BG Meyer Standard Issue by Camacho | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan- Esteli
Filler: Nicaraguan- Corojo ’99-Esteli, Jalapa, Ometepe
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium Full
Price: $8.00 MSRP





Today we take a look at the BG Meyer Standard Issue by Camacho.

I was so hesitant about nabbing even one of these cigars. My luck with the new “Bold Standard” has been zip, zero, nada, focakte. Especially when it came to allowing celebrities in on it like Mike Ditka. Now, screenwriter Rob Weiss gets his own Camacho.

It made its debut at last month’s IPCPR trade show. And this will be a regular production cigar folded into the mess that was once a stunning cigar company ruined by Davidoff.

There are 5 sizes. Prices from SBC after 10% discount (Katman10):
Robusto: 5 x 50 $8.00 ($ Unknown)
Toro: 6 x 50 $8.50 ($7.65)
Churchill: 7 x 48 SRP $9.00 ($7.65)
Figuardo: 6.125 x 54 SRP $9.50 ($7.74)
Gordo: 6 x 60 SRP $10.00 ($8.10)

Small Batch Cigars must have run out of Robustos and only available in the Katman Special.

Here we go….
The BG Meyer is a solid cigar. The seams are not as tight as one would hope but still in very good condition. Lots of small veins. And the oily coffee bean colored wrapper is smooth as silk. Hard to tell, but it looks like only a single cap, double at best.

There is so much chazerai on this stick; you literally have to peel shit off to get to the cigar. The main cigar band is simple and classic. The way it is wrapped around the stick, it says on the left side: …DARY and on the right side: SPIRIT. Will have to wait until I remove it before I know what DARY really is.

And the coup de grace is the manifesto on parchment paper that wraps the entire circumference of the cigar. Read at your own pleasure.

What happened to a little bit of purity in the cigars you smoke? What is with the circus-like atmosphere? For chrissakes, it’s only a friggin cigar. Not a billboard on the Sunset Strip.

There is a very nice foot band. The black and gold and white colors go well together.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, barnyard, spice, spicy cinnamon, and dried fruit.

Time to light up.

The draw is good. The first puffs are all earthiness. I’ve only allowed this single stick to dry box and then into the humidor two weeks ago.

Black pepper shows itself and continues to get spicier with each puff. And then cocoa enters. A huge dose of citrus takes over the entire flavor profile. Very lemony. Lemonade lemony. A sweetness pervades the citrus flavor.

The cigar slowly creeps on you but I am beginning to like its quirky start.

With ¾” burned, more stuff begins to happen. Here are the flavors: Citrus, spice, cocoa, hickory, sweetness, dried apricot, toast, and cedar. I can swear it is beginning to taste like a BLT with avocado sandwich. WTF? Once or twice a month, I make that for dinner for Charlotte and I. The avocado makes the sandwich. But all the flavors are there. I am very intrigued now. Where is this flavor profile going?

The earthiness, almost buried by the ancillary flavors emerges into a dazzling flavor of its own now. I can taste the soil.

The price point. Davidoff is milking everything it can get from the Camacho line. Right up until they force it to shut it down because there are only so many newbies out there to smoke their drek.

But because the flavor profile is unique, I must admit that the price point is good. It is nothing like the rest of the Camacho line up. And the first of the celebrity endorsed blends that is any good. Have no idea if Weiss had anything to do with the choices of the blend or not but it is a good cigar.

The second third begins and it becomes a heavier cigar. It started out at light medium and is now a heavy medium body.

Complexity hits as a big swath of creaminess brushes across my palate. The flavors coalesce now. Flavor bomb status is moments away. The balance is spot on. Nice long finish.

The flavors are pumping like a new oil well. And we have flavor bomb status, Virginia.

The cigar gave no hint at the beginning that it would turn into this superb blend.

Flavors are intermingling and bouncing off each other like crazy. The creaminess is a huge factor in bringing out the subtle nuances of the other flavors.

The red pepper has waned a bit. And the citrus is not as strong. The cocoa, hickory, cedar, BLT w/avocado, dried apricot and toast are screaming laughter now.

I’m at the halfway mark and I don’t want the cigar to end.

Just like the other cigars in the Katman Special, I dry boxed it for 48 hours, and then put it in my low humidity humidor (66-67%). It accelerates the aging a bit and allows it to be reviewed quicker than just plopping the cigars into my humidor upon receipt. You got to get rid of that excess humidity that the cellos and the box encase.

Yes, I know cellos can breathe. But a cigar really breathes without it.

Oh lawdy, lawdy. This is one fine fucking cigar. I like the Camacho Triple Maduro and the Diploma but this BG Meyer really stands heads and shoulders above them.

Camacho, er..Davidoff, could have easily charged more for this cigar but they were hesitant because of the unknown nature of the smoking public’s acceptance. This stick is a keeper. I want more.

New flavors emerge: Vanilla bean and espresso. Man, what doesn’t this cigar have in its bag of tricks?

The construction has held up nicely. Only a single minor touch up required. The char line has been pretty much dead nuts the entire time.

The last third begins and I remove the main cigar band. A piece of paper obscures what I couldn’t make out in the beginning. After I take the photo, I carefully peel it off and it says “Legendary” which matches the “Spirit” on the other side of the band.

And on the back side of the band is more chazerai. It is meant to look like a personal signature and says: “Legends Made BG Meyer.”

The price point probably used 1/3 for all the crap adorning the cigar.

Camacho could have made this cigar a bit cheaper and done away with all the chazerai meant to attract newbies.

Us old timers need only a single cigar band and we are good to go.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, sweetness, cocoa, spice, cinnamon, hickory, BLT w/avocado, cedar, citrus, coffee, toast, and vanilla. The dried apricot is gone.

The strength settles down back to classic medium body. No nicotine yet.

BTW- Andrew told me he is thinking of donating cigars for a new contest. Great news!

The cigar finishes beautifully. I can now say I highly recommend a new Bold Standard Camacho cigar: BG Meyer Standard Issue by Camacho. Check out the pricing. Small Batch Cigar is cheaper than everyone else.
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  1. Like you said, we don’t need all that glitz on a cigar. It would probably shave $5 off. I have one in robusto as a gift. 🙂