

I find aromas of cocoa, spice, wood, and horse shit.

It is a dark and rainy morning, for a change, here in Milwaukee so I apologize upfront for the crap photos.
Time to light up.

Surprisingly, the draw is very good through that tiny hole in the cap.

The first puffs are almost too sweet. Like a rum flavored cigar. And then a big blast of black pepper. I would not recommend retrohaling this cigar.

The strength damn near starts out at full bodied.

The pepper makes my eyes tear up and nose run. Which way did they go, which way did they go?

It is very bitter now. I’ve been a bit frustrated by the LFD event sampler I got because I forgot that the LFD is primarily old school blending and needs serious humidor time. For a man without many cigars, this is disappointing..but my fault in not remembering that. It’s OK. I can wait.

I read in a couple reviews that they couldn’t keep the cigar lit. I am having no problem. I dry boxed the cigar for 48 hours before throwing it into a low humidified humidor. I think their problem was too much humidity still in the cigar when the reviewed it.

Now it tastes like a twig. I can taste bark. Woof.

Apparently, I agree with the other reviewers when they declare this to be a very harsh cigar. Is this a joke cigar that Litto Gomez pranked the US with?

The other reviewer actually went ahead and retrohaled the stick. I give him kudos for doing that. I don’t dare for fear of passing out.

Knowing this is such a small cigar, I have a backup review ready to go after completion of this one. But the cigar is smoking much slower than I anticipated. I’ve smoked ½” and it’s taken 10 minutes.

Oddly, I get a perfumey scent from the cigar. Followed by a floral scent in the flavor profile. I clip the cap back ¼” and it just opens the draw like dynamite.

And in that instant, the flavors totally change. A miracle, baby Jesus, thank you.

There is creaminess, sweetness, nuttiness, toast, loads of room filling smoke, absolutely no bitterness or harshness. And it is two points past full bodied. Whew! This is a strong cigar. The pepper becomes red pepper. Cocoa is now present. It’s like I’m smoking a different cigar than the other two A List reviewers wrote about.

A wonderful sweet black cherry shows itself. The cigar has hit flavor bomb status 1” into the cigar. It is incredibly delicious. What a turnaround!

I love this cigar. I guess the first ¾” was a test of my manhood. And tolerance for bitterness and harshness.
The creaminess is out of this world; like thick English clotted cream on scones.

I feel bad for the A List reviewers that either didn’t allow the cigar enough time, got some bad sticks, or didn’t drain the excess humidity from the cigar because they missed out on a fantastic cigar.

I cannot believe the amount of smoke coming from this tiny stick.

Rain is coming down hard now and it looks like night time outside. As black as my soul.

Litto Gomez does not disappoint with this blend. I bet the man purposely started the cigar out nasty as shit as a test to see what kind of back bone you have.

As usual, it took the Katman to get the review right.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to remove all the excess humidity from a new cigar before smoking it. Especially, if you plan to smoke it in two weeks.

I now get a root beer element that almost makes me laugh. With all the wonderful creaminess, it is like a root beer float.

The price point, after your Katman discount, is only $6.30 if you buy the 5 pack is a killer deal for a cigar of this quality…a high premium stick.

And if you buy my Katman Special Sampler, you will get one to try and decide for yourself. Hurry, there are only 2 left.

A huge dose of nicotine kicks in at the halfway point. My head is spinning. I should have taken my own advice and eaten something first.

This is, by far, the strongest cigar I’ve ever smoked.

I have no idea how I’m going to get through the last 2-1/2” without passing out.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, sweetness, black cherry, cocoa, root beer, nuttiness, and toast…with a hint of leather.

I expected to finish this cigar in 15 minutes but I’m only halfway through and I’m on the 20 minute mark.

I have to sit back and watch the rain pelting the dining room window. This is like an acid trip. You know the part where the acid gets really strong and you sit there tapping your fingers telling yourself: “It is only a drug, it is only a drug; it will pass, it will pass.”

I stand up to take a photo and my legs are so wobbly, I can barely keep my balance. Woo Hoo. This is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. LOL!

This is the hardest review I’ve ever done.

BTW- I got that cigar roach clip called the Xistix. What a waste of good money. The spring is too strong and flattens the cigar. And to nub a cigar, you have to let your lips touch the clip. At that point, all you get is a terrible metallic taste.

I think I need an IV bottle filled with Demerol.

But through it all, the flavor profile is outrageously delicious. I don’t know if I can get all the way to the end without unconsciousness becoming a factor.

Everyone should try this. Buy a bunch and hand them out to your friends and see what kind of men they are.
The cigar needs a minor touch up. Me too. Whew.

When I finish the cigar, I plan to have a big bowl of cereal to bring me back to planet Earth.

I have 1-1/2” to go and I believe I’ve proven myself. I’ve earned my Bar Mitzvah.

The black cherry is in competition with the creaminess now.

I manage to finish as much of the cigar as possible.

I feel like I’ve ridden the Tea Cup ride at Disneyland.

Make sure you eat a 10 course meal before lighting one up.

I most definitely recommend this cigar for the real He-Men out there.

And now for something terrible:
I am saddened, like the rest of the world, by the passing of Robin Williams yesterday.
I’m old enough to remember Mork & Mindy when it came out. And I’ve loved every moment I spent with the man either on TV or in the movies.

“The Birdcage” is one of my favorite movies of all time. Often, I play it when I go to bed because of its outright joy and hilarity….and its ability to put me to sleep with a big smile on this puss. It will be a long time before I can watch it again.

Depression is a killer. Who would have thought that a man that brought so much joy into this forlorn world, would find no happiness in himself.
Rest in Peace, dear Robin. A lot of people are going to miss you.

And now for something happier:

Not a big one like Stogie Boys provided; but a small one that will be a regular twice a month as long as my stash is in stock.

I will give away 5 or 6 cigars starting on Aug. 15.

To enter, just place a comment underneath the post. You don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t have to answer the reason of life, you don’t need to do nuttin’ honey except maybe say Hi.

And on Monday, Aug. 18, I will pick a winner.

This first contest gives away the following (MSRP Pricing):
Nicarao Exclusivo Salomon ($16.00)
Room 101 San Andres 7 x 48 ($6.50)
Graycliff Casillero Privada 7 x 48 (Shaggy Foot) ($16.00)
BURN by Patel ($7.00)
Tempus Maduro Quadrum by Alec Bradley 5.5 x 52 -Box Pressed ($8.00)
CyB 5.5 x 46 ($6.00)
Total = $59.50 in cigars.
Remember the contest begins on Aug. 15 and post only there.
Good luck!
contestcigars Protection Status


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21 replies

  1. 1st post? Really?????

    Well I am just trying to win, because I want that Room 101, oh and Hi Katman!

  2. HI! 🙂

    Yeah Robin was a blast. So energetic you’d think he’s on coke 24/7! Hard to believe he’s gone. 😦

    RIP, funny man.

    Nanu, Nanu.

  3. ASH has been a loyal reader since I began my blog many years ago. He happens to be shy and doesn’t like to comment.
    I was surprised that he entered the contest. And you have to admit he had a most clever story.
    Plus you have only commented 6 times. So ASH has commented twice, 1/3 as much as you.
    Don’t worry, plenty more contests to come you grouch. 😉

  4. Agreed – the stick looks ugly. That said though, I bought a 5er of the J. Fuego Origen Originals – also ugly little buggers, but the taste was incredible. I’ll have to try this one as well.

  5. Thanks for free contest.


  6. Being Jewish, I’m part of that horrible stereotype of being incredibly cheap & liking free things. So I can’t pass of an opportunity to aquire something that I don’t have to pay for…

  7. As it turns out Joe, most white Christians are much cheaper than us as a group. We just got that stereotype while forced into ghettos, not given the opportunity to have other jobs, and becoming money lenders as a profession. And we were good at it because we are a smart people.
    I just wish this Jew could save a few bucks like the stereotype says I should. I have to be the most broke Jew in Wisconsin. LOL

  8. I knew I would miss-out when I cracked wimply and smoked my La Flor Dominicana N.A.S. too soon. However, my experience was smooth, peppery, and distinct walnut lip-smacking good. I could tell I was missing the subtleties that would appear with proper aging (like me).
    I did not find it too strong. But then again I am very manly.
    I ordered a second Katman Special and THIS time I am letting it recline graciously (like me….in a manly way, of course)

  9. Mrs. Santina Klaus asked of us, “Boys, gentlemen. As we talked about last week, our Cub Scout Pack 0555 is going to hold a charity event at the Mall. All Dens will participate. What ideas did you all think of to help a charity?”

    Phil said, “We can collect cans of kosher food for poor Jews.”

    Travis tisked, “Phil, there aren’t any poor Jews, you yutz!”


  10. Hearing that Robin Williams was dead… of suicide… was like hearing the President has been shot. It was an existential dirty bomb. If Robin Williams could not be happy, then pray for me….
    But it had to be a deep, biological (genetic?) depression that was unswayed by grand success. Perhaps he could control it like a nuclear reactor to power his comedy but in the end it devoured his controls and he melted to the center of the earth.
    God, another brick in the wall…

  11. Free stuff? Am I Jewish? Ya Baby!

    As to Robin Williams – I had the pleasure of knowing him – and the thrill of once attempting to beat him in a brain race – I lost by a mile – he was the fastest thinker I’ve ever encountered, and one of the nicest people. I spent most of last night watching clips of Robin on Youtube – his Viagra skit always blows my mind.

  12. That is a great bundle you are offering. Thanks for the generosity, whomever wins it.

    What can be said about Robin that hasn’t already been said – pure genius. I just added The Birdcage to my Netflix que.

  13. This stick sounds like one should have Motley Crue’s ‘ Kickstart My Heart’ accompanying it.
    Sadly, the loss of another comedic genius the world can ill afford to lose. He battled substance abuse too for years. I think like most of his ilk that have passed,(Belushi,Pryor,Carlin) he was a tortured soul that couldn’t shed his demons.
    May he finally have found peace.

  14. As I am at home most of the time, I go between watching movies and CNN. I spent almost two days watching CNN and with Williams dying, the issues in Iraq, Israel, the black teen that was murdered by a cop, and ebola….Now I am depressed.
    Today, only movies. The world can get along jut fine without me knowing every detail.

  15. Getting to spend some time with Robin Williams must have been something else. I learned more about the man in the last two days than I ever knew before his suicide. And what a horrifying way to go. Hanging himself. You just have to be about of your ever lovin’ mind to die a slow painful death like that.

  16. Hi ASH,

    What you just said there and so poignantly described, did touch me.
    I too, can not believe Robin is gone, especial they way. Although to drive your self ALL the way to the end of the road, and never come back, intentionally, no matter the way, is bad way.
    I hear (from Katman), you are the “shy” type, maybe just in commenting. I am too. Most of all, I am a very private person, and immensely value, if not hoard, my privacy.

    Well I’m about to majorly break that a bit, all be it, somewhat anonymously.

    Lets just say I have my deep seeded “biologically” suite of non-normal problems. For which a big one is depression, not just the sometimes blues like everybody gets.

    What you wrote, is, unfortunately, spot on, and a good way to describe what sometimes or often happens.
    I have been laughing my ass off, or just coming back from a fantastic time, and when I come home, or sometimes in an instant of realization, I can intensely, immediately, want to drive my car off a cliff, or end it all.

    I understand the painful way Robin ended it. Sometimes that is the purpose.

    I can say, I’ve had a fantastic life, wonderful childhood. Sure, there was divorce, and other types of hardships, but nothing out of the norm.

    Yes this can, and a lot of the time has a genetic route, but sometimes it can just happen, even without any traumatic events to spur it on.
    It is a biological brain disorder or disease, just like anything else. Unfortunately many cannot grasp the largeness of not being completely in control of the one thing we have most control over in our bodies. Or at least we think we do.

    Sorry everyone, for writing this on this type of forum.
    I can’t believe I’m going to post this anyway.

    I like everyone has stated, loved having and watching Robin in and throughout my life.
    And it’s hard for even me who can relate, to believe.

    I hope Robin, you are at peace now. I just wish you could have found that peace while still here.

    Love the “Birdcage”. Have seen probably all his movies, and lots of his stand up.
    My particular favorite work of his, outside of his stand up and amazing interviews.
    Is the movie “Awakenings”.
    Maybe I’m weird, well I know I am.
    It had a great cast, amazing acting, a beautiful true story, and Robin pulled it all together.
    It’s not the most uplifting movie, for those who don’t know. But a great one.

    Just like life, it has its ups and downs, but hopefully in the end….. it leaves you fulfilled!

    Thanks ASH, for your always interesting and insightful words.

    NOW….time for a fuckin cigar!!
    -Mike S.


  18. First off.
    Thanks for another fun opportunity to win some great cigars.
    Second, I’m sorry the “roach clip” didn’t work out, but thanks for letting us know so quickly.
    Have you ever tried, and I’m sure you have, those “skewer” like devices? I’ve seen them around. They’re the things that you basically pierce your cigar nub with, it’s a long metal stick. I would imagine the nub might spin around, doesn’t sound that good.
    On that note….
    I have a good friend who is a dentist. He brings home some of his used up dental tools, like picks and clamps, to use in his workshop.
    I was thinking, which is not good…
    That one of those clamps, they’re those that you hold like scissors, and they have small plier like ends, as you close them they have a sort of track that keeps them closed at the tightness you want, and you can with one hand release them, to reposition.

    Sorry for the ridiculous explanation, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
    I know, not pretty, and may not work, may crush the cigar.
    Just a brain fart thought. I guess since I have access, I’ll have to try my Frankenstein idea and report back.

    Thank you for lately talking about humidity, and dry boxing.
    I have been smoking cigars now for about 11 years.
    I need to really read a lot more on all aspects of this and other cigar practices.
    But as always, your insights guide me, and educate me quickly.
    If you have a particular book, website articles, such as yours, or any other suggestions to read/watch, for more indepth education.
    Please, in time let me know.

    I ask this because, there are a lot of conflicting opinions about cigar practices.
    So if you would, guide me, because you’re the only one I trust!

    Thanks again for all that you expound upon.
    I’d be lost without you.
    -Mike S.

  19. 2nd post REALLY? E.A.D.!!!! please

  20. irratebass…really? ..e.a.d. fool!!!

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